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Horoscopes for December 2nd, 2018 to December 9th, 2018

Horoscopes for December 2nd, 2018 to December 9th, 2018


Grand Water Trine

December 2nd to 9th gives us another shot at the Grand Water Trine from November 6th to 7th (featuring Jupiter in Scorpio) and November 20th (featuring the Sun in Scorpio). This time, Mercury Rx in Scorpio trines Chiron Rx in Pisces and the Cancer North Node, putting earlier developments into words. Those words will harmonize with healing (Chiron) and new potentials that involve nurturing, mothering, feeling and following your gut (North Node).

Mercury stations direct on December 6th and Chiron does the same on December 9th, so the potentials of the trine will reach a peak - watch for progress in the form of deep understanding and intense conversations that trigger a release of something painful or vulnerable. All this hooks into the Cancer North Node which opens a path of greater emotional honesty. 

Key dates are December 2nd (an exact trine between Chiron Rx and the North Node), December 4th (Mercury Rx trines the North Node and Chiron), December 7th (Mercury direct trines the North Node) and December 9th (Mercury direct trines Chiron). Chiron/North Node is encouragement to tune into what you really need - acknowledging security and vulnerability issues is the key to tackling that reoccurring wound. Mercury’s double hits mean deep reviews/questions/research (Mercury Rx) will lead to a breakthrough - watch for a way forward through the pain or insecurity. 

Sagittarius New Moon

The December 7th New Moon (15 deg Sagittarius) suggests hopeful/ecstatic new beginnings, but it squares Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Actions (Mars) unite with dreams (Neptune). Vague, questionable or unrealistic motivations will encourage or undermine you. You may be urged to take a leap of faith. But be careful - the promise of what lies ahead is not a commitment, and may end up differently than anticipated. Creative or expansive potential is high, but must be handled with care.


The Grand Water Trine in your sector of shared resources (Mercury) your hidden sector (Chiron) and your domestic sector (North Node) continue the flow of healing family conversations, or private revelations. Whether you’re sharing with others or this is a solitary journey, exploring the uncomfortable issues will continue the healing that began around November 6th-7th and November 20th. Mercury and Chiron direct promise a breakthrough and release, even if it’s strictly on an internal level. Issues with domestic finances can also be resolved. 

The New Moon in your opportunities sector can involve fresh developments with travel, education, legal matters, publishing, faith or exploration. Issues may be full of promise or they can make you uneasy as the unknown beckons - move forward cautiously and stay aware of hidden motivations or actions in your blind spot. What you can’t see, or what you’re not acknowledging, can send you down the wrong path. 


The Grand Water Trine in your partnership sector (Mercury) your social sector (Chiron) and your communication sector (the North Node) continues fruitful, compassionate or forgiving conversations with others. What began around November 6th-7th and November 20th can progress as you make headway on an emotional subject or acknowledge what you really need. Social and one-on-one connections will benefit, and Chiron and Mercury direct can present an answer that allows you to process a painful issue. Also good for reaching out to the public with emotionally engaging words. 

The New Moon in your sector of shared resources can trigger expansive new developments with debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. There may be a sudden rush of more, and you won’t have control over all developments. Indeed, it may seem like everyone else is influencing the situation. Be cautious about social actions/demands or group ideals- they can muddy the waters of what should be a private issue. 


The Grand Water Trine in your sector of routine (Mercury) your career sector (Chiron) and your sector of personal resources (North Node) continues the flow of lucrative work solutions. New opportunities to earn or boost your emotional security will be connected to developments from November 6th-7th and November 20th - Mercury and Chiron direct can present a valuable correction, improvement or diagnosis that addresses insecurities about future goals or success. Certain details may become clear as your approach to daily routines aligns with overall success. 

The New Moon in your partnership sector can open an optimistic new chapter in a new or existing relationship (personal or professional). Future potentials may appear to be limitless, but know that professional actions can be confusing or undermining, and will clash with certain partnership goals. Initially, it may be unclear what your next step is - allow progress to unfold at its own pace.


The Grand Water Trine in your sign (North Node) your sector of self-expression (Mercury) and your sector of opportunities (Chiron) continues to show you the path forward. Developments from November 6th-7th and November 20th can peak with increased confidence and a firmer understanding of who you are, what you need and what you have to offer. Mercury and Chiron direct indicate progress with a new attraction, creative work, children or overall sense of promise for what the future holds.  

The New Moon in your sector of routine indicates new developments with a health/work issue or obligation to others. A new diagnosis or improvement may seem promising, but there can also be confusion and a risk of taking on too much or pushing a situation too far. Try to progress in increments and if you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that prioritizing and perspective are essential. 


The Grand Water Trine in your hidden sector (North Node) your domestic sector (Mercury) and your sector of shared resources (Chiron) continue domestic developments that began around November 6th-7th and November 20th. Family discussions, digging into the past or information about buying/selling/renting a home can reveal valuable secrets or issues that were previously in your blind spot. Mercury and Chiron direct signal progress with domestic finances, sensitive family discussions or research into painful areas of your past.

The New Moon in your sector of self-expression can trigger exciting developments with a new attraction, creative work, celebration or children. A surge of confidence or even a desire to risk it all may hit you, but watch out for unclear or dishonest motivations. It will be easy to push a situation too far/too fast, or allow someone to convince you to spend/risk more. Remind yourself that this is only the beginning - nothing is carved in stone. 


The Grand Water Trine in your communication sector (Mercury) your partnership sector (Chiron) and your social sector (North Node) continues the advancement of an essential conversation, discovery or idea that first came to light around November 6th-7th and November 20th. New social contacts, a social launch or a more public perspective are opening new doors while enabling empathy on a one-on-one level. This can apply to a specific relationship or all one-on-one contacts in general. Mercury and Chiron direct can deliver a profound answer that resonates in a satisfying way. 

The New Moon in your domestic sector signals a vibrant new development involving home, family, a home business or relocating. However, a significant other or competitor may be pushing things in a questionable direction - know that the actions/motivations of others are not clearly defined and will need closer examination. 


The Grand Water Trine in your sector of personal resources (Mercury) your sector of routine (Chiron) and your career sector (North Node) continue positive developments involving earned money, personal values or emotional security. What began around  November 6th-7th and November 20th will move along the path of least resistance and this could involve a new career direction, new job or new approach to handling work/health matters. Mercury and Chiron direct can deliver answers regarding salary, a health issue or solutions on how to improve your daily routines/environment. 

The New Moon in your communication sector can trigger a new idea, promising conversation or expansive hope, but know that the gap between ideals and reality will be quite wide. A solution will require careful attention - watch the details. There may be a rush to make the announcement or deliver the answer, but crucial facts will be overlooked if you’re not careful. 


The Grand Water Trine with Mercury in your sign, Chiron in your sector of self-expression and the North Node in your opportunities sector continues the advancement of a promising goal or development from November 6th-7th and November 20th. Now you can put it into words - the vision is almost complete. Mercury and Chiron direct will help you deliver your message with confidence or come to a deep understanding about a lingering fear or area of vulnerability.

The New Moon in your sector of personal resources can encourage you to spend more or put it all on the line. This can be an indulgent or celebratory influence, but make sure your available resources (financial and emotional) match what you’re tempted to spend. There’s also a risk of compromising your values if you don’t keep an eye on boundaries. 


The Grand Water Trine in your hidden sector (Mercury) your domestic sector (Chiron) and your sector of shared resources (North Node) continues to reveal private information. Secrets, deep insight into the past and the healing of family wounds (that began around November 6th-7th and November 20th) will progress with Mercury and Chiron direct, encouraging you to trust and address uncomfortable issues. You’re preparing for a reveal or open discussion which will take place around December 12th, when Mercury returns to your sign.

The New Moon in your sign can be triggering or anxiety-provoking. New developments (especially involving home and family) can push you to act or move forward, but you may not be clear on what exactly needs to be done. Too, actions can be undermined by  illness, addiction or issues from the past that are still in the process of being released. Take it one step at a time and know that you don’t have to accomplish everything at once. 


The Grand Water Trine in your social sector (Mercury) communication sector (Chiron) and partnership sector (North Node) continues the promise of healing/empathetic discussions with friends/the public plus progress in a one-on-one relationship. What began around November 6th-7th and November 20th can develop with a key discussion, announcement or understanding. Mercury and Chiron direct can signal the release of an old hurt or deeper understanding of a social issue while allowing you to reach others with your words in a very personal way. 

The New Moon in your hidden sector suggests a dynamic new beginning that’s still in flux. Details will be very unclear and while you may feel the urge to speak out or act on what you know, understand that the story is only beginning. Allow information to emerge in its own time and consider the line between what’s proven versus what you suspect. 


The Grand Water Trine in your career sector (Mercury) your sector of personal resources (Chiron) and your sector of routine (North Node) put a positive work or future development into words. An opportunity that first came to light around November 6th-7th and November 20th can be fully researched and discussed. Mercury and Chiron direct can ease security worries, signal progress around a conversation with management and further develop a promising new work or health routine. 

The New Moon in your social sector triggers new developments with friends or groups. Actions will be very public but also exaggerated and unclear - be careful that insecurity or anxiety is not your primary motivation. Step carefully and examine all new opportunities (especially if money is involved). 


The Grand Water Trine with Chiron in your sign, the North Node in your sector of self-expression and Mercury in your opportunities sector continues the flow of healing, release and increased confidence that began around November 6th-7th and November 20th. A key insecurity or wound can be addressed via travel education, legal matters, publishing or increased faith/hope. Chiron and Mercury direct help you put it into words or deliver your message to a wider audience while working with a new area that fully expresses your talent, creativity or pride.

The New Moon in your career sector squares Mars/Neptune in your sign. A new job, future goal or expression of authority can be tempting but also misleading - unrealistic ambitions can take you down a questionable path, or you may doubt if you have what it takes. There is an opportunity here, but proceed with care and make sure you don’t end up undermining yourself with carelessness or lack of focus. 

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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