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2017 Year of the Rooster: A Wake-up Call



The Rooster crows just as the Sun appears to wake us up to a new day. We expect that the light will bring more brightness and beauty, but instead it reveals how much more clearing we need to do. The Year of the Rooster will be just this: a time of cleaning up our life and moving more into our Awakening through patience and perseverance, and most of all Divine Wisdom and Compassion.

Remember that when challenges come, they are our loving teachers whose only desire is to bring us to the highest human achievement in God Consciousness and Divine Presence. This will be a year of challenges that make us wake up and look deep inside for the real direction in our life. We will not be able to find our direction by looking outside our self. What we will see around us will be disappointing and sometimes confusing. The world of business and politics will be particularly unstable and challenge everything we want to believe in.

We cannot jump quickly this year. Be careful and centered. Trust your inner self and be careful of being thrown off balance by your emotions. This is a Yin Fire Year and the Rooster is metal. The fire of our new knowledge will test the beliefs of our society, our culture and the world we have lived in for thousands of years. Even our time-honored Traditions will be tested as the Global Consciousness wakes up to deeper understanding and more Universal perspectives. Yin Fire is warm and refreshing on the inside but irrational on the outside. This encourages us to meditate and gain inner guidance to navigate through a world that will seem challenging and cold.

Our Higher Wisdom knows already that our future will be great and the Global Consciousness will blossom into a better world for all life on the planet. But our minds will be confused and even shocked at what is happening in the world. Remember that doubts stimulate us to see a new perspective. Love yourself and follow your Heart. Allow your mind to be disoriented and trust the deeper guidance of your own Inner Mastery inside your High Heart.

We have entered the Aquarian Age. The Divine Masters Saint Germaine and Lady Portia are the Guardians of this Age for the next 2000 years. Saint Germaine represents Ascension and Universal God Consciousness. Lady Portia is known as Blind Justice. She wears a blindfold so that the events of this world will not distract her Wisdom. She can only look inside for the answers through the Divine Wisdom of the Heart. I have often said that the Heart sees what the mind cannot. The Year of the Rooster will be a Year of turning inwards to find the Truth.

By the end of this year our Heart will present to us many gifts when we trust our inner guidance and step forward with Compassion and Higher Wisdom. If we turn to the world for our guidance, the challenges will intensify until we learn to let go and go with the Loving Flow of the Universe.

Value your meditation and take time to turn inwards to feel the warmth of Love that is gently guiding your Heart. We surrender to our High Heart and the Wisdom of our God Consciousness to guide us through each challenge so that we can establish a New Age of Enlightenment on Earth.

Credit: bob-fickes.com


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