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Colour and Vibrational Therapy

Colour and Vibration

Scientists everywhere agree that absolutely everything is vibration. Whether movement is visible or not, the vibration is there. All vibration creates sound.

This Vibration and Sound affects our health, either for the good, or bad. We are ALL vibrations. There is a harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned.The human body is made up of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole when a person is healthy. But the vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person is under physical or emotional stress.

A Tuning Fork session will balance the entire body at all levels again. We are using specific acupoints along the Meridian and Chakra energy systems.Tuning Forks enhance the ability to heal and make profound changes in the energy levels of the Body using sound.Tuning Forks are used to correct imbalances, uncover emotions, stimulate growth,

Development, and transformation and facilitate inner harmony and wholeness.

Once the body is in balance, it can fight off harmful organisms, but the body remembers also its own healthy harmonic resonance. In other words, the body becomes more vibrant and energized; the Mind more focused; the Emotions more stable; the Spirit more peaceful; and a person often can experience many different healings or alignments during a session.

Colour is Food and Energy and every colour has his own vibration.Colour play’s a big role in our diet and in our life. Colour is the bridge between the inner and outer being.

Colour is as necessary to the spiritual being as air to the body.Colour has the capacity to restore the balance when a blockage or imbalance of this energy has resulted in disease. We need all the colours in our life to be healthy.

There are times when a single colour like a single herb has a more potent effect on our body than a mixture will have. It is a fact that we can heal the body using nature’s sources of light, colour,

Sound, plants, flowers and minerals. In 1665, Isaac Newton beamed sunlight through a prism and found the presence of seven basic colours. The human body is like a prism that reflects this with light and reflects colours.

Colour Therapy is the science of the use of different colours, to change or maintain the vibrations of the body to that frequency which signifies good health, harmony and general well being.

The application of the correct colour will change the altered function of the body and help return it to its original healthy patterns. It is this vibrational energy, which is the result of applying colour that is important in the healing process. All the colours work together to relieve, cleanse, balance and heal.

The use of Colour and Vibrational Therapy has no dangerous side effects.

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