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Our Home on Earth Has a Good Mother


Walking through our corridors of concrete, we forget that we are made from this Earth and our Mother Earth takes care of us. The food she creates for us is far away from our sight. We only see it in the supermarkets after it has left the garden for days. But Mother Earth abundantly creates this food where we were born in Nature.

Our human corridors of concrete and the wastes from our machines are breaking down even Nature. But Mother Earth continues to cleanse herself through rain and storm to keep us healthy.

No matter how much we ignore her and wander away from the world she created for us, she is always there to help us. We are a generation of awakening souls who walk at a different pace from our ancestors. We follow the path that returns us to the natural way and the path of the heart that leads us to happiness. It is unfortunate how easily we get distracted from the goodness of nature’s bounty and get lost in the artificial world created by our minds.

We are fortunate to remember even when we get lost and return to Nature and the path of the heart


Credit: bob-fickes.com


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