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Daily Predictions for Thursday, 28 September 2017


General Daily Predictions: Today the Moon from Capricorn squares the Sun in Libra. This is the first quarter of the Moon. The accurate square happens at 2:53UT so whether the Moon in the sky seems to be in its first quarter this night or the previous, depends on where you live, but for all, it will affect the 28th more than the 27th. Other than this astrologically difficult – yet magically positive and strong – aspect, of the Moon, all other aspects are auspicious.

So, the Moon forms a triangle with Venus in Virgo, a hexagon with Neptune in Pisces, a triangle with Mars in Virgo and will start forming a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. The latter aspect will become accurate tomorrow and affect, positively, the 29th, but it will give some blessings to this day as well.

There is also an opposition between Jupiter from Libra with the retrograde Uranus in Aries taking place today. This is a long lasting aspect, and despite the fact it’s a stressful one, the lucky star always provides benefits. So, under this influence we are more focused on our plans. We may luck motivation and self-discipline, but we certainly don’t luck inspiration and imagination. Thankfully, the hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn is still active, and this leads as in taking steps towards our goals, small as they may be. Today, Mars is beneficially influence by the Moon, so, we probably be even more willing to act. Saturn, also grounds this opposition via a – still weak – triangle with Uranus. So, under this circumstances, this aspect will be a mostly good one, and surely a good one for the day.

Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Aries, Libra and Cancer will be the ones facing the most stress.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

You daily routine starts getting better. Work related issues are more favoured than the rest. Your issues with your spouse, lover, business partners, and legal issues, also have a tendency to get better, just not as fast. Today they can erupt a little, but that’s just a way to loosen their tension.

Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Love life couldn’t avoid be the focus today. The astrologically oriented bad luck of the last few days now turns to good luck rather than neutral. Finding an ideal partner, for those seeking one, is possible too. Libraries, book-stores, schools of all levels, and other places of studying are very good to find one such lover. Work is also a main focus. The gap between where you wanted to be and where you are, or where you wanted to have accomplished and what you in fact have accomplished, can torture your thoughts, but other than that, things seem hopeful.

Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Career and family related problems calm down, and in most cases take a good turn. The tension gives place to a more understanding and healthy mood and atmosphere. You still feel wary about what others think and say, but they also prefer to say something positive, or at least not negative, so you progressively relax even more. Love life still has its difficulties, but an optimistic ray of light shines over it, too.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Work stops being stressful today. Maybe there are no positive happenings, but the negative ones cease. Relationships with co-workers are more calm and harmonious. Business partners are also cooperative. Family and the relationship with your spouse doesn’t seem to get much better, but – unnoticeable as it may be – it does, in most cases. At least, it doesn’t get any worse.

Daily Predictions for Leo:

Today things are back on a good track. Work, finances and sex life are most benefited. Things can either progress well, or, at the very least, look promising again, and realistically so. Co-workers can be a little difficult at times, but you know how to deal with them so this isn’t much of a problem for you.

Daily Predictions for Virgo:

The family generated stress seems to clam down or even vanish today. Love life gets a beneficial boost. So does your self-confidence. The latter a much stronger boost. Financials receive the least of the blessings. There are, though, blessings there, as well. It’s just that you have to spend some to win some, as well as that you wanted to have more to enjoy some luxuries now rather than latter.

Daily Predictions for Libra:

Family, work and health are all much blessed today. Stress from these aspects of your life declines or vanishes. Your self-confidence is not so strong and you interchange your pessimistic and optimistic moods. Work on that by loving, supporting and accepting yourself.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

Financial stress abandons you today. This can be because it was illusionary to start with, or because something good happens there and gave you strength, or because you simply focus elsewhere, as financials don’t feel as important today. Friends are supportive in many ways, and they can both better your mood and help your plans. Love life is also an aspect that your social circle can promote. If you have any issues with your current relationship discuss them with your friends. If you are searching for a new lover, ask your friends if they now somebody of your tastes. In some cases, even accidentally meeting a friend’s friends can become a nice start.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Today things are even better. Much less stress, much better mood on your behalf. Financials and job receive most of the blessings of the day. Family, also enjoys a great deal of these blessings. So, expect good developments in all these aspects of your life. Your social life still needs improvements. Avoid unnecessary and suspicious money deals through internet. Some stress can come from your spouse’s or lover’s income.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

Today you are back to your practical and confident self. You know what you are doing, you know how to do it and you know your goals. You feel rather motivated to work on them. Students will feel this influence even more powerfully. Career still holds some stress and difficulties, but now you know you can make it.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

Things are mostly peaceful and calm. Not boring, but pleasantly calm. Minor good things can happen. Money can receive some boosting. Psychology and parapsychology related careers can also receive some boosting. Students and those studying something new can feel a little lost, but this feeling will soon cleared up.

Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Career related stress calms down. You can expect some good developments there. If you are having partners, things with them also get better, or they may be the reason your work gets better now. Your self-confidence receives a boosting and you feel more powerful and optimistic. Be a little alert in your sex life. Play safe, and take all possible precautions if you need your affairs there to remain private.

Astrology and Magic:

Changing luck, fulfilling wishes and general success are magic’s strong points today. Work with the element of Water for even better results. And yet again, love magic will be strong until the 22nd of October.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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