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I hope you all had fun for Halloween. It’s a time of major change and celebration after a long year of working so hard. I think most of you know the story about the gateway between the dimensions opening up and the spirit world coming to visit. That is why the costumes so the spirits do not know if you are one them or human. haha! But Halloween is also the harvest season. The harvest is a time to share what you have grown with everyone around you. It is a time of merit and giving back to the universe for all the gifts that you have received. It’s a fun time and the time to count your blessings.

As we enter into the Winter season, our consciousness naturally turns inside to reflect on the year gone by and prepare for the year to come. It is a time of renewal and rebirth. We gather what is good and reflect on what we didn’t accomplish. This is a time to listen to your inner voice. This is the silent whisper of your higher self and the guidance you receive from the universe. If we are too active, we cannot hear this quiet voice inside. So the Winter season is a time when all of nature withdraws into its innermost center and gathers new life force to be reborn and begin a new life.

This is all part of a cycle of life: 9 months of activity and 3 months of withdrawal back to our center. Our center is the heart of the universe that is just coincidently residing inside our own heart. When we are quiet, the universe guides us in the next direction in our life and helps us to take the next step. This doesn’t happen overnight. For the next three months you will feel new ideas and new inspirations rising up inside of you. Wait until the New Year to act on them. The energy of the end of the year is not a time to begin new projects. The end of the year is a time when the energy withdraws. The New Year is a time when the energy can give birth to all the new and wonderful things for your new life. So for now, take a rest and feel every cell in your body being rejuvenated. Open your heart and enjoy this time when people all over the world are gathering together and supporting each other. All the big challenges are behind us. This is a time to relax and reflect. A better world is coming. The universe is already in a new cycle of rebirth. Relax and enjoy.


Credit: bob-fickes.com


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