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The Path of Enlightenment

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Each and everyone of us has a road or Path in which we must travel. 

On that road, we will see, feel, and Endure many things.

There will be obstacles in which we Can overcome;

"Trials and Tribulations" which we Must bear.

"All is a "Test".

And, as we continue our journey on the

"Path of Enlightenment",

Keep in our hearts and mind that the


Will shine all the more brightly.

We will become stronger and wiser As a result;

And the journey will get that much Easier.

We have been Blessed with the Power,

The Mercy, the Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge of our Creator,

to make Choices in our life.

We Live, We Learn, We Grow, and We Experience.

Let us continue on that "Straight Path", the "Middle Road",

As we move onwards and upwards on Our Journey.

If we should deviate, or steer off our

"Chosen Path",

Stop,  quiet ourselves, see the Light Within,

And listen to that inner voice of


That always inspires us to do the right Thing...

And continue on

"The Path of Enlightenment".

by Peace, Love, Happiness


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