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Who Can Look Beyond the Crowd?


In a crowded room, the parents lift the child onto their shoulders so the child can see beyond the crowd. We are being lifted like children so we can see beyond the crowd and witness the great shift that is happening on earth. Everyone is participating.

The Light is moving in all directions and from all dimensions. In the crowded room we fail to see the difference in the light because we are so focused on what the crowd is doing.

There are those who can’t stand tall enough to see beyond the crowd. They go wherever humanity’s crowd will take them.

There are those who are so short that they are lost in the jungle of the crowd. But when they reach out, there is always somebody who will pick them up so they can see.

Then there are those who pick up the children and carry them on their shoulders. Among those who carry the children, there are those who complain and those who have fun. The children who have fun can see the future. The children who are lifted by those who complain, never see beyond the crowd because they cannot ignore the seriousness of their carrier.

If we could walk out of that crowded room even if only for ten minutes, we would feel refreshed and feel how much the light is shining. The sun is shining more every day, but our crowded minds never look to see it.


Credit: bob-fickes.com


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