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How to Be More Present

more present

I don’t know about you, but for me lately life feels like it’s moving at a rapid speed. I find myself questioning just where have the first few months of this year gone. Chances are time actually has not sped up, we as human beings have increased our speed. We are doing more, packing more in, trying to have it all and do it all, while still maintaining a sense of sanity and grace.

One of the simplest tips I can give you for managing the business of life and creating a sense of slowing down time is present moment living. When we are not giving each moment the attention it deserves, we get the feeling time is slipping through our fingers, uncontrollably passing us by, and we spend our days “catching up with ourselves.”

This present moment is all we have. As you are reading this can you feel in your being that there is nothing else but right now. We cannot go back to live in the past (though we try) and we affect the future with the actions we are doing now. So we truly must learn to live in the here and now; it’s critical, after all this is our life we’re talking about.

I believe living in the present is a practice, and is an awareness we gain with the desire to change.  This week I ask you all to be open to these simple changes, begin living more in the present, and notice the subtle shifts of contentment, ease, and happiness that may come your way.

Find moments to connect with yourself. Having a strong foundation with yourself sets you up for success with everything you do and say. By taking a few moments to come “home” to you, you are connecting with your inner guidance system that leads you throughout your day, keeping you aware of the things that truly matter to you, and being mindful of where you place your attention. When you connect with yourself, you are cultivating a deep sense of awareness that is crucial for living in the present moment.

Eliminate multitasking. I know multitasking is ingrained in our minds as a necessary thing, but truthfully, this is a surefire way to take you out of the present moment, and into chaos of the mind, by doing too many things at once. Society glorifies the notion of busyness, so I challenge you to question this for yourself.  When you do one thing at a time, and give everything you have to the person or task at hand, you are focused, more productive, and therefore more efficient. Trust that everything will get done and you will feel less stressed and make fewer mistakes.

Be with the people you are with. Relating with other people is one of the most rewarding ways to spend our time. When you are with others, be with them. Look them in the eye during conversations, listen to the words being spoken, and feel engaged in the moment. When we are present to our loved ones, we create the deeper relationships and the meaningful connection that we so desire.

Limit time on electronics. Perhaps the biggest distraction today from the present moment is the constant use of electronics in our lives. I get it, I’m guilty of it too, but trust me when I say that if you want life to slow down, if you want to really feel “all there”, and if you want to cherish each moment as it comes to you, disconnect from technology every once in a while. Set limits and boundaries on how much time you will spend on your phone or computer, give your eyes a rest from screens, and allow yourself to take in your surroundings.

I hope these tools help bring you back to the now! I would love to hear how you stay present, and the benefits you have experienced in your life; share your challenges too! Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!



Michelle is Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life's Creative Director and resident writer. She has a degree in Journalism from Indiana University and is also a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and registered yoga teacher with trainings with Anuttara Yoga Shala and Strala Yoga. Michelle has a deep desire to help people find happiness in all areas of their lives, and truly believes the Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life movement will bring lasting change to the world. Michelle splits her time between Florida and New York City and loves connecting with people from all over the world. If you'd like to contact her, she can be reached at 
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