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Colour Sound Therapy®

Colour Sound Therapy

Colour Sound Therapy combines the use of tuning forks of the Chromatic scale with Spectro-Chrome colour therapy. Subtle variations of colour are chosen to align specific energetic areas of the body and to enhance these systems through the use of a colour lamp.

As an example, red is the colour of fire and is associated with strong emotional and physical states. It can stimulate the flow of blood and deals well with lethargy and depression.

Green, as the predominant nature colour, can be beneficial in treating chronic conditions as well as inducing calm and tranquility.

Tuning fork therapy incorporates aspects of sound and vibration. Forks are struck and applied to acupressure points. Sound frequencies gently resonate throughout the body, attuning it to a higher vibration for the purpose of improved health.

In combination, the vibrations of colour along with sound, can have a profound effect on imbalances, addressing healing on all levels of the body/mind complex.

Colour Sound Therapy is carried out while the client is fully clothed and relaxing on a massage therapy table with soothing music playing in the background. It is recommended that loose, comfortable clothing made of natural materials be worn and that jewelry, belts and shoes be removed.


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