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5D Astrology Report: May 2017


Transition is Transformation

“Rather than the body being collateral damage in this process of awakening, it is instrumental. The biggest shift in the entire process of Waking Up to the new reality is realizing the body is the vector for enlightenment. It is literally the delivery mechanism by which we experience the vastness of who we really are.” Lori Ann Lothian

Since January 2017 and the beginning of a 1 Year of personal Reset we’ve been shapeshifting back and forth between two worlds – the familiar 3D and the unknown 5D. That’s why you might be feeling as if you’re stuck or taking one step forward and two steps back. You’re not. You’re transitioning. You’re absorbing then integrating massive amounts of deep space energy. Even though it’s tempting to want to “arrive” in a brand-new world fully equipped with a new operating system with all the bells and whistles, that’s not how it works. Know that Transition s Transformation. The scenery is changing – just look out of the window.

For the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance – spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field – has reached frequencies of 36+ and is heading for maximum spike levels approaching 50 Hz. This is a big deal and yet there is no publicly provided information on how this spike is impacting the earth’s geomagnetic field and how this radically effects the human body. At the same time the earth’s core magnetic field is moving westward. This is changing the atmospheric layer of the planet’s magnetic field, as well as the magnetic tone resonance that emanates from the inner core of our planet. The earth’s frequency is speeding up and this greatly impacts all of the functions of the human brain, as well as impacting the heart beat and breathing rhythm. As the Schumann frequency is accelerating quickly through these consecutive magnetic spike events, this acceleration contributes to time and spatial disorientation, as many of us feel like time has sped up and events and changes in our life are happening much more quickly. Timeline shifts are switching the storyline, while identity shifts are changing the role you play within that storyline.

May 2017 – the Astrology of Resurrection and Embodiment

“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story.” Gabrielle Roth

Engulfed by waves of solar radiation; hit by extreme turbulence as planets change direction; tugged by shamanic undercurrents as Pluto moves retrograde; becoming a human lightning conductor between sky and earth – your physicality is now the vector for your transformation. As it wakes from the trance coma of unconsciousness, your body is the carrier of your soul. This is not a subtle process. You feel the bite of an ever-changing litany of “symptoms”. Grounding is your connection to the universe. May is a time of practical physical mastery where the medicine is found near the wound. So, clean crystals. Walk barefoot on the earth. Take frequent breaks from 24/7 Wi-Fi. Rest. Meditate. Create a sanctuary

The journey through the month of earthy embodied Taurus/Vulcan brings:

  • Wesak – the annual High Festival of Resurrection – the Buddha’s birthday and yearly return as Avatar at the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10 – streaming the light of Revival, Resurgence and Renewal on to the planet.
  • Sedna the Resurrection Goddess on Algol in Taurus- our binary 3rd Eye – aligns with the Galactic Centre, with Creation Force Quaoar, with Ixion, Pholus and Chiron; with the Bridge of Light between Uranus/Eris + Jupiter /Haumea; with the Nodes of Fate.
  • Mercury turns direct on the 5D Light Bridge on May 3. Mercury has direct access to the Galactic Centre – the Source of new radio waves – and Quaoar, new archetype of completely original thought. These are new 5D quantum astrology memes from the noosphere: Mercury the Cosmic Wi-Fi; Uranus the Higher Mind; Make the Quantum Mind; Quaoar Original Thought.
  • The Node of Fate returns to the sign of Leo for the first time since 1999 delivering a new personal and collective mission statement for the next 18 months.

The Chandra Symbol for Sedna at TAURUS 25 square the Nodes of Fate
Bees returning to their hive.
Thematic worlds coming round again just as before, just like always. The highest and the best, maintained and sustained beautifully, impeccably, superlatively. Knowing inside that what counts, what is essential, is to abide, to be. You are a vast world unto yourself, an extraordinary network of intersecting dynamics. But the witness consciousness is blissfully sitting back in a restful perch, letting everything go by. And in the very centre of this dispassion and wakeful scrutinizing, one indwells a Buddha realization attained by hard work in many lives and now being your innermost identity in an identity less way.

Female shaman Sedna the Resurrection Goddess and the Record Keeper embodies psychological authority, physical agency, and bodily autonomy. As the outermost planet in our solar system, Sedna has a direct line to deep space, making it accessible when we are able to attain the level of consciousness required to make contact. Sedna presides over moments of passage, rupture and transformation. Currently at 26 degrees Taurus whose seed thought is: “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is Light”, conjunct Medusa and Caput Algol, positioned in the forehead of Medusa, Sedna is opening our 3rd Eye. The ancients mistrusted Algol’s blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances, but it turns out it is a binary star, eclipsing itself every 3 days. This is a plutonic point of high intensity, volatility and deep emotional undercurrents. It brings an ability to heal through having walked through the dark of your own soul, to rise whole again after being dismembered. The opportunity now is to find new meaning, to identify new more helpful and generative patterns in the wreckage of recent times. We have the makings of a resurrection of the highest order or at least the highest to date. As with any major influx of deep space light, your embodiment experience is amplified.

Our Changing DNA

The North Node of Fate enters Leo on May 7 to stay until Nov 6 2018 for the first time since the life changing eclipse of August 11 1999.

The Nodes of Fate are directly connected to the double helix spiral of our DNA, representing the yin and yang, an intrinsic part of the system of energy centres known as chakras: the South and North Nodes are the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras. As the Nodes of Fate move through each sign once every 18.65 years bringing wild card eclipses, you have the chance to move further round your evolutionary spiral. The North Node is your dharma, the South Node your Karma-they are the places within your earthly existence where the 5D Self interfaces with the 3D self and the only points in the chart that move clockwise round the signs – back to Source.

The transiting North Node is a collective manifestoour mission statement, our declaration of intent. Leo is the sign that rules the heart-both the physical heart and the High Heart we are opening as we learn to TWYH – think with our hearts. The Nodes moving into Leo/Aquarius put special purpose on your radar.  South Node in Aquarius asks you to move away from the edge, towards the centre. Your centre. Rebellion, detachment and alienation are left behind, as you move up a higher octave of your purpose – totally new creations probably quite different from your current roles and identities will be birthed at the August 7 and 21st eclipses.

Transition is Transformation.

You feel “stuck” until you create new meaning, new more helpful and generative patterns from the wreckage of what didn’t work

You are always breathing in Now, breathing out the Future

Creation is the greatest act of potential

It’s not about waiting for something dramatic with bells and whistles

It’s not about waiting for deliverance

It’s not about how many non-duality angels are on the head of a pin or masculine analytical head stuff requiring ritual and gurus

It’s not about swallowing whole the claims of the female “empowerment” industry

It’s not about angelic discarnate channelling using deliberately weird pseudo archaic language like “Such” or “kindwhile”

It’s not about “I was incarnated to release the 12 golden shields and save the world” self-inflation

It’s not about paying to “Have your 13th strand of DNA activated “!

It’s not about being more, better, striving, searching

It’s about being an Agent on active service of something much bigger than yourself.

It’s about setting up life structures and revenue streams to synthesize everything you experienced, suffered, learnt and uncovered between 2007-2016 into real-time, real-world ways to add value to others.

It’s about grounding your soul Self to become self-supporting

It’s about recognizing the energy as Source and yourself as the ultimate Resource.

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