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Horoscopes: May 13th Thru 20th

Horoscopes: May 13th Thru 20th

To see where and how the Lunar Eclipse can impact your Sun sign or Rising Sign, click below. If you know the house placement of the Lunar Eclipse at 25º Scorpio 17’ read that as well:


(8th House) The Lunar Eclipse this weekend is pointing you towards the natural ebb and flow of the cycle of reciprocity, of giving and receiving. When a pond receives ample fresh water, it is better able to thrive and grow. But if there isn’t a continuous flow of fresh clean water, the pond can become stagnant, or dry up. The creatures that live within it will no longer flourish, and the pond will fail to thrive. Too much water and not enough drainage and the pond will become flooded and overflow its banks. So it is in our lives when this cycle becomes imbalanced, leaving you feeling drained, and/or under-appreciated, or taking on too much and feeling overwhelmed. What might you need to be release in order to restore the natural balance in your life? What are you so desperately holding on to that is depleting your coffers? These eclipses can impact income and your relationship to material self-worth over the next year. It can even change the way you feel about money, spending, wealth and ownership in general. But not without addressing these inner or outer blocks undermining this sacred cycle of giving and receiving. 

Matters concerning: Life, Death, Rebirth, Renewal, Marketing, Shared resources, Debts, Loans, Taxes, Investments, Inheritances, Wills, Sexuality, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Planning for the Future, What we Need, Contracts, the Occult, Habits and Attachments.


(7th House) The Lunar Eclipse this weekend is in the sign of Scorpio, and will most strongly impact those born between May 13-19th, or who have sensitive placements between 22-28º of Scorpio or Taurus. Lunar Eclipses are times of culmination, and it can sometimes feel as if the Fates are colluding to bring some people and events together, while parting others, in order to fulfill their destiny. It is not unusual when the eclipses are in Taurus and Scorpio that significant connections and/or partings can occur in your life. Great beginnings, endings or changes can occur in our major relationships when the eclipses occur in these signs. This can represent a new phase in a relationship, or a significant change in your partner’s life or status, that will indirectly affect you as well, and cannot be avoided. Know that if something is ending, it is opening up a portal to a new way of being. One thing that seems most likely as these eclipses wend their way through your natal chart, is that through the agency of other people in your life, you and the way you see the world may never be quite the same again.

Matters concerning: Partners, Competitors, Best Friends, Counsel, Advisors, Mentors, our Audience, the Stage of Life, Others


(6th House) How might you be able to channel some of your passions into something worth investing in? Something that has the capacity to grow. That could be sustainable and will support you. And could be a source of security for years to come. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is about coming to terms with those things that you have outgrown, are no longer serving you, or are no longer valid for the person that you are becoming. We hold on to certain ideas about ourselves, because that is what we have always known. But if they are undermining your effectiveness, it may be time to let go of that which is draining instead of sustaining you.  And the eclipses can literally transport you to that new level of being. In order to live a fuller life of health and well-being, and to grow into the person you are becoming, what are you first going to need to release and/or let go of? 

Matters concerning: Work, Job, Co-workers, Work environment, Health, Health Providers, those things that Support our Health and Well-being, Diet, Routines, Regimens


(5th House) For Cancer, the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is shining a light on all those things that you have created and/or lost within your heart and soul. Lunar Eclipses can be revelatory. They can bring things to a head. And to a final conclusion. They can sometimes be tinged with sadness as we remember those that we had lost and loved so well. But it is also about allowing yourself to let go of what once was or could have been, in order to see the possibilities that are imminent and getting ready to bloom. This Lunar Eclipse is about potential, it is about transformation and the ability to arise out of the ashes of what once was. What is then created from these ashes will be that much more beautiful and meaningful, because of how they are invested with all the tears and reminiscences of our once cherished dreams and love stories. Know that going forward, all that you do will be steeped in the wisdom of these heart-felt experiences.  

Matters concerning: Children, to Love and be Loved, Romance, Sporting Events, Places we go to be Entertained, the ways that we can freely Express Ourselves, where we Do our Own Thing, What is Special about us. 


(4th House) It is not unusual in the years that the eclipses are in Scorpio, as it is with this weekend’s Lunar Eclipse, that some sort of shift can take place in your personal life. People find it necessary to move, or a loved one goes in a new direction. Family members deal with some sort of crisis or change in their lives. You are compelled to re-think where you are currently living, where you might want to live, and where you might need to live in the foreseeable future. With the South Node Eclipses, such as this one is, there can even be a feeling of sadness and a parting from what you were accustomed to. Whether it was that nifty little apartment, or that roommate that you got along so well with. Eclipses are like turning points, where endings and beginnings can merge. Know also that we can’t always see the much bigger picture. And that these changes can open doors and possibilities for better opportunities and things that are yet to come. Like mystical orchestrations, the fates are conspiring to bring you where you need to be in order to fulfill your destiny. 

Matters concerning: Home, Family, One of your Parents, Family members, Early childhood, Ancestors, Homeland, Customs, Support Systems, the End of a Matter


(3rd House) What you hear, what you learn, and what you see can have a transformational effect on your mind and perspective with the Lunar Eclipse falling in Scorpio this weekend. This can be the result of something you read or are learning about, or something in the news that catches your eye. Or even in your everyday life through random conversations with neighbors, or even people you bump into on the street or local store. One thing that can become apparent is that all things, even the once so familiar is subject to periodic change. And like waves ebbing and flowing, sometimes those changes can bring improvements, and other times they can feel like something precious had been taken away, leaving a vacant lot and a void in our hearts. At these times it can remind us to better appreciate and support those things in our everyday lives that we often take so much for granted, like the small independent shops, the struggling neighbor down the street, or that community garden that you keep meaning to join. It’s the small things that can make a big difference in our everyday lives. 

Matters concerning: Your perceptions, What you know, What you see, hear and understand, What you have learned, Communications, how you get around, your Car, Vehicles, your Commute, your Neighbors, Siblings, Classmates, and your Neighborhood


(2nd House) What are you holding on to so dearly that you fear that if you were to let it go, you could lose everything you’ve ever known and hoped for? What is it that you thought you could not possibly survive without? And that includes how well you value yourself, your life and lifestyle, and how willing you are to chain yourself to obligations just for the sake of the almighty dollar, or in order to have greater financial security. What albatross have you chained yourself to and now need to remove? One of the things that the Lunar Eclipse could show us are the ways we entrap ourselves for the sake of greater security, but at the expense of us being able to live our own best life. Is there something that has become unsustainable, exhausting you and squandering your precious time, money and talent? And are you willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary in order to get your own best life back? This series of eclipses is asking you to re-prioritize your values, getting back to those things and people that really matter and count for something in the end. 

Matters concerning: Finances, Possessions, Investments, Sustainability, Self-worth, Self-esteem, what you Value, your Priorities, Survival.


(1st House) The Lunar Eclipse this weekend is in the sign of Scorpio, and will most likely impact those born between November 14-21st, or who have sensitive placements between 22-28º of Scorpio or Taurus. However this could be something of a sea change for many Scorpios, as this series of eclipses this year are all in Taurus or Scorpio, and will be bringing you front and center. Lunar Eclipses can be revelatory. They bring things to our attention, things are disclosed. And because of what we learn or discover, it can shift our paradigm, and transform our lives. Eclipses falling in the 1st House can bring you attention. But most importantly, if there are things that you’ve been wanting to change, the eclipses are capable of opening up these portals that allow you to do so. Like an initiation, or an opportunity to achieve a new level of growth, you are first being asked to release old patterns and habits. There may even be some sadness for that which once was. But know that once you pass through this eclipse portal, that there can be even better things waiting for you on the other side, once you are able to let go of the previous shore. 

Matters concerning: Self, Environment, Self-development, Your Body and Health, your Personal Role that you take on. 


(12th House) The South Node in Scorpio is asking us to release those things that are no longer serving us and are standing in the way of our growth and progress. That includes all those things that instead of inspiring us or sustaining us, are just exhausting, blocking and draining us. It can even feel with these South Node Eclipses such as we are having this weekend, that we are needing to put some things to rest once and for all. And that can also include releasing those things that we had been holding on to, without even realizing it. Like cleaning out the cobwebs at the back of the closet, we are clearing out the mental rubbish and cobwebs in our lives. Whether these are old fears, stray doubts, or stories from the past that no longer define the person you are now. As you are clearing out the closet, also pay attention to that old box in the corner, filled with the dreams and talents of a life well lived. These too can be found there. And like a box of old momentos, dare to open it without regret or judgment, knowing that this is the pot of gold that has been lying dormant beneath all that other stuff. It was just a matter of digging it out. 

Matters concerning: the Past; the Forgotten, Endings, Releasing and Letting Go, that which is Hidden, Dreams, the Subconscious, our self-Undoing. 


(11th House) The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is attempting to show you the ways that you have outlived the expectations of your previous hopes and dreams. And what you need to do in order to pave the way for even better, perhaps more appropriate aspirations and dreams that are more suited for the person that you are now, and are becoming. This can come through a series of realizations or awakenings that let you know that what would have previously sufficed is no longer rewarding. As a result you may find yourself parting ways, or leaving an old group and gravitating in a different, perhaps newer direction. And even if you are not quite sure where you are heading, there is still this inner knowing that you have some how outgrown your previous life, and that something else will be waiting for you on the other side when you get there. Eclipses open the way for our own evolutionary growth, and sometimes to enable that process we first need to let go of the previous shore. 

Matters concerning: Friends, People you are Associated with; Groups you are connected to, Shared Ideals, Networks, Social Media, Aspirations, Hopes for the Future


(10th House) It is not unusual in the years that the eclipses are in Taurus or Scorpio that there will be shifts or significant changes in your goals and/or status. Great beginnings, as well as endings can occur when the eclipses spin their webs and weave our destinies. Transformational changes in your personal life can also impact your reputation and role in the outer world, or how people see you. However, eclipses are just so unpredictable! Therefore be willing to roll with this series of eclipses where both endings and beginnings seem to merge in these eclipse seasons. Know that we can’t always see the larger picture. And that what may seem like a detour or a disappointment, can open the way for you to fulfill some greater purpose at these times. Like having to pass through some sort of initiation, there is a process here that we are compelled to go through. And all we can do is enter the door that the eclipses are opening, and walk through to the other side. 

Matters concerning: Status, Public Roles, Reputation, Career, Goals, Destiny, What you are Known For, Your Boss, Authorities, the place you Work For, One of the Parents 


(9th House) The truth is not necessarily found in some mystical foreign land, or in a cave tucked into the side of a mountain. Often the truth can be found more close at hand in the more mundane quarters of our lives. The Lunar Eclipse this weekend can find many a Pisces scratching their heads as previous assumptions, beliefs and ideas are being questioned or turned around. Lunar Eclipses can be revelatory. They can show us things that we had not previously known or realized. And sometimes that is because previous ideas or assumptions were getting in the way. Sometimes we need to just be content with not knowing, or having to have all the answers. When we are ready to humbly listen and comprehend with compassion and understanding, then we can become a conduit for deeper and ever more profound truths. And never is this more possible than when the Sun/Moon and the Earth are in such perfect alignment as they are with the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. 

Matters concerning: Religion, Beliefs, Political Stances, Travel, Journeys, Places of Higher Learning, Certifications, Courts of Law, Legal decisions, Relatives, Places far away


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