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Horoscopes: April 1st Thru The 8th

Horoscopes: April 1st Thru The 8th

For the week of April 1st thru the 8th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


It is not being selfish to live your life according to your own terms. And there are times when self-care, self-healing and self-protection are called for. When you are able to experience life according to your own terms, and you take care of your own needs, then you will have enough to spare for others. When the New Moon falls in your sign, as it does this week, it brings a renewed sense of self awareness. That includes elf-awareness of your body, or your environment and your personal needs. Aries wants to operate at their personal best all the time, and if something is holding you back, this is a good time to focus on those things that will maximize your well-being and ability to function. Whether that be a self-improvement program, a new workout regimen, a new power outfit, or just being clear about your personal limits and priorities, it’s about putting the focus on you. This New Moon is particularly relevant for those Aries born between March 27th and April 5th, but all Aries can benefit from setting positive initiatives with this New Moon.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ~ M.L.K., jr.


Use the New Moon in Aries to create initiatives that will bring greater peace into your life. You will find all sorts of things coming to the surface from out of the past, or from the deepest recesses of your mind. Some of these you would probably much prefer to ignore or banish from your life once and for all. But hidden amongst the demons and the wraiths of the hidden realms, even amongst the regrets and sorrows of the past, are things far too worthy to ignore. These are hidden talents, old gifts that you had put on the shelf some time ago, personal insights and a more profound understanding. Gather these and place them like sacred relics on your altar. Have the courage to banish the demons of the past, while embracing those things that will restore your sanity, and your peace. Your ruling planet Venus is poised to enter Pisces on Tuesday. And as she does so dare to take on a spiritual challenge. Clear out the old space junk, and make room for serenity. Venus is drawing you to experience the divine.

The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can. ~ Mike Dooley


When Mercury is in Aries we are all more likely to say it like it is, and put our words into action. And we do so without out censorship or guile. In fact one of the things we will need to avoid is impulsively saying everything we are thinking, or acting without thoroughly considering the consequences of our actions. However, one thing that Mercury in Aries can bring, is the courage of our voices. And with the New Moon in Aries we should all pay attention to the power of our words and what we do and say. Words can heal, but they can also wound. But when we speak from the heart, and with conviction, we can also use that voice for the greater good of a much larger whole. The New Moon in Aries on Friday is your wishing Moon, therefore dare to send your good wishes out to the world, and find ways to make your dreams a closer reality. Join forces with others who share the same goals, dreams or ideals, and use that to reach an even larger whole.

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it may bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country. ~ Anais Nin


The New Moon in Aries is a Moon about new beginnings. This can mean starting something new, or going off in a whole new direction. Or it may mean a time of renewal and/or further commitment in the pursuit of a cherished goal. And sometimes it simply means filling yourself with the courage to believe in yourself and what you do. Having Chiron in Aries these past 3 years could have forced you to work through any lingering insecurities. But with the New Moon in Aries on Friday cast those doubts aside, and embrace all that you are, all in all, including any so-called imperfections. Recognize that these too are part of that human experience we call life. Have the courage to not only embrace your imperfections but to even flaunt them. The New Moon in Aries is a good moon to create a plan, set new goals, or to instill what you do with a new surge of vital energy.

Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. ~ Liz Smith 


Since Chiron first entered Aries in 2018-19 it has been challenging everything that you once believed to be true. That can include things like your religion, your ideals, your very beliefs. Almost anything that you would have been willing to put your back up against the wall for was being challenged. But know when you are willing to challenge your own dogmas, that it can open up a whole new world of possibility. Similar to what can happen when you travel to another continent, you are allowed to see things with a fresh new perspective. But with Chiron in Aries you don’t need to go anywhere to achieve that, for you are being given permission to see the world through a whole new lens. Perhaps one that you had never encountered before. The New Moon in Aries is encouraging you to challenge yourself even further: pursue that lingering interest that you’ve been wanting to learn more about; embark on a new adventure; be willing to explore the possible. Use the New Moon in Aries to set the intention to release all fears concerning initiating a new beginning or starting a new path.

Certainly travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. ~ Miriam Beard


With Mercury now in Aries almost nothing is sacred. Embedded with the New Moon and Chiron, Mercury is joining them all in digging around in the dumpster, exposing secrets, revealing all that had once lain safely ensconced in a cabinet somewhere. Everything comes tumbling out when Mercury is in Aries. All the more so with the New Moon unlocking all the doors. Aries is where Virgo hides the skeletons, and sugar coats the nuggets of shame. But betwixt and between the painful and the shameful are nuggets of illuminating truth. Chiron’s theme of acceptance is not just about accepting what we like, but also about reclaiming our hidden passions and desires; thereby transforming what once seemed shameful into something totally relatable. After all, we are all here struggling through this grand experiment we call life, and it is when we have the courage to embrace all of ourselves, that life just begins to get interesting. This is a good Moon to confront your fears, or anything that may be holding you back and preventing you from gaining control over your life and goals.

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance. ~ George Bernard Shaw


Acceptance is key. No one is perfect. And thank goodness. Can you even imagine what the world would be like if we were all perfectly the same? So why would we want to change anyone? Why would we even try? It’s all the imperfections that make people all that much more interesting, and all that much more valuable. It’s all the differences that fill in each other’s pieces. And the New Moon in Aries is reminding you of the importance of finding just those people who can fill in those pieces and spaces of our lives. If you are needing a new consultant, advisor, healer, therapist or teacher, this is the New Moon to work with. Once you have found that person or people who motivate you to do more, to be more, and who has your back no matter what, you will know that you have found your people. They know about injuries, about wounds and imperfection. And they have the tools to fix them. Use the New Moon in Aries to set the intention to attract the best people/healers/teachers/guides to fill in the missing pieces and lead you where you need to go.

Wandering in a vast forest at night, I have only a faint light to guide me. A stranger appears and says to me: ‘My friend, you should blow out your candle in order to find your way more clearly.’ The stranger is a theologian. ~ Denis Diderot


Some wounds can be healed, while others simply can not. The New Moon conjunct Chiron is reminding us of his allegory, in which the wise centaur became wounded by a poison arrow, and was not able to heal himself. After wandering the world over, he did not find a cure, but he did find a remedy. And that remedy was acceptance. Therefore do not focus on that which we do not have any control over, but do pay attention to those things that we can do something about. The New Moon in Aries is an excellent time to create initiatives that will not only support your health, but your over all well-being. And it’s not just about your own health and well-being! For what you have been learning over the past 3 years that Chiron has been in Aries has armed you with a litany of information and valuable tools, not only valuable for your own survival, but also what supports each and every one that happens to come strolling into your life these days. Whether that be the down-trodden, the ill-forsaken, Aunt Mary, or the neighbor down the street, all can benefit from your own experiences.

A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of blessings. ~ Hippocrates


You might want to ask yourself, what is holding you back? What is standing in the way? Is it the judgment of others that you fear? Since when has that stopped you in the past? Let it out. Even if it means standing on the corner and singing your heart out. You need a medium through which to express the accumulated angst of all the ages in one meaningful, cathartic, and soulful howl. Find your instrument and let it wail from the depths of your soul. What comes out will not only heal your soul, but will heal others as well. We’re all needing to hear that cathartic wail in order to heal our own souls. The New Moon in Aries is just the time to initiate a new hobby that totally engrosses you; to enter a competition that makes you feel motivated again; to move, sing, dance, or do something in the company of others that makes you feel alive. Let it wail, and before you know it you will have inspired a whole audience of followers who are doing the same.

Faeries come and take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the disheveled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame. ~ William Butler Yeats 


When you explore where you came from, there is so much that can fill you with pride. Not only from your roots, your heritage, your history, your background. But also how you were able to make the most of what you had, and what you started with. Not all was perfect. There may have been that one relative, that no one wants to talk about any more. Or that one incident that everyone pretends never happened. Healing comes when we realize that no one and nothing is perfect. There are always going to be imperfections. But healing also comes when we learn to accept the imperfections in others, and to even embrace our sorrows. For interlaced in all those shames, regrets and sorrows, are gifts that you would not have had or inherited, if not for these very same people and those experiences. Use the New Moon in Aries to circle the wagons, put down new, healthier and more secure roots. Like a chick emerging from its egg, Capricorn too is being asked to establish themselves in the world. Find that place that brings you that feeling of belonging, and invest in that which brings you a deeper sense of belonging.

Return home to your heart, so you can return home to yourself. ~ Jessica Besser


There is no avoiding the hard and the difficult this week. Aquarius is being compelled to confront their greatest challenges, to take responsibility, to deal with the unpleasant and the hard, even if you don’t want to. Even if you would much rather be doing something else. There’s no avoiding it. Put aside your frustrations and aggravation, for hard work, persistence, patience and determined action are what is required of you right now. Use the New Moon in Aries to motivate yourself, even when and if you are filled with exhaustion and beside yourself from having to climb over one obstacle and another. Keep going, and before you know it you will have made it over to the other side. Know also that with this New Moon that words can heal, but they can also wound. It’s all in the delivery and the message. Therefore pause before speaking or leaping into the fray. And choose your words well. Especially if you have something really important to say. This is a good Moon to start a new class, learn something new, become informed on a specific subject, and explore a new venue.

The pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it will go away when you learn to accept life’s challenges with grace and ease. ~ Leon Brown


Stuff. It is often what defines us. But with Chiron traveling in Aries over the past 3+ years, you’ve been reevaluating your relationship to your stuff. What eventually comes to the foreground is the understanding that you can still be comfortable and take care of yourself and others without necessarily becoming attached to all the things and stuff that has accumulated in the process. The lessons of Chiron may not be so much about what you do or do not have, about how much you do or do not make, so much as about the ways in which you value yourself, who you are, what you represent, and what you do. The New Moon in Aries is a time of year in which you are coming to terms with who and what you truly value most. And that includes how well you value yourself. This can be a good moon to create a business plan, to set financial goals, and to look for ways to be more financially independent. But it is also a good moon to re-prioritize those things that are most meaningful to you.

Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body. ~ George Carlin


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