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My Vulnerable Sharing on Self-Love


Plus Solstice Ceremony & Other Resources to Soothe Your Heart This Holiday

I ate humble pie this week: Thanksgiving was a little rough for me this year.

Given that it’s one of the few holidays when nearly everyone in U.S. stops & gathers in family & intimate configurations, I always find it a litmus test of where I am, not so much as a holy woman, but as a human woman.

This year it hit me hard that my human self is clamoring for deeper community & true intimacy.

Maybe some of you can identify. Do the holidays show you the rifts & fractures in your own life?

I’m sharing this because I know my vulnerability echoes what we’re all experiencing in one way or another as we move into 5th dimensional consciousness. To raise our vibration, we must heal. And to heal, we must address our most challenging inner wounds & shame. 

Driving home in the dark after a lovely afternoon spent with a dear friend & her family, I could feel the emotional pain starting to descend.

I realized: This is where the rubber of all the tools I’ve acquired through psychotherapy & spiritual explorations meets the road of my heart.

It’s in these desperate moments that our old habits kick in. And they usually have to do with some version of self-abandonment & negative self-talk.


With the pit in my stomach growing, I knew I wanted to do something differently. I wanted to allow for my grief – both lifelong & situational – without repressing it. I wanted to feel that although I was sad & lonely, I was still normal. I wanted to come back into my body.

The “alone” place has always been particularly challenging for me given all the loss & abandonment I experienced throughout my childhood & adolescence. But this is precisely what I’m healing now, and I recognized that this night marked a critical juncture in my healing.

What I Did

I offer here how I handled this difficult passage, because I think there’s medicine in it for others:

  • I put my hand on my heart.
  • Following spiritual teacher Matt Kahn’s advice, I breathed deeply & deliberately, in an ongoing way.
  • I began the mantra Matt Kahn suggests, beginning with, “It’s OK…” “It’s OK that I feel lonely,” “It’s OK I’m feeling grief about my life,” “It’s OK I’m feeling sad about recent events,” I said to myself over & over.
  • Getting a toehold in this way, I was able to find the wherewithal to call upon my highest level guides.
  • To clear myself of any negative entities that may have entered the picture to feed on my discomfort, I declared sovereignty over my space, demanding that any “visitors” leave in accordance with cosmic law.
  • NEW TO MY PROCESS: I began to talk to myself kindly as though I were my client or friend, offering genuine observations of all the ways in which I’m a good, worthy & noble person. I let this go on for some time.
  • reached out to a friend who’s in a similar situation, and we had some comforting, validating communication.

self-loveThe Self-Love Factor

What I did differently this time from all the other times I’ve started to feel such pain was that I became conscious that I was in my trauma response. That means, basically, that I recognized I was in an all-systems-alert freak out. This kind of response to life’s challenges developed during the initial traumas I experienced in childhood, and has been the modus operandi of my body, mind & spirit in stress situations ever since.

What I also did differently, however imperfectly, was to attempt to give myself love. That meant catching myself as I was trying to pretend that none of this was happening (abandoning myself), or as I was starting to beat myself up about how I was feeling, or why.

It meant going one step further to speak kindly to myself.

And it meant going even further still to reach out in vulnerability to another person.

It’s in acknowledging our vulnerability that our shame lessens. As our shame lessens, we truly begin to heal.

What Is Self-Love?

Thanksgiving turned out to be an opportunity to further explore the question that’s been with me for months as I’ve been going through my therapeutic process: What does it really mean to be self-loving?

In ceremonial states, I’ve actually been able to achieve the place of absolute unconditional self-love. And I’ve been shown by the guides in that moment that when we get into that space, it’s a kind of sacred union.

I’ve received the profound insight that when we achieve that inner unity, we pop into our own divinity. Literally. It’s awe-inspiringly simple if we can just get to that unconditional place.

It’s one thing to achieve self-love when we’re in exalted states, though. It’s another to be self-loving when we’re feeling freaked.

I may not have stepped into my divine self Thanksgiving night as I struggled with my emotional state, but I did become infinitely more human. And that, I realize, is perhaps the most important prerequisite to ascension.

Hearted Resources for You

If if you’d like to soothe your heart, deepen into your humanity & rise to your true divine nature even more fully this holiday season, please scroll down for a list of powerful events & resources I’m making available to you.

One hand reaching out to the other, we help each other climb.


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