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Why the Hell Would I Want to Skin a Cat?


I Mean, C’mon, Right?

I’ve been hearing some of the same phrases all my life. I’m sure you’ve heard them, too. I’m kinda tired of them. Especially if they relate to harming others. Especially since folks recite these things without thinking of their actual meanings.

More than one way to skin a cat.
Even though this refers to CATFISH, it’s become associated with skinning a feline. Regardless, what a gruesome image.

Unless you’re a fisherman or a taxidermist… why?

Rule of thumb.
When the law permitted a husband to BEAT HIS WIFE, the stick couldn’t be larger than one inch in width or the size of his thumb, hence becoming the standard.

I have no words for this one.

Kill two birds with one stone.
Okay, if I live in the woods, a thousand miles from a farm (or a Trader Joe’s) and I’m starving, then I guess I’d have to hunt for my food.


Tongue in Cheek.
In the 18th century, when someone wanted to indicate CONTEMPT for someone, they’d push their tongue against their cheek for all to see.

Let’s smile instead, putting more LOVE into the world.

I got gypped.
Displaced Romans traveled to India, lived through wars, were taken captive by Muslims and brought to Turkey as slaves—referred to as BROWN-SKINNED lower class peoples. EGYPSIO… Gypsies… Undesirables… Thieves… Slaves.

In this century, I think a simple, ‘I got robbed’ might suffice, minus the ethnic slurs.

Ring Around the Rosie.
By now I hope you know that this nursery rhyme was taken from the plague experience. The pink rings that surrounded the red-colored sores indicated that you were doomed.

The pocket full of posy was what folks smelled to keep the stench of death from their noses. And ashes to ashes. Those with ‘ring around the rosie’ usually died.

Drop the mic. End of story.

Can we please stop singing this song to our children?

Moment of truth.
This is translated from Spanish for the exact moment the Matador murders the bull. Slowly. Over a series of strategic stabs to weaken the bull as it begins to bleed to death, before it’s stabbed with a sword.

Oh my stars. Poor bulls.

Easy peasy, up and easy.
I was told by a nurse (who was in her late 60’s) that this was the lingo the male doctors used when performing a quick EPISIOTOMY in the labor room.

I used to say this until I heard this definition. Then I turned green. And mute.

Ready to pull the trigger?
Approximately 92 fire-arm deaths happen PER DAY in the USA, equating to approximately 2,677 deaths of CHILDREN per year.

No more pulling triggers. No more!
(Thanks to Scorpio Tales for some of these sayings!)

Why do I bring these phrases up?

Because Words Matter.

The words you think and speak create your matter.

So pause every once in a while and be conscious of what you’re thinking and saying.

Ask yourself if you know what you’re saying… if you believe it.

Say what you mean, mean what you say—with loads of compassion, healthy boundaries, and empathy—and you’ll feel a whole lot happier.


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