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The Universe is So Alive!


The Universe is so alive! Everywhere you look the Life Force is sparkling with Light. The leaves of the trees are glimmering with Light absorbed from the Sun and the tree is radiating Life Force that moves through every cell. The stars in the sky twinkle with Life Force that weaves a blanket of Light across the nighttime sky. The air we breathe is filled with atoms of Life Force that dance like fairies through the space that surrounds us. When the Divine Heart opens we know that we are not alone. The Presence of the Divine saturates every fabric of the Universe.

When the Divine Heart opens, we witness the miracle of Life. Every beat of the Divine Heart is creating more Life with Quantum Waves of Love every second. The Heart Beat of the Universe is the Source of all Life and the origin of all Consciousness.

When we open the Divine Heart, the Oneness of all Life is revealed to all of our senses and unified into the Infinite Presence of the Divine Mother of the Universe. It is Her Heart that is at the center of our Life.

When the Divine Heart opens, we are reunited with the Presence of Almighty Consciousness and It is One. There is nothing else. I AM That Oneness. You are That Oneness. All of this Universe is That Ocean of Oneness. Oneness is All That Is. Only That Oneness exists when the Divine Heart is opened.

Credit: bob-fickes.com


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