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July 4th Birthday Blessings and Forecast

July 4th Birthday Blessings and Forecast

4th of July is a day that Americans celebrate Freedom. This year the Solar Return chart for the U.S. sends a strong message of spiritual service and reconciliation.

A solar return chart is created at the time of a person or institution’s exact time of birth and reveals major themes for the coming year.

[I use the Sibley chart, which counts the moment that the Declaration of Independence was signed (as relayed by Ben Franklin to Ebenezer Sibley): Thursday, July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA at 5:10 PM local time. Thus, the Solar Return for the U.S.A. in 2022 occurs at 4:35 am on July 5.]

A solar return chart is created at the time of a person or institution’s exact time of birth and reveals major themes for the coming year.

I also use the Solar Return chart to discover the transits at the exact time the Sun returns to its natal position.

Here is the birth chart for the U.S. (inner circle) and the transits at the time of the Solar Return:

July 4th Birthday Blessings and Forecast
Click Chart For Larger Image

What instantly jumped out for me was the EXACT conjunction of transiting Moon to natal Neptune – with both at 22° Virgo!

This 22° conjunction is aligned with 2022 in a big way!

Peace, merging opposites into harmony, connection between polarities and conversation that is nonjudgmental are the key components of this number.

This conjunction from the Moon is given even greater weight, because the U.S. was born with Sun in Cancer – the sign the Moon rules. So, the impact reaches deep into the heart of the country and her inhabitants.

  • Moon conjunct Neptune creates a profound emotional sensitivity – as extrasensory communication is deepened at a time when all other forms of communication may no longer be viable.

The most subtle vibrations are now not only noticed, but consciously considered.

Every thought and feeling is picked up.

With Neptune the key is to filter out what is illusion and fear-based from what is true and important.

A sensitivity to criticism that easily triggers retreat or rejection needs to be addressed maturely.

When encountering any negative behavior, you have the power to transcend feelings of victimization, dejection, confusion or paranoia through compassion.

Moon/Neptune connections open the gateway of compassion and empathy.

  • “I feel compassion for…” will help you to instantly resolve any disharmony and judgment.

At 22° Virgo, this powerful Moon/Neptune conjunction stimulates a deep desire to be of service. Service to others is the pathway to Peace.

Other cosmic connections at the moment the Sun returns to its birth position:

Then we also have Mercury and Mars both contacting natal Venus in a beautiful way – Mercury through a conjunction to Venus and Mars with a sextile to Venus.

Mercury conjunct natal Venus (in Cancer) is all about communicating love!

Show your appreciation to others through any display of love – a kind word, compliment, a gift, a helpful gesture… Use your voice, music, poetry to share that you care.

Mars sextile Venus brings the masculine and feminine into harmony.

This is a playful connection that also instills confidence, love and adoration – and is one of the most lovely transits for socializing and romance.

At the same time transiting Venus is opposite the U.S.’ Ascendant (Rising Sign).

This brings women and the feminine frequency into the spotlight, and indicates that the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine is very much in force over the next year.

There can be great progress made to harmonize conflict between the feminine and masculine – welcoming both frequencies and their presence in everything and everyone leads to radical acceptance (also helped tremendously by Mars’ lovely sextile to natal Venus).

Finally, transiting Neptune trines Mercury for this U.S. solar return.

What a magical activation!

Creativity, entertainment, music, poetry, art, dance – all combine to uplift others.

At its most profound expression this creativity melts hearts, heals separation and joins everyone as One. (Notice everyone has the word ONE in it!)

You truly embody spiritual connection and communication.

Of course, as noted earlier, natal Neptune is in a conjunction with the Moon as well, so these two Neptune activations truly deepen intuition and compassion, as you are finely attuned to people and environments.

Now let's look at the birthday numerology code for the U.S.

It echoes the good news in the stars, by sprinkling in a little more magic!

7.4.2022 adds up to a 17/8 Universal Date (7 + 4 + 2+0+2+2 = 17).

17 is the “Immortality” Number – symbol of leadership, confidence, abundance and manifesting a lasting impact.

17 adds up to the root number 8 – infinity number of power, strength, a big vision and overcoming obstacles through perseverance.

July 4 and the 17/8 universal date invite the undeniable responsibility and honor that comes with leadership – in particular having infinite trust in Source, and the courage to follow the prompts of your eternal inner voice.

Let’s not forget that the first ever Pluto Return for the U.S. is still very much in play through 2024. Transformation and tremendous change are helping to usher in an epic rebirth.

Pluto and 17/8 echo the themes of control over all vs. empowerment for all.

We are evolving rapidly – that is the only constant here!

Conflict, changes and challenges can be healed quickly when you love, listen closely to your inner voice and are being playful.

So there is as always so much to be grateful for – amidst all the changes in play.

Have a beautiful 4th of July!

Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

© 2022 = Tania Gabrielle is a Wealth Astro-Numerologist, spiritual teacher, author, composer and speaker. She has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide — helping them to design prosperous lives by leveraging the secret numbers’ code in their names, birthday and personal cycles.

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