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Honoring Life

honor life

Life as we know it from our corporeal perspective is an animating principle that infuses us with the opportunity to experience the very essence of life itself. As humans on a planet teaming with life in every possible combination, both seen and unseen, known and unknown, we also have the capacity to consciously interact with the many facets of life expressed within and around us. This interaction is not unique to us, rather we possess an expanded sense of self-awareness that allows us to go beyond mere instinctual responses and purposefully interrelate with other lifeforms. The addition of this distinctive attribute provides an opportunity to experience life in an extraordinary way while also imploring us to be exceptionally aware of our personal responsibility of this incredible gift.

Over eons of time, our precious planetary home developed the precise, intricate and subtle ingredients providing the foundation for life to thrive. These characteristics are the building blocks necessary to exist and are part of an astonishingly elaborate interconnected and interdependent matrix that includes the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms along with our presence. There are also countless etheric, electro-magnetic, multi-dimensional, fractal and holographic aspects involved, for example, that add imagination, intuition, nurturing and spiritual components to this otherwise physical-oriented perception of reality.

Here in this infinitesimal point of focus on a singular planet deep in the Milky Way, surrounded by the vastness of billions of galaxies, we find ourselves. We are a part of a remarkable amalgamation of science, spirit and basic fundamental nature at its very best. We get to engage our senses, explore our imagination, experience a fantastic journey alongside other countless organisms and lifeforms exploring their own animation, and perhaps most importantly, evolve our awareness. With such an amazing adventure occurring here on earth, how is it possible to consider life anything other than spectacular?

In many ways, we are simply temporary guests of our gracious planetary host. The greatest challenge we face with our human participation and interaction is our enduring legacy during our sojourn here. Granted with a magnificent opportunity to explore life to the fullest while on this exceedingly beautiful planet, our sole responsibility in return is to be mindful of the sacredness of all other life that shares this journey with us. Our intentions and actions must be ones of honor and dignity that expand the very substance of life just as these other forms of life provide the basis for our own. This collaborative and synergistic association enhances the whole.

Life is an honor and we are here to honor life. From the center of our being, we know this as unconditional love. It is how life itself honors life. As conscious beings capable of cognizing our relationship with everything around us, it is paramount that we strive to be mindful of our impact with every word, deed and action we undertake. With open hearts and beginning with ourselves, let each step be one of kindness, consideration and compassion. In this way, we endow our creations with the greatest of honor.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a global nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole.
Our programs further the awareness and application of unconditional love through education, research, and charity. Our intention is to explore a variety of creative activities and presentations that enhance unity and self-conscious expression while promoting love and respect to all aspects of life. In order of priority, we include a general focus of our vision and mission in the following activities and events:

Source: thelovefoundation.com

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