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Article Three: Donald Trump’s Personality and Character Structure


Now let’s take a look a little closer at our movie’s actors. In our virtual reality movie each character has a personality and the script calls for them to learn certain lessons, perhaps to accept more or to discern better, to accelerate or slow down their growth in order to focus more on this lesson or that. Thus if the character needs to learn about leadership then they will automatically give themselves personality traits consistent with that goal or consistent with other goals. This character in our movie, Mr. Trump, has opted to learn something about leadership and therefore has taken on a goal of dominance, aggression mode, and pragmatism as his attitude. If he were not going to lead in some way, would he have these rather challenging combination personality traits or overleaves? If he had planned to be a welder, a plumber, a hairdresser, or a farmer would he have chose these traits? No, he would not. He has the traits that fit the role he is playing as we all do

Each personality trait has a positive and a negative pole giving the actor choices as to how she/he can use these traits. One learns either way, how to be effective or how not to be. Younger souls tend to learn more by being in their negative poles. Older souls tend to learn more by being in their positive poles. This is partially because experience makes a person more effective and because more difficult karmic lessons are learned in the younger soul ages.

Since Donald Trump has become the president elect I am going to focus on his personality structure because that is more of interest to people now that the voting is over.  Before launching into that, I am going to make several general statements about all people’s personality structure. First it is helpful to realize that there are a finite number of traits to choose from. There are seven roles, seven goals, seven modes, seven attitudes and so on. They are designed to mix and match just like forming different characters in the classic potato head game where you create new characters with noses, ears, eyes, hats etc.

The different and unique combinations are what make people look and behave so differently. Even though this means that some people can be difficult for us to get along with, it makes for a diverse and highly interesting world.

Now let’s look at Donald Trump’s personality structure for a moment to try to understand him, realizing that his personality is no accident. No one’s personality is an accident. Each of us is designed very specifically to accomplish certain aims of the soul or essence.

Donald Trump is a 5th level young or success oriented king, with a goal of dominance and a mode of aggression. This mode determines how he handles his dominance.  He is also moving centered and has a pragmatist attitude.

Here are the positive and negative poles of his most prominent traits:

King                    + mastery    – tyranny

Dominance       + leadership    – dictatorship

Aggression       + dynamism    – belligerence

Pragmatism      + efficiency    – dogmatism

Moving Center  + productive    – frenetic

When a person moves into the positive pole of their attitude they tend to move into all the positive poles of their personality traits. The same is true when they move into the negative pole of their attitude, they move into all the other negative poles. Look at all the positive poles on the list of Donald Trump’s personality traits and you can see that this kind of person could be quite a dynamic leader. Look at all the negative poles and you can see that this type of person could also be quite dangerous and self-serving in a leadership role depending on how he uses his traits.

The combination of dominance, aggression mode, moving centered and impatience is what has some people worried. This is what makes Mr. Trump impulsive and seemingly unpredictable. Moving centered people like to be productively active, they are doers, but impatience added to the mix means they get frustrated by others who they feel are too slow and then aggression mode wants to ram things through belligerently and without thinking things through. This can damage relationships and create sudden crisis.

These are just general observations and possibilities for Mr. Trump.  He has choices and no one can predict whether he will choose to act from his positive poles or his negative ones. There are tendencies that are flickering warnings however.

Being at the 5th level of the success oriented stage means he is somewhat eccentric and tends to attract attention to himself with the strange orange hair, his middle of the night twittering, and his combustible reactivity. As I mentioned in an earlier article he has a similar personality structure to Alexander the Great and other world leaders however there are important differences as well. The main differences are that Alexander had power mode and Trump has aggression.  Alexander was an idealist and Trump is more pragmatic. His pragmatism is mostly focused on doing what he has to do in the most efficient and effective way possible to win. This has worked for him over and over.  Pragmatism makes a person efficient but it can also make them dogmatic in the negative pole and that is where they insist they are right. “I know the best and fastest way. Get out of my way and leave it to me.” Finally Alexander was a 7th level young or success oriented king and Trump is fifth level young, success oriented. 7th level is more prone to mastery while 5th level is more prone to being somewhat entertaining and/or notorious.

Now bear in mind that Donald Trump is not wicked or evil. He is just being who he is as a young soul. I do have compassion for him. His path as president will not lead to joyfulness because he has selected an extremely difficult time to be president. I have to hand it to him. He had very strong intention and even though he misbehaved horribly while campaigning, his intention manifested because he was so adamant about it.  After all he has the exuberance of a young boy.  Older souls tend to judge younger souls as being inappropriate and of course these older souls are only trying to call for good leadership and higher standards.  When we see young boys acting out they usually are inappropriate. They strut, brag, exaggerate, lie, and will do anything to win. They have no mercy on one another so why be surprised that Trump acts the way he does and has admirers that are also younger souls and share his values. They are impressed by his manner and his success. One day they want to be like him too.  They are all so happy that he is getting rid of all the rules the parents have set down. Now they can run wild, what fun. We’ve all been there and some of us know that despite the party, this never ends well.

It is difficult to remember that we are each responsible for whatever becomes our reality, whatever we out-picture, no matter how much our personalities protest that it was not our doing.  Perhaps it was unwise to allow someone to become president who, although he is in his seventies, is emotionally about nine or ten years old and then expect him to behave with the values of a much older person. That is our bad. You may say, “Well I didn’t elect him” but that would in a deeper sense be untrue, as odious as that sounds. Even if a great number of people did not vote for him, they all dreamed him up as president like it or not.

Okay, so let’s get back to his personality dynamics in order to understand how he behaves under stress. A person’s obstacles or fear patterns tend to come out and take over when they are under stress. Like all human beings Donald Trump’s obstacles or fear patterns get in his way and cause him some trouble. In his case he has a fear of not winning, of not succeeding because that is the orientation of all young souls. As many of you know from past articles there are seven major fear patterns and each person may struggle with several or even all of them. They are self-deprecation, arrogance, impatience, martyrdom, greed, self-destruction, and stubbornness.

In Donald Trump’s case he has five that he struggles with. He has the obstacle of arrogance, a tendency toward narcissism, with the underlying fear that he is not quite good enough. So the cover is: “Look at me everybody. I’m the greatest and I can solve everything.” This is of course unrealistic as no one can solve everything and no one is the greatest. Everyone is great in her/his own way. He also has some impatience as most New Yorkers have, the fear of running out of time. That is why he got so impatient during the debates and because of his moving center went wandering all over the stage. Impatience slides to martyrdom and because of the slide to martyrdom he has a tendency to complain loudly that it’s not fair when he can’t have his way. This is the fear of ending up a victim so the cover is to blame everyone else and attack them. There is definitely greed, the fear there is never enough and self destructiveness, the tendency to shoot himself in the foot just when everything seems to be going well for him. This is fear of loss of control and he definitely does that on a regular basis. So we see that Donald Trump is a human being like all of us struggling with the strengths and limitations of his personality.

The obstacles are always fear based and lead a person into their negative poles. The negative poles produce exactly what the person fears the most. Thus greed produces loss, arrogance produces humiliation, impatience produces having to wait, stubbornness produces having to knuckle under and so on. Being president comes with all these challenges.

Now let us focus for a moment on Trump’s role. He is a king type and they are 1% of the population. There are many famous kings including this short list so you can sense the type.

Sean Connery, Russell Crowe, Kate Blanchett, Katherine Hepburn; Madonna, Adele, Patrick Stewart, Alex Guinness, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Kubla Kahn, Genghis Kahn, Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth the first, John F. Kennedy, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin.  Some of these were or are old souls, some mature, some young, and there is even a baby soul king listed here. See if you can pick her/him out. They all have a larger than life, often majestic, don’t mess with me persona. They have presence and charisma, are influential, and have leadership qualities. Some have been tyrants and some have been benevolent leaders and all have been or are impressive and even masterful in how they approach their goals and aims. That is the nature of being a king. You can look across the board at this list and see the darker possibilities and see the more positive ones. Everyone has choice how to use his or her abilities. That is what the nation awaits and has everyone on the edge of their seats worrying about or hoping for.

Those kings who have been tyrannical, for example Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler, were all success oriented young soul kings and all of them had dominance as their goal. That is how they got where they wanted to go. Hitler also had aggression mode. Again restating, since each person has free will regarding their choices, hopefully Trump will choose to do things differently from those king types. So far we have not seen him as president. What we have seen is the behavior of a man in his seventies in various arenas, business, rallies, media, and campaigning, Most seventy year old men do not change dramatically over night from how they were last week or last month. Therefore who we have seen is likely who we will get.  If his tantrum over vote recounts is any indicator, the country is not in for a pleasant or very civil ride.

Being a dominant king, Trump can’t help but want to be the alpha and demonstrate complete dominance over others, events, situations, and locations including countries. Kings tend to be perfectionists and want everything to work according to their exacting standards. Trump is not oriented toward literature or books nor does he have his own computer. Having never held office he is basically uneducated in most areas about government except for business. While some people see this as an asset many see it as a great liability. He doesn’t pursue knowledge, and cannot seem to distinguish between what is true and what is not. He has a tendency to say outrageously untrue things mostly to bait the media and get them distracted from something he doesn’t want them to focus on such as the 75 lawsuits against him and/or the fact he has not disclosed his tax returns or details about the illegalities of his nonprofits. These details tend to be dug out by journalists who then incur his wrath. The truth is not a high priority for him as long as he gets his way. Does this not appear to be like a latency age child of about nine or ten?

If you are ten years old you don’t really have your own opinion about many things you don’t know about. You just go with what your father and mother think or what other people you admire have said. Donald Trump’s track record shows that he does not really have his own ideology. He has switched back and forth between Republican and Democrat indiscriminately because he does not really care about issues so much. What is important to him is that he makes money and helps his closest friends make money. That is his America and what he wants to make great again. It is doubtful that he will keep all his campaign promises. They were mostly just to get him elected. This is already happening through his choice of the elites for his cabinet. His friends will tend to look like him. They won’t be black and they won’t be gay and there won’t be many females, just token ones.  Why? Because in his mind they are on the losing end of life and he wants to win. It’s a young soul white boys club. If you are loyal you are well rewarded. If you are not, you are punished and banished. With kings, heads roll. Just look at Chris Christie to see that. We will see many heads roll before too long. Perhaps his administration will look like a revolving door as cabinet members and advisors battle it out to establish their place by the king. You’re fired.

In all fairness most leaders in this world have been and are Young souls because they are interested in amassing material wealth, power, fame, and influence. Despite their immaturity some have made pretty good leaders when all was said and done. Others, well, no comment.

Next article will cover the rest of the cast of characters: Advisors and cabinet

José Stevens PhD is an international lecturer, corporate team builder and organizational coach, consultant and trainer. A psychologist, licensed clinical social worker and author of more than twenty books and numerous articles, he is also co-editor for A Journal of Contemporary Shamanism and a board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. He is the founder, with his wife Lena, of the Power Path School of Shamanism and The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth in indigenous cultures. He has completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame in Mexico and has studied with the Shipibos of the Amazon and the Paqos of the Andes for the last thirty years.


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