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July 2021 Monthly Forecast

July 2021 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for July is “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”.

You may have a negative reaction to this theme, but actually two steps forward and one step back is exactly where we need to be right now. With new energy, enthusiasm and inspiration coming in, we are all champing at the bit to get going, get moving, and get productive. However, with every push forward, there is a need to look back at what needs to happen first. Whether it is a final forgiveness, a necessary emotional clearing, a completion of a karma, some physical detox, the release of relationship or other attachment, or simply just a need to take a second look at some plan before leaping into it, the step back is a necessary reflection to ensure the movement forward is truly aligned, balanced and something we want.

There is always great resistance to the step back as it feels like being held back against our will. The challenging obstacles that are up this month are Martyrdom (feeling victimized by the step back) and Impatience (the fear that the step back is losing us precious time and opportunity). Usually people fall into one or the other and many of you will experience both. We are also dealing with a bit of stubbornness as a resistance to letting go and embracing change.

Remember that with Martyrdom, there is always a choice and the choice this month should be to use the step back in a productive and proactive way. Use it to look at what needs completing or changing or releasing before moving forward, and then take the action that becomes clear to you. We have lots of support from community, guides and loved ones this month. We just need to ask for that support and then receive it gratefully and gracefully.

The step back also invites us to consider others in our desire to jump forward into the next thing. We are not doing this alone and it is not always about us personally. It will also be important to stay out of blame and resentment about the past as you are letting go especially of old emotional debris.

To deal with Impatience, one must first be in acceptance and non-resistance of the step back, and then trust in the right timing of things. With new clarity about direction, desire and personal needs, we can get truly irritated when we perceive we are being held back. If you find yourself in strife or struggle, stop and reset with the intention of allowing an unfolding and a natural flow of events rather than a forcing or pushing of action and movement. Your intentions should be dynamic and clear, and, once set, you should release them to your higher self to manifest in right timing.

The main thing to remember about this month is that the steps forward are going in the right direction. Just because there is a step back that may be irritating, it does not mean you are on the wrong path. Take advantage of the insights and opportunities for completions when you are in the back step. It is a final chance to look back into your past and clean it up before moving forward.

Here is an example: When you go to the market to buy new food, before you put it into your fridge, you should clean out what is old or spoiled before putting the new food in. If you don’t do that, eventually you will have less and less room for new food and the science projects will keep growing until you are forced to empty the whole fridge and start over.

The same thing goes for projects and relationships. If you want to start something new, look back to see what needs to be finished or resolved first. It may be communication or changing some behavior or perhaps restructuring the way you use your time and energy. If you have too much on your plate, especially unfinished business, you can’t possibly move forward into something new. This month will could bring some hard lessons around responsibility that you will not be able to ignore. So, it is best to take charge in a proactive way, paying close attention to that step back and doing what is required in order to keep moving forward.

There is powerful support this month for good emotional energy, neutral understanding, and the ability to trust what is good and positive. It will take discipline to stay optimistic but optimism is a key to keeping those steps forward moving in the right direction. We are building new containers this month for the future and dreams of a better life and a better world. This will not happen overnight, however, how you handle this month, especially the “step back” will influence where we go from here as a collective. So, stay positive, clean your fridge, your past and your old containers, and take advantage of what the back steps are offering to insure your steps forward are truly going in the right direction.

(There are good exercises on the monthly support audio to help with this theme especially the step back and clearing cords, patterns and energies you may not be consciously aware of.)

How the month shows up:

Whether it be a physical detox, an emotional release or a change in habits that don’t serve you, this month calls for self- observation of what needs a completion, a change or a reset. If you don’t know where to start, begin by observing your level of satisfaction in daily life. Are you happy? Do you feel supported? Do you feel free to pursue your dreams? Do you feel overly influenced by the opinions or others? Do you feel trapped by time, responsibilities, and too many things on your plate? Do you have clarity on what you need for your own self-care at this time? Where are you ambivalent in your choices and decisions? Where do you feel stuck?

We could go on and on with the questions, but you get the point. Any leap forward into something new will require a step back to observe what is not working to support that forward movement. Think of the step back as a prerequisite for what you are signing up for with your intentions. The month has some very positive aspects for setting yourself up well for something new. But if you are a fridge that has not been cleaned in many years, you may have some work to do. A strong set of spiritual practices will keep you on the right track especially when the step back requires forgiveness of self and others or any karmic release.

We are shifting our priorities and relying more on our inner compass than that of any external reflection or response. Therefore, self-observation and self-evaluation especially around personal needs and levels of satisfaction is appropriate and necessary as we move forward. You are unique and comparing yourself to others will not help you in any way. Remember than only you can truly make the changes you need to make. No one can or will do it for you.

Relationships this month are like a double-edged sword. There is a great opening and a sense of freedom around more love, intimacy, deeper experiences and adventures as a new landscape opens for relationships, partnerships, and community exchanges. However, there is also a need to compromise, consider others, and be responsible for your part in any strife, imbalance or dysfunction. The two steps forward are exciting, inspiring and can bring lots of new energy to both new and old relationships. The reflective step back can be an uncomfortable truth telling about what needs to happen first to make room for all the new possibilities.

In this reflection, it’s a good month for completing karma, cutting dysfunctional connections loose, and setting good boundaries around relationships that tend to be energy leaks. It is also important to state your needs in a neutral and non-reactive way, no matter what the consequences may be. Any relationship worth keeping will hear you, be willing to compromise, and allow for a rebalancing and resetting to something more sustainable. At the same time, you may be required to do the same for someone else. May sure it is worth it and you are not just compromising out of fear.

As to new relationships coming into your life, make sure they are meeting you half way and you are meeting them half way. Examine the motivation and make sure it is not simply a repeat of an old pattern or an attraction trying to fill a need that you should be filling for yourself (like self-love).  Anything that feeds the ego instead of essence will likely not end well.

This is an excellent month to reset physical and emotional health. The body is still struggling with the new vibrations from the sun and the earth, and our emotions can be all over the place. The good news is that we may finally have some clarity about what we need and how to support our bodies, our emotions and our energy systems. Good sections of alone time for reflection will be key to sorting it out for yourself. It will also be important to experience rich community time to receive the support of others.

Self-care is still at the top of the list as well as communicating the truth about your needs to others. Those that are not used to asking for help will need to get over that resistance. If you are having challenges with those that are closest to you, look outside your intimate circle for support from those that are more neutral, especially during the times this month where there could be relationship issues.

Some of the clarity will be around how old patterns, behaviors and belief systems have influenced your physical, emotional and mental health. Instead of getting stuck in the horror and judgment of the past, decide to change, and do it with humor, forgiveness and neutrality. It is never too late and you can turn anything around especially if you don’t ignore the step back to reflect and get the insights you need to make the change.

This is a great month to start something new. With that said, beware of impatience, impulsiveness, struggle and stubbornness. Right timing has never been more important to honor at this time than around new projects and partnerships. What was mentioned around relationships in regards to compromise and needs holds true for any partnerships, ones that are already in place and the new ones on the horizon.

All projects want to move forward this month however, there may be a step back that has to be considered before they can. If you do run into delays, challenges and something needing attention, see it as a good thing that will actually strengthen the project and partnership in the long run. Restructuring may also be on the table and don’t be afraid to do some pruning or even eliminating of people and situations that no longer support the vision.

On the other hand, projects that have been tabled due to wrong timing or lack of support in the past, may resurface in new ways with new energy and new support. Trust the process and trust the timing. And if they don’t resurface, let them go. Never go into regret about what could have been. That will quickly become an energy leak.

Pay close attention to your personal environment this month as it is a reflection of your path in life. Your step back may be to focus on the clutter that needs to be cleared or perhaps on the lack of a nurturing container if your space is too spartan. What are you still holding on to? The questions posed in the “you personally” section hold true for your environment as well. Are you satisfied with what is around you? If not, change what you can.

Change what you can and accept what you can’t. You can change your habits to live a more sustainable life but you can’t change the weather. Never blame the weather for what you can or cannot accomplish. It is a waste of time. Be willing to be flexible with plans and accepting of what the earth and sky are manifesting together.

In the bigger picture, there are always big cycles of change that include migrations of people, climate and weather patterns, animals, insects, birds, land uses etc. We happen to be in one of those larger cycles. So, if you are feeling the pull of migration, it is a natural reaction to the need for change that comes with evolution. Beware of impulsive or impatient action in that direction, and if you have a challenge thrown your way when you attempt a migration, you may not be ready for it. Wait for right timing and examine the step back that may require more preparation or the completion of something before you are free to move.

Many people have karmic ties to a location. It is one of the reasons they ended up there in the first place. You will know when you are complete with a place. The question is if the place is complete with you? Ask yourself if there is anything left to do before you vacate. Sometimes it is simply a recapitulation with gratitude for the karma completed and the lessons learned.


July 1-7: The first part of the month has us painfully aware of the steps back and the potential enormity of what we are faced with before we can move forward. Take heart and be patient. The tendency may be to try and work even harder externally to stay ahead, however the best use of energy is to go inward for some emotional sorting, acknowledging of personal needs, and setting good intentions for support and boundaries for protection.

Patience, responsibility, compassion and learning to trust in positive endings are all qualities to focus on this week as energy levels go up and down depending on what we are processing. The main intention for the month is to get back to the essence of what is important and to allow the heart to guide those steps forward. This first week is a good set up for the rest of the month. Where have you been making decisions out of fear or the influence of others? If you had complete freedom to choose anything you wanted without needing approval or fearing judgment from others, what would that be?

Even if your answer is not possible at this time, use it as a guiding energy to say no to what truly does not serve you.

July 9: New Moon in Cancer is Friday, July 9 at 7:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a powerful New Moon for starting something new. Look for an explosion of creative artistic energy that can be harnessed for new ideas and exciting possibilities. We are inspired to move forward and build new containers for an improved life that includes more love, support, intimacy and well-being. It is an excellent time to revisit intentions and refine them to include recent insights into what you need.

There is also a need to consider others that may require some kind of compromise in relationships. See this as an important part of cooperative community and partnership instead of a loss of freedom. We are moving into a time when acting on your own will not bring you the same satisfaction as a task or vision shared with others. This is challenging for those not accustomed to asking for help. Your bid for power then would be to seek help and support from others and to trust they have your best interests in mind. Share your inspirations, share your intentions and acknowledge you are part of the bigger collective.

Join Jose for a very helpful remote shamanic healing working with and preparing for the new moon. Thursday, July 8, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

July 8-15: We may be triggered during this time and need to watch irritability, impatience and martyrdom as we navigate the minefield of the steps back showing up as a reaction to the expansive and creative quality of the new moon. It is a good time to watch self-judgment and work with clearing any old patterns that are trying to convince you that you can’t have, don’t deserve, don’t know, etc. This is also a time when old karmic debris may come up to be cleared and unfinished business may require some attention before you can move on.

If you feel oppressed, depressed or irritated, look to your practices and keep doing what you know works to support you even if the results are not readily tangible. There is a lot going on emotionally and energetically and even physically and you cannot expect the mind to sort it all out. Stay with the process and be patient.

June 16-23: There is tension around this time as we are balancing new found inspiration, energy, and impetus to act and be productive with all the tasks that need to be completed before we can move on. If you try and ignore the messages to slow down or think before you leap, you may find yourself in trouble and forced to step back and reconsider. This is where you also cannot be attached to the specifics of how your intentions may manifest. For example, if you are looking to move location, set an intention that you are migrating to a place that will truly support you better, where you have agreements and a resonance with the land instead of coming up with a specific location based on mental research that has to do with external benefits. Then allow the insight and opportunity to come to you. We all must learn to trust a higher self that knows best how to support our needs.

July 23: Full Moon in Aquarius is Friday, July 23 at 8:36PM Mountain Daylight Time. (MDT). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)

Join Anna for a helpful remote shamanic healing working with the full moon Thursday, July 22, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

June 24-31: This time frame is focused on relationships as they pertain to your path, your needs, your intentions, projects and responsibilities. It could be a very powerfully rewarding time for relationships as you forge new ones, explore new agreements and rebalance and reset current relationships on new sustainable foundations.  Or you could be challenged with irritability, feeling powerless, misunderstood and overly compromised. There is inner tension that is driving change just be careful not to throw away something important than can be salvaged. And most importantly take responsibility for your part and stay away from blame and resentment.

Projects and personal creativity gain power and this could be a very productive time as long as you stay positive, take care of your personal needs and consider others when appropriate. If you do your work, you can end the month feeling like your two steps forward no longer need a step back, or at the least, the step back is a short one only requiring a quick look and release.

Have a great month!



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