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An Attitude of Gratitude is an Attitude for Success


Having an attitude of gratitude can transform your life. Expressing gratitude is a critical success factor that can reshape any negative life circumstance into the wealth you desire.

Cultivating gratitude should be a major role in your daily activities. It's so easy and simple to use that all it takes is a few meaningful words to make you a wealth magnet.

The mechanics behind the attitude of gratitude is all about being in the right vibration. The power to create and have anything in life lies in aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with that of opulence. In my opinion, “feelings” are the most important of the three because this is how things are attracted to you.

Your feelings are the vibratory frequencies the emanate out into the universe. Study the law of vibration and you'll understand that everything in this universe is God (energy).

However you feel in this or any moment is the “call signal” to the universe; and the universe always picks up.

Feel love and happiness, and you'll attract those corresponding situations. Feel anger and hate, and you'll attract more angry and hateful situations.

The problem that most of us face is controlling our emotions so we feel good. I mean, we constantly want to feel good, right? I suspect that you don't want bad things to happen to you or your loved ones.

Thankfully, cultivating an attitude of gratitude puts you in the correct vibration to attract all the good, prosperity, wealth, and abundance that you desire.

Expressing gratitude means being in a state of thankfulness. When you are thankful and have gratitude thoughts, you are putting vibrations of love, happiness, peace, joy, prosperity, etc., out into the universe.

Since the universal principle of what you give you shall receive is flawless, you'll attract and manifest the wealth you deserve.

Having an attitude of gratitude not only creates what you desire, but expressing gratitude also frees you from suffering.

Anytime you're experiencing a negative situation you can easily turn your feelings around by cultivating gratitude. It's as easy as saying, “Thank you Father for thy riches.” Being thankful and meaning it is a no fail approach for being happy and attracting your desires.

Find any wealthy person and you'll find an attitude of gratitude present at all times.

How Cultivating Gratitude Brings Wealth

Cultivating gratitude just means giving thanks. Being thankful in any situation is a powerful attracting force. Even if you have a bad experience, having an attitude of gratitude will change that situation around and begin to shape into what you really intend on having.

Some of you may be saying, “Why should I be thankful if I'm losing my home.” Or, “Why should I be thankful for the abusive relationship that I'm having.”

Here is why, this could be life changing for you, so listen up.

The universe or God is always for our highest good. Everything you receive in life is exactly what you intended. The universe is orderly and holds true to its laws. However, the universe can be mysterious and some of the circumstances that happen to you or to this world cannot be explained.

All I know is that each life situation is a gift from the universe; it's a gift for you to grow more, learn more, be more, and love more.

Within each “seemingly bad” situation, there in it lies a gift for your desired circumstance. More times than not, that gift is a learning experience on “what you should not do next time”, so you create everything that you've ever dreamed.

Once you get the lesson, you no longer need the experience. You will get the lesson every time if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Just by saying, “Thank you for giving me this experience to learn more and love more”, you will free yourself and you will no longer need that experience.

However, doing just the opposite and having a lack of gratitude will keep you stuck in a forever loop of unhappiness and you'll keep having similar negative experiences.

Being thankful involves more than just a string of words. You can't trick the universe, it knows when you are sincere all the time. When you say your prayers of gratitude, you have to mean it. How you mean it is by relating and feeling the presence of what you're grateful for.

Let's say you're grateful for all the business opportunities and the abundant of clients that seek your services out daily. You may think, say, or write something like, “Thank you for all the business opportunities and the abundant of clients that I receive daily.”

As you say this, dwell upon that statement and feel those gratitude thoughts. See people seeking you out for your services and hear them giving thanks to you for providing them value.

Another example of attitude of gratitude can be for your health. You say, “Thank you for my health and fitness, thank you for giving me the 190 lb physique.” As you say that phrase, dwell upon your healthy body and fitness. Feel the energy of health, see your fit body as already being your desired weight of 190 lbs.

All of the high achievers are cultivating gratitude constantly throughout the day. They understand that gratitude is a powerful force attracting to them their daily wants and needs.

All you have to do is say, think, or write, “Thank you for.....” or “I'm grateful for...”, then complete the sentence.

I just paused after that last sentence and said, “Thank you for giving me the wisdom to transform peoples lives through my writing.”

You see how easy it is? You can be grateful anywhere and anytime. You can have an attitude of gratitude for anything currently in your life. What are you grateful for right now? Go ahead and answer that question.

Want to step it up a notch and begin accelerating your desires more quickly? Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the things that you haven't received yet, but you already set intentions for.

Cultivating Gratitude for the Things Yet Not Received

Here is what we know so far. The creative process for having everything and anything is aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions to those of opulence. Your feelings are the call to the universe pulling or attracting to you synonymous circumstances of how you feel. Expressing gratitude puts you in a positive vibration (feeling) so you attract the wealth you deserve.

So, if that last paragraph is all Truth, then having an attitude of gratitude for the things yet not received makes total sense to speed the physical creation of your intentions.

How can you be grateful for something you don't already have? Well, understand that once you have deposited the image of your intention into your subconscious mind, you already have it. That intention may not be expressed physically in the 3rd dimension yet. However, you have it on a spiritual and intellectual level.

You see, we operate on three planes of being: spiritual, intellectual, and the physical plane. All creation and manifestation is a downward movement from the spiritual plane to the physical plane. Your higher power (spirit) provides you with everything you want and need---it's already created, you just have to tap into it. Desire comes from the Latin root word DE-SIDERARE, meaning of the Father. Your desires are God wanting to express himself through you.

When you form the mental imagery of what you want (or don't want) on the screen of your mind, you have that result on a spiritual and intellectual level. It's already yours! Now the law of gestation kicks in and it's only a matter of time until you see it on the physical plane.

Why your dreams don't come true is because of the lack of belief you have in the creative process, yourself, God, and/or the universe. Picture it like this---your thoughts are the seeds planted below the ground. Let's say you want a new car. So, you picture yourself with the new car---that's you now planting the seed.

Then, your feelings and actions cultivate that seed and help it grow. You feel the feelings of having that new car. You feel the leather steering wheel, the heated seats, and the car audio system blasting your ear drums out. You feel the speed and force of your desired car as you're driving it.

You also take action with the belief that you're getting this new car. You visit dealerships, test drive cars, and act as if you already have this new car. Then, you receive some inspired action to provide service so you get the money for the car.

So, you trust your “gut” and you give that service. You're also constantly expressing gratitude for receiving that new car while this whole process is going on. Then, one day, it has all paid off. You found the perfect car and you also just received a sum of money from the “inspired new service” that you just started. The car is now physically yours.

On the opposite side of the spectrum---you plant the seed and take action, however, you lack gratitude and waiver in your faith about getting the new car. Maybe a situation happens that sets you back $500 dollars, so you begin to worry. What happens??? You literally choke the seed that you've planted and the physical manifestation is either killed or slowed.

When you become grateful for the things that you don't even have yet, you're reinforcing your faith that you will receive your intention. Cultivating gratitude is like injecting steroids into your water for a faster and bigger manifestation of your intention.

Have an attitude of gratitude for everything in your life and for everything that you want to “see happen” in your life. A true champion always has a grateful mind.

Attitude of Gratitude Attracts Fifty Million Dollars

From the book, “Your Infinite Power to Be Rich.”

This is a marvelous story of the power of the grateful heart. The young man's name was Lucien Hamilton Tyng. He was born in Peoria, Illinois, which offered very little for the ambitions of this young man who dreamed big dreams and thought big and expansively.

Lucien decided to go to Chicago and try his luck. He got a job as office boy which barely paid him a living wage; after his room rent was paid, it left him exactly fifty cents, so dinner could not be more than thirty-five cents.

He was very religious; he made it a constant habit to hold his fifty cent piece in his hand and say: “God multiplies this and I give thanks. I am receiving more and more money every day.” He would repeat this for about ten minutes every morning before he spent the fifty cents.

He began to attract many clever and successful men, and opportunities began to arrive his way which he was quick to take advantage of. “Thank you, Father,” was constantly on his lips.

As the years passed many influential men began to ask his opinion and were guided by it. He seemed to be miraculously gifted, his mental acumen gradually increased. His sagacity in business was admired by other men and he was deeply trusted. He solved many business problems for them. His constant prayer was “Thank you, Father,” before and after every successful achievement.

One day a wonderful idea came to him, which he related to a good friend who said it had tremendous potentialities. They formed a partnership and incorporated what was then called the “General Gas and Electric Company.” It grew by leaps and bounds with stations all over the Eastern states, and after many years they sold it for a reported sum of fifty million dollars.---“Your Infinite Power to Be Rich.”

Having an attitude of gratitude can bring riches into your life no matter how poor you may be. I once heard being broke is a temporary situation. However, being poor is a conditioned state of mind. You can solve poverty, sickness, disease, and sadness with an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude Journaling

One of the things I do on a daily basis is write in my gratitude journal or gratitude diary. Every morning or evening, depending on when I journal, I write down 5 things that I'm grateful for right now and 5 things that I'm grateful for that I know I will receive.

I'm a high believer that if you can put it down on paper, then you just clearly expressed your desire to your higher power. The more specific and clear you are, the more likelihood you'll receive exactly what you're asking for.

When I give thanks, I don't just do so to receive my intentions. I have a sincere appreciation for my life and the world. I have an attitude of gratitude for my family, relationships, business, God, money, my health, and my mental capabilities. I know there are a lot of less fortunate people out there, and I do pray for them, but it also makes me appreciate and give thanks for the life I already have and want.

Did you know that the average income over in India is $500 per year. It's only $500 Dollars! Makes you step back and appreciate the life you have compared to the third world countries.

How blessed are you that you're able to run, walk, eat 3 meals per day, own a computer, drive a car, live in a house, have eye sight, hear, talk, go to the movies, have a heated or cooled house, etc.? Makes you think twice before you show a lack of gratitude or decide to live in a resentful state of mind.

One of the things I endorse is having a gratitude journal. This is a fun tool because it's convenient and it helps you express your true state of mind. Keeping a journal is also fun to look back on your prayers of gratitude and see all the things you've received as a result of expressing gratitude.

Try it for yourself. It's a win-win situation and if you don't like it you could just go back to cultivating gratitude through your thoughts, words, or actions.

Attitude of Gratitude Recap...

If I could sum up this lengthy, yet insightful, article into a few words I would say: Having an attitude of gratitude helps create happiness-- happiness is an emotion that becomes a feeling inside of you-- your feeling of happiness attracts to you in tenfold amounts.

The key---be happy all the time. To Love Is to Be Happy With. When your happy, you're grateful. When your grateful, you become happy. Where there is a negative situation or circumstance, you can usually find a lack of gratitude and lack of love in that situation.

Having an attitude of gratitude is giving thanks for everything you have in life and for everything you want to see come to past in your life.

I'm thankful that you're reading and learning from this article. :)

Action Steps

  1. Every morning, as you lie in bed, ask yourself, “What are 5 things that I'm grateful for today.” Answer your question.
  2. Then, ask yourself, “What are 5 things that I'm grateful for that I know is coming into my life.” Answer accordingly.
  3. Finally, stop once or twice throughout the course of your day and give thanks.

Do this for 21 days straight and you'll notice a massive shift in your state of mind and even in your current circumstances.

Here is my daily attitude of gratitude prayer: Thank you Father for thy riches; thank you for the avalanches of abundance, prosperity, health, and opportunity that flows into my life. Thank you for multiplying my prosperity tenfold.


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