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The Magnificent Life Mantra

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A New Meditation for Embodying our Divine Presence

It is time for our next giant step to bring more Love and Light into our world. We have experienced so much since we activated the Love Mantra two years ago. The whole planet is ready for this next activation. Starting 29 October I will be working with Trinity to bring the Magnificent Life Mantra to four cities in Japan. Each week as more people begin to meditate with this mantra the world will change.

Despite the appearance of many challenges that have been showing up in our personal lives and in the activities of the world around us, I am still convinced that life on Earth is changing for the better. A Global Awakening is happening all over the world. Our heart and soul is ready to take the next step in human evolution that will radically change our lives forever. You can begin now to tangibly experience the full Presence of Divinity in your daily life. You can heal your past and raise your consciousness and deepen the Love and Happiness you have been looking for.

Everyone can do this. The Presence of personal power and Cosmic Love is inside of everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have done meditation before or are just beginning. Everyone can do the Magnificent Life Mantra. You can experience the fullness of your power and the intense happiness that this Divine Love can bring you more easily than you think. It all begins by loving your self more and learning how to feel the Divine Presence and Cosmic Love that is inside of you. We really need to learn how to feel this every day and bring it into our daily life.
This meditation will stimulate that Divine Presence from deep inside of you and open your life to a field of All Possibilities. This form of meditation is the easiest thing you will ever learn. Everyone will experience a personal transformation during and after this workshop. Join us as we open the door to a whole new level of life and Divinity that we have all been waiting for. This is the greatest and most important gift you can give to your self and your family. Only you can change your personal life. No one can do it for you. In this workshop you will receive the tools that you need to actually do it. I will be offering this empowerment as soon as I return from Japan. This marks a new wave for my life and sharing the Divine In Us.

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