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Horoscopes for April 8th, 2018 to April 15th, 2018

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April 11th brings a hard square from Pluto in Capricorn to the Aries Sun, as well as an inconjunct from Jupiter Rx in Scorpio to the Sun. Sun square Pluto is about challenges involving power, hostility or unwelcome transformations. But the transformation will be necessary - the challenges are meant to unearth what’s outlived it’s usefulness. Pluto is the Shadow, and here we have something brewing in the shadow behind the Sun - half-glimpsed issues of competition, fears and domination. The surface aggression or charge into battle will only be half of the story. 

At the same time, the inconjunct to Jupiter Rx can exaggerate things, while also demanding adjustment  - Jupiter Rx is about going back over a previous opportunity or narrowing the scope of expansion. The reprioritized area of growth is then adjusted to fit with what the Sun in Aries indicates - a new initiative or surge of energy. 

There are benefits to the above, and they become clear as the second of three Jupiter/Pluto sextiles becomes exact on April 14th. Jupiter expands and Pluto intensifies, and in harmonious aspect, this is often about success. Jupiter’s Rx status will be key- there are some important revisions to consider. Also, expansion and expectation must be powered by your commitment to transformation in a certain area of your life. If you’re ignoring the call for deep change, you’ll get nothing from this aspect. 

Here are the three Jupiter/Pluto sextiles:

  • January 15th, 2018: 19 deg
  • April 14th, 2018: 21 deg
  • September 12th, 2018: 18 deg

More good things have the potential to manifest, with Venus in Taurus’ trine to Mars in Capricorn, on April 11th. Deliberate, cautiously ambitious actions will harmonize with solid results in the areas of money, relationships or self-esteem. Venus makes a sextile to Neptune on April 12th, and Mars does the same on April 14th. Neptune adds a note of selflessness and healing - this will be about more than what you can grab for yourself. 

Mercury stations direct in Aries on April 15th, the same day as the New Moon (which conjoins Uranus).  The sudden, surprising new beginning will involve an end to delays/questions that have been around since Mercury stationed Rx (March 22nd). This is your leap forward, which could propel you in a brand new direction, or take you much further than you imagined. Pay attention to the Sun/Pluto square - this will be the trigger for New Moon developments. 


Discordant aspects to the Sun in your sign (from Jupiter and Pluto) can pump up your confidence, aggression and drive to succeed. Career, dealings with those in authority and shared finances may be areas where you’re motivated to push for more, but the tension of these aspects can easily trigger a power struggle, as you overcompensate, overspend or overestimate. If you feel like forcing the issue, take one step back. Taking a closer at debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy issues can shift your perspective in the right direction. 

The Jupiter/Pluto sextile suggests that success (in the form of career and financial growth) is possible if you tune into deeper areas of transformation. Surface issues involving status or domination are only part of the picture - consider what’s going on behind the scenes. You can become stronger if you work on sharing your resources, accepting help, and pushing past buried control issues. 

Venus in your sector of personal resources trines Mars, and both harmonize with Neptune. Here’s more evidence of potential financial and career success, as focused actions that drive you forward support your earned money and emotional security. Watch for a potential raise, lucrative line of income or recognition (with rewards) for your work. Neptune can take some of the competitive and material edge off, making this about more than just getting what you want - is there a larger goal that transcends your immediate security? That will be supported as well. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your sign can electrify you with a surge of new potential, clarity and urgency. Events will be driven by the hard Pluto aspect to your Sun. A new chapter regarding lifestyle, career, relationships or public identity will start immediately. Focus on moving ahead, rather than getting back at someone or proving you’re dominant. Delays since March 22nd should be surpassed. Mercury direct will take you through those issues one last time, but you’ll have forward momentum on your side now.  


Hard aspects to the Sun in your hidden sector (from Jupiter and Pluto) can trigger unbalanced situations between you and a partner. The enthusiasm to move forward/explore will be high, but expectations may be exaggerated. Take a closer look at the big hope/plan, and adjust this so it aligns with what you sense on a deeper level.  Watch for unacknowledged tension involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing- there’s more going on behind the scenes that you might want to admit. 

The Jupiter/Pluto sextile can signal smooth progress in a relationship, if you allow for mutual growth and balanced expectations. Success in the areas of travel, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration is possible via a helpful partner (business or romantic) who supports your big-picture changes and future goals. Just don’t get derailed by what you’re ignoring or avoiding. 

Venus in your sign trines Mars in your sector of opportunities, and both harmonize with Neptune. This strongly suggests you will move ahead in the above areas, as your actions manifest what you want. Excellent for gaining more attention for your public image, safely and smoothly exploring new areas or achieving favourable results in education or legal matters. Aspects to Neptune suggest this will also be about touching a wide audience or connecting with others (via a social cause). 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your hidden sector can spark a background potential while clarifying a secret or undeveloped issue. Now you know, and your instincts should be telling you it’s go time. There may be a goodbye, or inner resolution to break away from the past. Events will be driven by the earlier hard Pluto aspect to the Sun.


Challenging aspects from Jupiter and Pluto to the Sun (in your social sector) suggest power plays  that originate from a hidden source. Buried matters involving shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues will trigger public tension, but also an ambitious grab for power or transformation. This will be exaggerated by a work or health issue - one area of expansion in these areas needs to be reprioritized and adjusted with your social goals or connections. 

There is room for positive growth here, as you make a significant impact on the public, friends or groups. And the Jupiter/Pluto sextile suggests an area of improvement or change (regarding daily routine, work tasks, co-workers or health) will be empowered by your ability to make use of hidden resources, shared finances or a behind-the-scenes connections. This favours self-improvement and a stronger psychological foundation. However, the key to success will be your willingness to confront deeper fears, control issues or unpleasant topics that you’ve been avoiding. You can make these things work for you, if you use the opportunity to transform yourself on a deep level and in your daily life. Don’t get tripped up by social distractions. 

Venus in your hidden sector trines Mars in your sector of shared resources, and both sextile Neptune. This adds to the above positive potential with background, secret or instinctive opportunities bolstered by your efforts to get things in order, financially and/or on an intimate relationship. The work you do behind the scenes will be most important, and Neptune suggests this can lead to expansion in your career (perhaps the realization of an ideal) as long as your goal transcends personal gain. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your social sector will trigger a burst of clarity regarding a friendship, social cause, group association or your connections to the public. Events will be driven by the hard Pluto aspect to the Sun. Old relationships/connections may be disrupted and completely transformed, or a new, significant connection can blast its way into your life. Your eyes will be opened to certain social truths. This influence also favours a public launch, speech or activity, especially if you’re looking to grab people’s attention with something unusual. 


The Sun in your career sector makes difficult aspects Jupiter and Pluto, suggesting an enthusiastic but unbalanced surge of ambition. You may be driven by competition, fear of losing power and the desire for more attention. A partner or rival may push you, although this won’t be overt. Dealings with those in authority can be difficult as you navigate issues of control and domination, and you’ll need to adjust your expectations about success/attention with certain career goals. 

However, the Jupiter/Pluto sextile indicates that if you handle this correctly, a partnership (or even a rivalry) can move in the right direction. Something about this one-on-one connection is undergoing a profound transformation - if you accept that change, your role in it, and then approach events from a place of optimism rather than fear, you can gain recognition while feeling more empowered to simply be yourself. The other person may be a key to your professional and creative success. 

Venus in your social sector trines Mars in your partnership sector, and both sextile Neptune. This bodes well for all relationships - one-on-one and group. Your public connections will be boosted by your actions in a partnership. There’s work to be done in a one-on-one context, and this will lead to favourable results as you attract what you want in a public forum. Neptune adds room for the expansion of an ideal or dream, in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your career sector will deliver the results of Pluto’s earlier hard aspect to the Sun. Watch for fast (and unexpected) progress regarding your professional image, dealings with management or a business launch. There could be a dramatic change in your job, a new job or job loss.  This new chapter could take you in a totally different direction, regarding your career and future goals. Mercury direct suggests ongoing conversations, ideas or plans will now accelerate - it’s time to step forward to greet your future, even if it looks different from a few days ago. 


The Sun in your sector of opportunities makes difficult aspects to Jupiter and Pluto. Matters involving travel, foreign affairs, relocation, education, legal issues or publishing can be challenged by work or health issues, although there will also be an enthusiastic push to move forward. However, before you leap ahead, take note of what needs to be corrected or transformed, in your daily life. Routines, work tasks or medical challenges can be addressed via the Jupiter/Pluto sextile - steady growth, rather than an exaggerated rush that sees you taking on more than you can handle. Expansion at home/with family can be empowered by your careful attention to certain obligations or a pressing lifestyle change. 

Venus in your career sector trines Mars in your sector of routine, and both harmonize with Neptune. Favourable career goals/strategic relationships will be supported by your hard work, attention to detail and determined efforts to do what needs to be done. Neptune hints that this can contribute to something deeper - surface success can encourage a quiet release, sense of peace/compassion or unexpected growth. What happens beneath the surface will have little to do with material goals/success.

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your opportunities sector will be connected to Pluto’s earlier hard aspect to the Sun. Tension and challenges can lead to a sudden burst of progress, as plans/decisions involving  travel, foreign affairs, relocation, education, legal issues or publishing surge ahead. You may be thrown into something brand new, with no time to plan. While it may feel completely unknown, this has been building since Mercury stationed Rx (March 22nd). This could be a brilliant chance to liberate yourself, expand your horizons or start an adventure. 


 The Sun in your sector of shared resources is challenged by Jupiter and Pluto, suggesting hidden power struggles, fears of loss or jealousy. The drive for attention, satisfaction or emotional/financial security can be exaggerated by big ideas/promises, but this situation is not all about you. Someone else will have a say in what’s shared or owed - consider if your expectations are aligned with what the other person is offering. 

But the Jupiter/Pluto sextile suggests you can achieve a favourable outcome, if you follow the prompts that have been urging you to radically transform your approach to creative efforts, self-expression or new romance. Optimistic ideas and big plans can power you forward, but you’ll have to step away from how you used to approach these things and get serious about what you’re trying to manifest. This aspect can help you shine and impress, or it may simply indicate a moment of celebration. 

Venus in your sector of opportunities trines Mars in your sector of self-expression, continuing Jupiter/Pluto’s positive trend. Travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration will be driven by your determined efforts to create and succeed. Do the work, and not only can you get what you want, you can broaden your possibilities. This is a confidence-building influence. Aspects to Neptune suggest a partnership can expand as a side effect. Or, a partner’s gentle support and faith will give you just what you need to keep moving forward. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your sector of shared resources will deliver results from Pluto’s earlier challenging aspect to the Sun. Watch for a psychological breakthrough, rush of clarity (regarding what’s been hidden) or an abrupt new chapter involving shared finances or intimacy. Ongoing investigations, intimate discussions or close examination of uncomfortable topics will trigger a profound and surprising understanding of what’s really going on, or how the power balance works between you and another. 


The Sun in your partnership sector receives hard aspects from Jupiter and Pluto, suggesting an imbalance of power between you and your partner. One person may try to control the other, or force their agenda, and this can be amplified by the drive for security and money. Overspending and domestic/family issues may be at the root of this, with adjustments required between your expectations versus what your partner has in mind. 

The Jupiter/Pluto sextile hints at growth and security for you, regarding finances and domestic matters, but this will require your careful re-evaluation of what you spend or earn. Refining your priorities regarding what you own/earn can support ongoing domestic transformations, and your ability to make the necessary changes to your home environment can empower your security. This favours home finances, a relocation, home improvements or a home business. 

Venus in your sector of shared resources trine Mars in your domestic sector also speaks to benefits, this time in the areas of debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. Your concerted efforts to make things happen at home can lead to benefits for you and a partner, if you’re willing to cooperate in the areas of sharing, trust and mutual support. Aspects to Neptune indicate this will also be healing for you, or at least give you a sense of ease in your daily routines. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your partnership sector will be connected to the earlier hard aspect from Pluto to the Sun. A relationship can accelerate abruptly as a decision is made, or information is clarified. Your partner’s next move can throw you off balance. Or, this sudden change may be just what the relationship needs to regain its equilibrium. 


The Sun in your sector of routine receives a hard square from Pluto, and an awkward inconjunct from Jupiter Rx in your sign. Issues involving work, health, daily routine or service to others can leave you feeling overwhelmed, even though you may have enthusiastically said “Yes.” The drive to improve, fix or begin a new personal regime will be challenged, and amplified, by demanding ideas/conversations. Someone may be pushing you to do more, or you may be pushing yourself. A key area of growth needs to be adjusted with the reality of your daily routine - you can only do so much. 

However, the Jupiter/Pluto sextile suggests you’re on the right track. Pull back a bit and focus on one area of expansion (a new project or personal goal). Something there needs to be adjusted (or reprioritized) and with some fine-tuning, you can achieve the success you’re hoping for. Your core idea will support and empower you. Excellent for selling your concept, convincing others or adding persuasion to your words. Too, this aspect can suggest an intensive course of learning that opens your mind to something valuable. 

Venus in your partnership sector trine Mars in your communication sector adds more flow to your communication. Your ideas put into action will harmonize with what a partner wants. Aspects to Neptune add compassion and a touch of romance or creativity. Excellent for reaching out to someone or making the first move. Also good for a business partnership. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your sector of routine can jumpstart your efforts to work, serve or overhaul your personal routine. The key will be what Mercury direct clarifies or triggers - delays or second thoughts in these areas will end, and you can approach lingering problems with new enthusiasm. Too, you may abruptly decide to change your approach to helping certain people. These energies can also indicate a sudden job change. 


The Sun in your sector of self-expression is challenged by hard aspects from Jupiter and Pluto, triggering a powerful drive for appreciation, attention or attraction. There may be something big that you want. But unacknowledged expectations can exaggerate what you think you’re getting, what you’re capable of, or the efforts you make to get attention. Look at what you’re not fully admitting (a secret hope or hidden potential) - it needs to be adjusted with what’s actually happening. 

Having said this, the Jupiter/Pluto sextile does favour an increase in finances and emotional security. The key will be your ability to change your approach to these things - this may require an overhaul of how you spend, what you earn or how you approach what you own. Tuning into intuitive or background sources of help can provide a lucrative boost, as long as you’re focusing on one area. This means not adopting a sky’s-the-limit approach. There’s room for significant expansion, as long as it’s concentrated. 

Venus in your sector of routine trine Mars in your sector of personal resources can also boost your income/security, but practical efforts will be crucial for this to work. Something about your daily routines/work tasks/health can fall into place nicely, if you’ve been working on improvements and grounding yourself in the present. Neptune’s gentle aspects to Mars/Venus suggest healing/relief involving family and home affairs can also increase. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your sector of self-expression will deliver sudden results connected to Pluto’s hard square to the Sun. A burst of motivation, public attention or a surge of creativity can power you forward, as delays and questions end. What happens may be very different from what you were planning, and there could be some risk involved. However, there should also be a feeling that you’re free and ready to step out with bold honesty. If you’re celebrating, indulging or spending, use caution- Uranus can surprise you with some crazy developments. 


Hard aspects to the Sun in your domestic sector from Pluto in your sign, and Jupiter Rx in your social sector, suggest you may be pushing for certain developments regarding family, a home business, relocation or home repairs. New opportunities/hopes involving friends, groups or your relationship to the public will factor into this, but exaggerated expectations may encourage you to push for more than is wise. Adjust public influences with private matters, and keep in mind that you can’t force certain changes. What does look positive is the potential for you to turn a corner on the past and bury some old family history for good. 

The Jupiter/Pluto sextile encourages social/public success, as others recognize and support your power or recent changes. Your public profile can receive a boost, and this will involve your more intensive look at whatever social opportunities you’ve discovered. You may need to narrow your scope or concentrate your expansion on one area. Excellent for a targeted public launch or promotion of your work. 

Venus in your sector of self-expression trines Mars in your sign, further boosting your social life as your actions lead to a desired outcome in the areas of new romance or creative work. Also nice if you’re in charge of a celebration, or if you want to enjoy the rewards from recent efforts. Venus/Mars’ sextile to Neptune will broaden your awareness, so this won’t be all about you. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your domestic sector tap into developments from Sun square Pluto (in your sign). Whatever you pushed for will now explode, snap or jump forward, with perhaps more speed than you anticipated. A family conversation, domestic documents or digging into the past can yield sharp clarity, and any delays or second thoughts will be over. There can be a surprising move, either physically or regarding the direction a family member takes. Too, you may find that you’ve reached your limit and decide that it’s time to free yourself from part of your history that’s been holding you back.


Hard aspects from from Pluto and Jupiter to the Sun in your communication sector can trigger intense words with undercurrents of hostility or domination. While unbalanced expectations or growth (that needs to be reappraised) in the areas of career/future goals may appear to be the trigger, the bigger cause is background transformation or ending that’s been brewing for awhile. Consider what’s going on behind the scenes, and take the time to adjust big-picture goals with the immediate facts. 

The Jupiter/Pluto sextile suggests these background changes can be harnessed to power up a new career goal, or plans for the future. You can manifest something you’ve been hoping for, but the key will be your willingness to reevaluate your big dream - it needs to be refined, or, a previous opportunity needs to be reconsidered. 

Venus in your domestic sector trines Mars in your hidden sector, suggesting that private efforts can blend nicely with domestic abundance and stability. This could be a time to spend on your own as you make your home environment more nurturing, or time spent with a special someone/family member. Sextiles to Neptune support an increase in security, but this will be more about your sense of peace and fulfillment, rather than money or material items. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your communication sector can bring a shocking answer, blast of clarity or sudden decision. This will be based on the hard aspect from Pluto to the Sun, and may open your eyes to something new. 


Hard aspects to the Sun in your sector of personal resources (from Jupiter Rx and Pluto) suggest a grab for money, security or emotional satisfaction. The intensity will be based on fears of losing (competitiveness) or power plays from a friend/acquaintance. Watch for inflated hopes/plans about a big journey or leap forward- the plans are valid, but you may need to scale back and adjust growth with existing resources.  

The Jupiter/Pluto sextile can support future growth in the areas of travel, education, legal matters, exploration or publishing. Changes to your social group, or your place in society, will empower your efforts to go further. Just remember that Jupiter Rx is about going back over a past opportunity, or refining/focusing the expansion that’s happened so far. 

Venus in your communication sector trines Mars in your social sector, supporting all social efforts, conversations and activities. Actions harmonize with words, and your social appeal should be high. Sextiles to Neptune in your sign enable you to reach many people with your ideas (if you want). Or, this could be about you appreciating who you have in your life. 

Mercury direct and the New Moon/Uranus in your sector of personal resources can deliver an abrupt new start, based on the hard square from Pluto to the Sun. A new source of income, sudden changes to your income flow or a surprising expense can shake your security, but also trigger innovation and independence, regarding how you approach your finances. The same can be said for your self-esteem and security - an abrupt realization could push you away from habits that have been holding you back or limiting your independence. 

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