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Coming Home


The Universe was created from Love and Light.

Our Soul was created from this same Love and Light.

Your Soul is waiting for you to let go of all that you have been through and return to your essential Purity and Oneness with the Divine.

Your mind has been absorbed in the drama of this world for so long that your Soul has grown tired from all the push and pull of life. Your Soul and the Soul of Mother Earth is crying out to come back to your Source in Love and Light. The only thing holding you back is your own mind.

Our mind pushes against the Divine Heart and the agitation that results brings you frustration and pain. Letting go of the commands of your mind and tuning into the Silent Voice of Love is the only way to find what you are looking for.

Life is not born from the logic of your mind. The logical mind sees the world and commands us to follow the opinions created by the people of this world. The Voice of Humanity can only find Peace when we tune into our Source and reunite with the rhythm of the Universe that naturally moves through you. The Voice of Humanity speaks through your mind, but the rhythm and life of this universe moves silently and constantly through your heart.

Now is the time to surrender and reunite with your own essential Divinity. The Divinity of Love and Light quietly moves in the Infinite Rhythm of the Universe. As we let go, the noisy Voices of the crowd melt into the Silent Waves of Love and Light. What was once surrounded by darkness becomes illuminated with Light and the world of frustration disappears into the Divinity of Love.


Credit: bob-fickes.com


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