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Our Precious Planet

our precious planet haroldbecker

This magnificent orb we presently call home is a vibrant living entity of grand proportions. It is unlike any sphere in our immediate cosmos or known awareness, and hosts countless ever-evolving lifeforms in perfect order. As humans, we are unique and privileged to participate in a corporeal experience that we call “life” during our sojourn here. Surrounded by every building block necessary to create, animate and sustain our existence and that of the planet itself, the opportunities to immerse ourselves into such a heavenly world are boundless. Our earth is truly a benevolent and miraculous life-giving creator and creation.

The animal, plant and mineral kingdoms that formulate the core components, interact, combine and recombine in a beautiful dance that ensures that each distinctive role benefits the whole. The very body we inhabit, composed from these same elements, will return and be recycled into other forms when our present journey has ended. This is the way of nature and it is part of an incredible and brilliant, sustainable approach. Through eons of evolution and from the minutest subatomic particles to the amalgamation of systems upon systems that collaborate and produce the very sustenance we rely upon, the intricacy and sheer magnitude of interconnected and interdependent wisdom is astonishing and practically unfathomable.

In the great timeline of this planet, we are a recent species to arrive and interact with the indigenous forms that make this planet so special. Our presence is precise in that our own physical makeup requires a meticulous set of parameters to exist, each of which had to evolve over innumerable ages, cycles and transformations, to become the expression that allows us to be alive and thrive here today. Despite all the ever-changing potentials, minuscule adaptations, and galactic interactions that needed to occur, here we are.

This globe ceaselessly nurtures and lovingly supports us without condition or expectation. It provides everything we require, along with affording us the unusual aspect of building and creating forms from our own imagination. We get to work with the base materials of nature and manifest beyond the original planetary designs. This is a gift of awesome potential and equally one of significant responsibility. When we consciously create in the same holistic ways of the planet, we enhance the collective experience for all life. However, when we ignore our innate connection to our generous and gracious host, we generate destruction and desecration of the intrinsic vitality of her living systems.

It is paramount at this time that we stand forth as a united humanity that willingly honors, respects, cultivates, protects and upholds the dignity and integrity of our precious planet. It is our solemn obligation to safeguard the infinite lifeforms beyond our own, guaranteeing that all the sacred building blocks within and around us, are available for endless generations of life yet to come. As stewards and caretakers of our impact and interaction, it is up to each of us to leave a legacy of purity and potential so that life may continue to evolve in limitless ways.

With every breath we take, drop of water blessing our body, and grain of sand that allows us to walk carefully upon this earth, is a living testament to the sublime reality we are incredibly fortunate to enjoy. Let us make sure we match this heritage with our heartfelt appreciation, gratitude and dedication to make this the very best world for everyone and everything.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a global nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole.
Our programs further the awareness and application of unconditional love through education, research, and charity. Our intention is to explore a variety of creative activities and presentations that enhance unity and self-conscious expression while promoting love and respect to all aspects of life. In order of priority, we include a general focus of our vision and mission in the following activities and events:

Source: thelovefoundation.com

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