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11th November Astrology Breakthrough


A quick heads up! We have a very significant planetary happening on the 11th. Saturn trine Uranus is a rare event that allows us to ground our genius and grow from an unexpected experience. Saturn the Lord of responsibility and the most sensible of the planets is joining forces with the wildest and most maverick!

Uranus is a revolutionary and shakes us up and Saturn grounds us and makes things stick.Here's a quick rundown of what to expect for each sign.

Aries - The time has come! You can now ground your desire for adventure and benefit. Saturn helps you anchor your energy to experience freedom free of destruction. Use your wild spirit to your advantage

Taurus - Look out for an intuition that is going to transform you. Saturn is bringing you into your power and slaying your shadows. You have the chance to step away from addictions, extremes and get back in your flow.

Gemini- Relationships are becoming more secure, especially your relationship with yourself. Social media, collaborations and a new tribe help you achieve your goal.

Cancer -All the clearing out you have done, all the attention to details is about to pay off. Don’t fear career change, follow your passion, Saturn has your back.

Leo - Your creativity is going to a whole new level. Passion, freedom and exploring things you never knew existed await. Thinking of travelling? Studying or falling in love? Look for a sign on the 11th.

Virgo - Family, home and your beloved clan are going through changes. You can trust your power now. Wounds from the past help you become more than you thought possible. Let go and trust.

Libra - Pay attention, there's an important message coming. Pat yourself on the back, you have dealt with a communication issue and can now form more intimate relationships. Being true to yourself deepens love.

Scorpio- Stability, security and abundance are coming your way. Perhaps you’ll get involved in a project about well being, or you transform your body. Whatever you’re doing brings rewards, as long as you pay attention to the details.

Sagittarius - Yay! Saturn is finally rewarding you. Love, creativity, kids and fun times can become long-lasting pleasures. You have learned to accept responsibility for your actions and realise the treasures it brings

Capricorn - Hard as it’s been to trust your intuition it is now paying off. A change in family circumstances benefits from your wisdom. Incorporate your instincts in all decisions especially to do with your home.

Aquarius - A new vision, idea or inspiration can be grounded now. Saturn is bringing you the right people and tools to make your dream a reality. A commitment to a group finally reveals it's purpose.

Pisces - Fishy! You have worked so much harder this year. You are stronger and more competent than ever, and you are about to pull it off. Money and career flow and you can no float towards victory!

Michele x

Michele Knight is a UK based astrologer, broadcaster, TV personality and Sunday Times best- selling author. Voted the UK’s Favourite Female Psychic two years running by readers of Soul and Spirit, one of the UK’s leading magazines in the mind, body and spirit genre, she has also been a columnist on all aspects of spiritual development for Soul and Spirit and Spirit and Destiny magazines.

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