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Venus, Jupiter and Mars in a Triangle Today


Maybe you have been thinking that the energy is very aggressive this past week. This is because Venus and Jupiter have been conjunct and now Mars is entering the picture in a perfect triangle. On top of that Pluto is lurking in the background with a very powerful influence on your subconscious feelings and memories. All this adds up to a good thing: a time of dramatic change in the areas of love, vocation and worldly well-being. Everything will be getting better but the price is we cannot step aside and be lazy. We have to take our steps towards our best and most successful future.

Mars and Pluto bring a lot of aggressive and subconscious memories up to the surface. These are all things we need to look at and make changes in our life. We can no longer put aside the need to change. If we do, events will take place to challenge us to make a change in our life. It is all moving in a positive direction even when you are feeling uncomfortable. Venus, the love and relationship planet, and Jupiter, the master planet for developing higher consciousness, are moving in your favor to bring in more universal love and happiness to your life.

As always relax and go with the flow. Let love and happiness be your guide. If you are being challenged, choose the way of your heart. Follow your instincts about what is the choice that will make you happier. With the triangle in the early morning sky everything that has been pushing you for the last three months will now come to a conclusion. Your life will be better and more fulfilling than it looks right now. At least wake up early in the morning to observe this unique phenomenon of the Mars, Venus, and Jupiter triangle in the sky. They will be the brightest stars in the sky. Enjoy!


Credit: bob-fickes.com


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