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November 2021 Monthly Forecast

November 2021 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is “Pressure”.

We feel pressured from the inside and pressured from the outside. The themes of Release and Reinvent are not finished with us and now we have the added pressure to show up, make those hard choices and follow through with our commitments. We could also say this month is full of tension. Under pressure, the container either expands or the pressure deflates.

This month is all about finding balance, showing what we stand for and what we are made of, and aligning with right timing. The pressure will increase if you personally are not aligned with where you are, what you are doing, and whom with. And if you have not yet released an old emotional attachment, the pressure will build to do so to the point where you won’t have a choice. If that should happen, acknowledge, release and move on. You don’t want to be wallowing in emotional debris and getting stuck in a cycle of martyrdom or you will miss the opportunity to use this very potent energy to move yourself forward.

A little tension is helpful. Think of a deadline. Some people work best under deadlines as deadlines give a structure to the task or project. We are, in a way, under an energetic deadline to change the way we think, view reality, and understand how to create the next step. This is both an individual task as well as a collective one. Amid the chaos and confusion of where and how to go next, our focus needs to be one of paying attention to the balance of pressure. Are we on the right track? Are we being supported in our progress and new vision?

There is need for a strong discipline this month to keep out of denial, lethargy, depression, and a negative attitude of blame and resentment. Use your will and daily practice to stay in gratitude and appreciation for what you have at the moment while at the same time not losing sight of your future vision. Having a vision for your personal future is extremely important as it will give meaning and purpose to any challenge or struggle you are experiencing as you move forward under pressure.

Tension is an energy that causes things to happen. Under tension, the fabric of your container can break, snap, fracture, rip or disintegrate. This month could be challenging for the physical structures you live with. Anything fixed or hard is subject to pressure. Bones, teeth, plumbing, vehicles, and anything breakable is vulnerable. Pay attention and be as present as possible in monitoring your own inner and outer pressure.

Deflating the pressure you feel within to a more comfortable place of balance requires finding the root of it. Often it is impatience around something you have decided to move forward with that is not happening in the timing you anticipated. Another source may be a choice or action you have procrastinated or the frustration of not being able to see clearly what is ahead of you. Internal pressure can also be related to the battle between the choices others are pressuring you to make as opposed to the choices you wish to make that are more aligned with your heart. Once you have identified the pressure, use your will to recommit to the choice that is right and then give yourself the gift of trusting in right timing and receiving the support you need to make it happen.

Working with pressure from the outside also requires the discipline of your will and attention. Identify what the pressure is. Is it personal to you or is it collective? Certainly we are experiencing a great deal of pressure around collective issues such as global warming, human rights, violence, justice, inequality, conservation and a variety of other polarized issues. The trigger often leads us to a more personal pressure within our relationships, community, work or personal environment.

There are two ways to balance external pressure. Setting boundaries around the influence of others especially if you are being pressured to consider something that is not aligned with you is a way to stay in your own lane and keep others in theirs. Allowing your container to stretch to accommodate a pressure that is actually leading you in the right direction will relieve the pressure and support you in moving forward. An example would be losing the lease on your office space pressuring you to find another one in a time period that causes discomfort and stress. This pressure forces you to expand your vision of what is possible and to create and manifest an office space that is nicer, bigger and better suited to your vision. This example could also be a pressure from within to make this change. Whether from within or from outside, the pressure creates an opportunity for positive change.

If the pressures of the month are causing you to become negative, irritable, impatient and hard to live with, a sure path to feeling better is to move into gratitude and appreciation for what you have. We are so imprinted to focus our attention on what is lacking, what is next, what is more, what is better, whcat is the next step, and how we can improve, that we are not in the present and appreciating what we have right now in the moment. Think of something that gives you joy and that you love. Appreciate the little things that give you daily comfort. Acknowledge what is working. Be in gratitude for your support. And have gratitude for yourself as a creative, adaptable multi-dimensional being that is capable of so much more than your mind can possibly understand or define.

We are learning about creativity and manifesting in a crash course about how to use energy in a practical way. This will be an ongoing theme as we adjust and adapt to a new relationship with time, space, the void, and the quantum field. Meanwhile, stretch your imagination, balance the pressure, and seize any opportunity tension provides for change. Evolution only goes in one direction even if it sometimes feels like we are sliding back. Stay positive, on the right track, and trust your support.

How the month shows up:

Tension and pressure from within will dictate much of your choices and action this month. Think of it as follow through from last month. What did you say you wanted to release, change and reinvent? It is time to show up and deliver. If you resist, the pressure will build. If you get with the program, your life will improve. It is very simple. If you feel suddenly oppressed by a challenge, see it as an opportunity to either set a boundary or increase your capacity.

It is important this month to be disciplined with your will. Use your will to move yourself through emotional reactions that are in danger of trapping you. Use your will to do what you say you are going to do. Use your will to keep good boundaries. Use your will to say no when appropriate and to say yes when you know you need to. Use your will to stay neutral when life gets chaotic, machinery breaks and technology doesn’t behave. All of these practices will build power, giving you an internal anchor of support that will be very helpful to you as you navigate the ups and downs and sideways tilts this month.

The big experiment is round creativity and manifesting. Practice the concept of “I will see it when I believe it” instead of “I will believe it when I see it”. Be patient with timing, be patient with others, slow down and enjoy what you have.

Two words here, Tension and Responsibility. Since relationships provide a container for growth, it is inevitable that there will be tension in relationships this month. A word of caution: don’t therapize your partner and don’t turn your partner into a therapist. Take a break if you need to as discussions can quickly turn argumentative and end up going around and around with a focus on needing to be right. If you practice saying “everyone is right and it is no one’s fault”, you will avoid the stalemates and have a better time. Take responsibility for your own process and allow others to have theirs. Everyone is different and there is diversity this month in what, how and when others deal with pressure. Give responsibility over to those that need to take it and embrace your own responsibility for how you are dealing with the energy this month.

On the other hand, relationships are what can really support you. One of your responsibilities may be to ask for help when you know you cannot navigate a difficult situation on your own. Another responsibility maybe to tell the truth around something you did or said that may have been out of integrity that has affected another person adversely. We are not saying you need to be responsible for anyone else’s behavior, suffering or reactions. Let them have their own lane but be responsible for anything you may be bringing to the table that is out of integrity.

Pay attention to your motivation in making choices, setting boundaries, or pursuing a plan of action. Make sure it is not motivated by competition, resentment, revenge, jealousy, anger, or any of the seven obstacles (Greed, self-destruction, impatience, martyrdom, arrogance, self-deprecation, stubbornness). If you are not “clean” the universe will throw obstacles in your way, if you are coming from the heart and your own clear integrity, all the support you need will be there.

Watch teeth, bones, and joints as these are the structural and dense systems of the body. The more adaptable and flexible you can be, the easier it will be on your body. You will definitely feel the pressure to take better care of yourself. If you do not have a good self- care routine, the pressure will build and you may have to experience something uncomfortable that will get your attention. If that happens, stay neutral and take care of it without a lot of overthinking and judgment.

The physical body is adjusting to new vibrations and patterning. Getting energy work, acupuncture, sound healing, and spending time in meditation are helpful suggestions to support the body this month. Working with breath to calm internal pressure as well as to expand your container to increase your capacity is also helpful.

The pressure and tension this month can also bring digestive issues, skin irritations, eye strain, headaches, neck and lower back and jaw tension, joint pain and a general sense of discomfort and restlessness. Soaking in hot water, massages and using your will to relax will help.

If you release an emotional attachment, you will feel a physical relief. If you use your will to move towards some vision that inspires you, your body will respond with the energy you need.

Don’t get attached to predictions and don’t try and second guess anything in this area. Since we are in the process of reinventing (under pressure), the outcome is simply not predictable. The sooner you can release your attachment to predictions you may have based many of your business choices around, the sooner you will free up your creativity to start thinking outside the box around how to manifest what you want. Despite the pressure and tension of the month, this is a highly creative time when things can manifest seemingly out of thin air as long as you envision them with 100% clarity in your desire and that desire and motivation is in 100% integrity with what is in your heart.

It is a good time to dream up new projects with the intention of improving them from past experiences. Keep an open mind and pay attention to any pressure around change, adding, releasing, restructuring or expanding. Follow your instincts as they will serve you better this month than any rational thought process.

Pressure systems, highs and lows, imbalances resulting in drought or an excess of moisture continue to bring unexpected weather patterns and challenging conditions sometimes forcing communities to change what and how they are doing things. The lessons are about community efforts and working together, whether it is cleaning up and rebuilding after a weather event, or about the future of climate, or simply taking better care of the environment. Look for polarized disagreements as well as new breakthroughs around global cooperation and communication regarding the environment. This will continue into next year.

Personally we continue to suggest acceptance, neutrality and flexibility around any expectation or attachment to plans that may be affected by the weather. Stay out of blame. It is easy to blame the weather. It is what it is. In terms of your personal environment, focus on improving something and especially clearing out some space where things have been hidden for a while. Do this as a representation of some personal process of internal clearing and improvement.

November 1-7: Take the pressure you feel and channel it into action without overthinking, blame or getting stuck in an emotional cycle of processing old wounds. It is a great time to heal what can be healed and to dig deep into your own internal process to identify what still needs to be released with neutrality and helpful support. If challenges occur around your physical body, environment, technology or physical systems, stay out of blame and simply deal with what comes up, when it comes up with practical solutions and with trust in the help that shows up.

This is a good time to clean up a space that you haven’t tended to in a while especially one that has stored things of old energy. Do this consciously as a metaphor for clearing something out internally that is related to an old way of thinking and an old belief system.

November 4: New Moon in Scorpio is Thursday, November 4 at 3:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a potent moon that delineates an ending of something old and the beginning of something new. It is important to identify for yourself what is ending and what you wish to energize and initiate that is new.

The dynamic quality of this new moon can also bring about restlessness, irritability and a sensitivity to what you believe is fair and just. Any thoughts or tendencies towards blame or injustice should be neutralized and your intentions moved towards a positive vision. Set boundaries against any pressure from others if you need to, and focus on discovering what is in your heart that needs nourishment.

It is a good day to practice gratitude and appreciation for what you have while spending time cleaning out “the basement” to make room for more beauty and improving the space you live in and your personal environment. If personal fears and doubts happen to surface, face them head on with the intention of reconnecting with your power and deep spiritual wisdom.

November 8-15: There is a bit more clarity about direction but the mood is serious and disciplined. It is good to find balance between lightheartedness and deep hard work. The capacity for healing is great but it will take some will to stay neutral. It is so easy to blame or to get discouraged with what seems futile and overwhelming.

The discipline during this time frame needs to include gratitude and appreciation which will always pull you out of those lower vibrations and open your senses to beauty and what is inspiring. This is also a good time frame to start something new, a project, a relationship, a study, or creating a plan. Make sure your focus is always moving forward to something improved.

November 16-23: As we approach the full moon with a partial lunar eclipse, expect unexpected events that may change and reverse directions, capacity and plans. If it happens, don’t think of it as a negative but rather a support to something that needs attention, restructuring or refinement. How you handle significant events now will set you up for what is coming in the future.

This is a good time to take a look at and address your resources. We tend to think of resources as financial resources but our resources are much more than that. Acknowledge and make an inventory of all your resources internal and external and all of your sources of support. This will help in navigating any uncertainty, fear, doubt, or pressure to go back into something you relied on in the past that no longer serves you.

This is also a good time to address any pressure you feel from the outside and evaluate if it is necessary or not. If not, put some boundaries against it. It is OK to say no.

November 19: Full Moon in Taurus with a partial Lunar Eclipse is Friday, November 19 at 1:59 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)

November 24-30: The full moon has brought an opportunity for expansion and creativity. Hopefully some of the pressure you may still be feeling is being channeled into this new opportunity and not being wasted on regret, resentment, blame, or any other negative reaction. This is a good time frame for taking action, being proactive with channeling any pressure into positive expression, and focusing on how and what you can manifest for yourself that is new, different, expansive, and aligned with a larger picture of service on the planet.

Remember to work with gratitude as your number one tool. Strive for balance, slow down, appreciate what you have, and be a beautiful walking blessing, always in beauty, love, humor and kindness.

Have a great month!



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