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Humility - Sacred Sunday


C.S. Lewis said, “As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”  


I cannot look sideways or forward without looking inward first and foremost at my strengths and weaknesses. I am reminded how humility teaches me to be with love, with the self, and with God.

Falling on my knees in prayer I am connecting with the oneness of all there is and will ever be…divinity. Humility forces me to be kinder, gentler, while forgiving the things that come my way. The stronger the trials, the longer the patience, the easier it is to be humbled. There is nothing else to do. I accept the insults, the judgments, the heart aches and bring them to the understanding that they must uncover the triggers in my own faults. I choose the things that hurt to partake in a deeper union with Source. When things are easy there is no need to pray so this is an opportunity to strengthen my spirituality. Belief and faith bring forth the humble heart.

Stop the ego chit-chat, the self sabotage that arrives from giving others power over you. You cannot move with light and an open heart while worrying about what others perceive. It’s about how YOU live through your own experiences. Be present. Be aware. Be love. Be forgiving without making a spectacle of it all. Be generous with all that makes you kind. 

I challenge you to sit with your humility. I urge you to take moments of silence and accept the things you cannot change and not beat yourself up. The only control you have is in the choices you get to make for you. Find the balance between what is and what is not. I promise you will be amazed!!!


Every morning I light my candles, say my prayers, and enter into the magic of allowing Spirit to share a little wisdom. These are my words and a safe place for them to land. I write from the mountains of Western North Carolina, 20 miles east of Asheville.  I am an observer of nature, love and life.  Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this passion of words. Mucho love always…Millie

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