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Outpourings of Love


Outpourings of Love express our Divinity into this world. The Divine is everywhere, but we don’t see it because it is latent, hiding behind the veils of this world.

When Love flows, Divinity from our heart meets the Divine in this world. One expression of Love from the Divine in us meets with the hidden Divinity behind the veils of this world and both wake up! The simple touch of Love is so powerful!

Most of us have been asleep to our Divinity for so long that our life appears clumsy telling us that something is missing. Love moves and our life wakes up!

Even one drop of Love is the embodiment of Cosmic Love. One drop of Love is enough to dispel the darkness.

The Divine Heart is at the center of every thing in this Universe! When the veil to the Divine Heart is touched by Love from an innocent and open Heart, Cosmic Love wakes up and the whole Universe is happy.

Isn’t it amazing how patient Cosmic Love is! The Divine Heart of this Universe has been waiting so long for us. Even one drop of Love is enough for the Universal Heart to respond.

Now is the time when the reality is dawning. Those who are awake will see the dawn. Others will sleep more but eventually the Sun will overcome the darkness and they will wake up to the wonderful life that is beginning to appear.

Every Heart Flame adds to the Light! How fortunate we are to be on this journey together!

Credit: bob-fickes.com


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