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Morning Rituals To Set Yourself Up For Success All Year Long


The first things we do in the morning set the tone for the rest of the day, but more times than not, morning routines are viewed as the means to an end, rather than a tranquil journey to the rest of our day. Transform your hectic, scattered and groggy morning into a celebration of the day and notice how much it influences the rest of your day. These morning rituals will help you achieve any intention you have, by starting each day with a fresh perspective.

Before going to bed, check the weather for the next day and decide what you’re going to wear. Don’t just think about it, but also lay it out so there’s no last-minute running around trying to find the sweater you were planning on wearing that’s actually at the bottom of the laundry bin. Then prepare your lunch, pack your tote and set the dishes out for breakfast. Not only will doing these things save you time, you also won’t end up in a stressful situation like forgetting something important for work, or having to speed because you took too long to pick out an outfit.

Get Up Earlier
To some people, fifteen minutes less of sleep may seem pretty stressful. But having the time you need to peacefully move through your morning routine and allow your body to wake up slowly, will keep you feeling calm and focused. By giving yourself the proper time you need in the morning, you’ll have more time to appreciate the aspects of your daily life that you often take for granted, such as lathering yourself with a homemade soap in a hot shower or enjoying a home cooked breakfast.

Practice Meditation
You don’t need hours, or even a guru to practice a daily meditation in the morning. You can even practice a tea meditation or meditate while you’re eating breakfast, simply by bringing your focus to your senses as you focus solely on the task at hand. Doing this helps you to be aware of the present moment and release expectations or worries for the rest of the day. When you practice this awareness with any situation as your day moves forward, you reduce your stress and find peace and contentment in each moment.

Set Your Daily Intentions
Before you officially start you’re day, spend five to ten minutes writing in a journal and setting intentions for the day. Write down all that you wish to accomplish, the attitude you’d like to carry with you in any situation and affirmations to inspire you. This gives true purpose, drive and direction to your day, allowing you to take advantage of each moment you have.

With any new habit or change, you have to have an open mind and practice it daily. You don’t have to make all of these changes at once, but give them a try and notice what works in your routine. The more you spend time working with these changes, the quicker they’ll become second nature to you.

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