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June 2020 Monthly Forecast

June 2020 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for June is “Keep it Moving”

This is an unstable, somewhat volatile and unpredictable month where everything is intensified by eclipses and challenging astrology. It is easy to get stuck in one camp or another, one attitude or another, much like getting caught in an eddy on a river, not being able to paddle out easily into the main flow. It will take some discipline to “keep it moving” as well as determination to move the energy physically through the body in an appropriate and positive way.

Whenever there is instability and unpredictability, there is great support for change. We have to be careful that we don’t create change through negative reaction but rather through positive, determined and proactive focus, keeping track of our goals as everything seems to be dissolving around us. The mind will spin in circles, creating anxiety and worst-case scenarios. The emotional center can be angry, vengeful, irritated, despairing or depressed. So it is up to the moving center to “keep things moving”.

We are all reacting to weeks of inactivity and impatient to “get on with it”. In the midst of “getting on with it”, it is important to honor the process of change, to accept what is wanting to dissolve, and to be proactive in a positive way and embrace the instability and unpredictability not as enemies, but rather as allies, supporting us to move in new directions. The challenge this month will be to stay focused and grounded and not to jump into the pool of fear, anger and despair but rather to keep track of your own truth, goals and new directions.

This can be an incredibly creative month with many new insights, breakthroughs, new directions and enough energy to launch all of the above. The challenge will be to avoid distractions of drama and people behaving badly, nostalgia about what is being dissolved, and any resistance to change. You will need to look at your attachments, process the loss and move on. When in doubt, move your body. Walk, dance, run, do yoga, tai chi, chi gong and a walking meditation when possible. Including a spiritual practice with physical movement is optimal this month as it combines two very important elements that will keep you on the best track possible.

Any container that moves energy for you is welcome. Doing ceremony around what you see changing in your life as a way to proactively support the change is also a very good idea. A ceremony is nothing more that creating a sacred space, with a beginning and an end, to work with an intention or situation to gain clarity, movement and resolution. A ceremony can support initiating something or completing something. We are still in the process of the great “clean out” of old structures, belief systems, attitudes, relationships that don’t work, patterns that no longer serve, physical clutter, old dreams, old wounds, and attachments of any kind. So, keep cleaning and keep clearing.

Through discipline and focus, the opportunity you have this month is to achieve great movement in your life, creating and manifesting much more of what you desire for yourself in the future. The key will be to do whatever you can to keep it moving, keep it focused, keep it positive, keep it grounded, keep it neutral, keep it disciplined, keep it flexible and keep it fun.

How the month shows up:

This is the month where the rubber meets the road. What are you made of? Where is your discipline? What is your truth? Can you stay neutral? You have the opportunity to gain much inner power and focus if you work with the influences this month in a positive way. There will be many distractions attempting to seduce you into the mob mentality of aggression, fear, despair, anxiety and negative reaction. Don’t go there. It truly is a distraction and none of us cannot afford to feed anything negative right now. Spiritual practice combined with physical activity is the container that will keep things moving and give you grounding, purpose and clarity. Accepting things as they are is not necessarily the same as agreeing with them. This month change what you can personally in your own life, accept what you can’t, and stay out of the collective disruption, upheaval and fear as much as you can.

It is also very important to spend as much time in nature as possible. Our instinctive centers are primed and open and they can either succumb to fear and anxiety driven by the instinct to survive, or they can absorb the power, nurturing and security of the earth and of nature and the elements, allowing for deep healing and a necessary reset. Although the temptation is to congregate and be in community after isolation, we strongly suggest continuing to include good quality time for yourself and by yourself, apart from any drama “out there”. This solo time will allow you to stay on your own track and not be influenced by energies that are not supportive to your own truth.

We rely this month on our support and on the authenticity of our relationships. Those that are not authentic will go by the wayside. Those that are will become even more important to you and your process. As we emerge into more social interaction, you have the opportunity to examine who is there for you and who is not. Whom do you want to be with? Use your discrimination to choose carefully so that your interactions are meaningful to you.

You have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship to your allies and spirit as spiritual practice becomes an important part of “keeping it moving”. There will be days when you feel like a boat without a rudder, adrift in the dissolving of societal structures and possibly even your own focused short-term goals. It is during these times when a discipline of spiritual practice combined with good physical activity will keep you grounded and on track even if you have very little grasp of how you will get where you need to go.

This month tests your relationship with just about everything. When uncertainty is triggered by instability and unpredictable upheaval, it gives you a chance to examine your relationship to everyone in your life as well as everything in your environment, including your health, goals, dreams, desires, attitudes, fears and truth. Everything is moving, everything is in flux, everything is changing. Don’t get stuck in the eddy of your fears or any negative reactions.

You may become painfully aware of your physical body and what it needs. Since the focus is much about moving energy through the body this month, you will not be able to ignore where the body needs support, nurturing and attention. The first eclipse on the 5th of this month rattles our instinctive center and can cause discomfort in the sacrum area, hips and thighs.

These are physical areas representing foundational support and your ability to be grounded in a positive way and to a positive source of energy. Work with the earth as much as you can, anchoring your grounding and using this powerful source of creative energy to quiet your instinctive center and give you a sense of security. (There is a good guided visualization for this on the monthly support Mp3)

Yoga, dancing, stretching, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, walking meditations such as in a labyrinth or on any trail in nature, biking, running, swimming etc. are all examples of moving energy through the body. This will be extremely helpful in supporting any movement that needs to happen in your own life and around your habits, patterns and practices.

This month it is more important to hold on to the idea and motivation behind a business, partnership or project rather than to be attached to the structure or form it happens to be manifesting through. That way if the container or structure dissolves, you can accept it as a change in how it wants to manifest and not an indication that the whole thing has to be tossed.

Beware of and stay out of disappointment as disappointment is an energy that will bring you down and feed feelings of failure and futility. Avoid disappointment by letting go of any attachment to concrete expectations for specific outcomes. Give your intentions plenty of room to reinvent and reset how they will manifest. It is important to keep track of those goals that are viable and true to your path despite what seems to be dissolving around you. The bigger picture goals are still there, biding their time to manifest potentially in a new an unexpected way.

There is always a silver lining and the more you focus on the silver lining the more you allow the door to new ideas and inspirations to emerge. This can either be a very exciting month where risks manifest into incredible success, or it can be a month where you get stuck trying to stop the leaks in a bucket that has holes. Give in, get a new bucket, and move on.

When there are cracks in the fabric of the physical world, there are always new opportunities that emerge if you can pay attention and be present for them. Know where to look, and when to act. It can be a new project, partnership or business opportunity. If it comes your way, take advantage of it.

The environment is quirky, unpredictable and volatile, and will keep things moving. Make wind your ally as it cleans, shifts, changes and blows all the debris, physical and energetic, away. Weather predictions will change like the wind as nothing is really predictable these days. Take long range predictions with a grain of salt as they probably won’t hold true or manifest in exactly the way predicted. The eclipses will intensify whatever happens to be going on in your part of the world, and we can expect any earth and weather phenomena to be a little more dramatic than usual. Instead of resisting, embrace the support this provides for change.

As to your personal environment, keep cleaning, clearing, improving, changing, fixing and moving what you can and where it needs it. You may wish to inspire stagnant energies to shift by moving things around in your environment to give it a fresh look.

June 1-7: This is time period where anxiety and restlessness can irritate the rational part of you and cause irrational thoughts, behaviors and emotions. If you find yourself going there, engage the body in movement to change the energy. Stop, take a break, take a walk. Your discipline this week is to focus your energy on something personal that feeds and nurtures a need for your body and your mind. Make sure you bring in something inspiring into your field. This could be an enlightening conversation, doing something new and different, making time for self-care, or getting support from allies, friends and family for a new idea.

This is also a good time to make an inventory of what you would like to see dissolved in your life and setting an intention to support that dissolving. This could be an attitude, a fear, a habit, a relationship or any structure that no longer works for you. As we approach the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, the energy could get a little dicey and unpredictable. Make sure you have your ducks in a row, several back up plans, your support around you, your wits about you, some good music to inspire you, and a good natural environment to nurture your body, mind and soul.

June 5: Full Moon in Sagittarius is Friday, June 5 at 1:12 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). A penumbral lunar eclipse is exact at 1:25 PM. Eclipses always amplify and intensify what the influences are and this full moon we struggle with the balance between what is dissolving and where we need to focus. Clarity of goals is illusive right now and motivation may be questionable.

It is probably best to take a complete break, toss out the leaky bucket, and set a new container for your future that includes a deeper trust in spirit that all is as it should be. The intention you set for yourself should be about how you wish to feel about your life as you emerge on the other end of this interesting time of upheaval and change. The eclipse triggers our instincts and we can either take them into a negative fear reaction or an experience of trust and support as we work with the earth.

Make sure you take some time to be out in nature, anchoring your grounding cord to the earth. If you have issues around your sacrum, pelvis and hips, ask the earth to support that foundational part of your body. You may have old patterns of false support that are being dissolved and causing discomfort in that area. This too shall pass. Do your work. Trust the earth.

June 8-15: This time frame is likely to be unstable with energy coming and going in erratic fits, starts and bursts. This is where you really need to engage your discipline and to listen to your truth above what others are believing and disseminating. This is not a great time for major decisions but rather a time for paying close attention to your body, your process, what is working effortlessly, what is dissolving or coming apart, and what is coming easily into your field. Don’t believe everything you read, hear or witness. Anything and everything can change faster than your mind will be able to process it.

Stay with your disciplines, your personal environment and set your intentions clearly for the future with the emotion of how you wish to feel and how you intend your life to support you. Self-care is important during this time as well as honoring your needs. You may wish to be alone at times or with loved ones and community at times, or engaged enthusiastically in a new project at times, or simply in rest and relaxation at times. Go with the flow.

June 16-23:We are still in the window between two eclipses and the unpredictable nature of the times is not letting up. During this time it is important to have a disciplined focus on the positive and inspiring idea that anything can happen in a really good, magical and exciting way that will bring you something wonderful that you could never have imagined. Include this focus as a part of your spiritual practice daily in spite of what may be manifesting in reality out there in the world.

This is a highly creative time where you can easily manifest some incredible things from your imaginations and positive attitude. Do not let the drama of bad behavior and injustice distract you from anchoring a better path for yourself. It is time to embrace your own role as a light at the end of the very dark tunnel serving as our collective birth canal. We are being squeezed and constricted, expelled from our comfort zone, there is no oxygen, we are heading into the unknown, and there is no way but to go forward. Your goals and intentions should include making sure you have good allies and a good container to land in once you get through this birth canal, ones who will nurture and support you in this new incarnation of the present world we live in.

June 20: The Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 20 at 3:43 PM. Focus on new beginnings for yourself and the planet. The solstice is always a time of honoring change. This solstice is just before the New Moon and solar eclipse giving it an extra infusion of power. Use that power wisely and forgive those who are not. Watch any negative feelings of resentment or anger, and beware of the tendency to blame and to feel victimized. This is never a position of power. So choose to be responsible for your life and to embrace change.

June 21: New Moon in Cancer with an annular solar eclipse is Sunday, June 21 at 12:41 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) More on this powerful New Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above at top)

June 24-30: Practice compassion for yourself and others. You will witness suffering, others being disheartened, plenty of martyrdom, lots of blame, lots of fear, lots of confusion, lots of resistance, people who have a hard time letting go, and others who are acting out defensively, arrogantly, selfishly or in other negative ways. This is a time for observation, questioning and staying as much in your integrity as possible. Look to what you can do for yourself at the same time as holding a container of support for others who are willing to help themselves.

It is always a hard lesson to grasp that you cannot fix or heal or carry a burden for someone else. It is up to them to follow a good example and to receive the support for their own process. Allow others to be where they are in their process. Look to your own well-being to set as good an example as you possibly can.

Take this time to honor what you have been able to let go of, what you have embraced as a new opportunity, where you have taken a risk, where you have told the truth and what intentions you have set for yourself. Keep the body moving, keep your spirits high, have a little fun and laugh when you can at the absurdity of life!

Keep it Moving!
Have a great month!


Suggested and super helpful this month:
Monthly support Mp3 to work with the energies of the month.
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