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Horoscopes for February 10th, 2019 to February 17th, 2019

Horoscopes for February 10th, 2019 to February 17th, 2019


February 13th sees Mars (action, anger) conjoin Uranus in Aries, for a volatile spark or explosion. Events will hit suddenly and the urge for freedom will be overpowering. The opposition to Pallas in Libra indicates that this will involve an ending or abrupt reversal of a social/relationship strategy. Pallas in Libra is about the polite battle or harmonious solution, but opposite Mars/Uranus we see that the time for politeness is over (for better or worse). On the plus side, Mars/Uranus is always honest.

On February 14th, Mars enters Taurus and the pace of events will slow down. Taurus’ fixed, earthy energy will put the brakes on the Mars/Uranus explosion, ensuring that your next steps are deliberate. Mars in Taurus is about patience and slow, sustained effort.

On February 17th, Venus in in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune and conjoins Saturn on February 18th. This will activate January 31st’s Saturn/Neptune sextile:

“Saturn and Neptune make the first of three sextiles this year. Form (Saturn) harmonizes with what dissolves (Neptune) form for subtle but effective energy… nd, you can make certain dreams real.

But Saturn and Neptune together also imply some kind of sacrifice. Specifically, Saturn’s reality puts limits on Neptune’s dreams. Even though the sextile is a harmonious aspect, there will still be a small sacrifice required to get what you want. You will have to work extra hard and give something up in order to create. You will have to be patient and serene but also disciplined.”

Venus conjunct Saturn suggests reaching a limit regarding relationships, finances or values. What you want/love may be defined or restricted and Neptune’s energy ensures that there will be a small sacrifice. You might make this sacrifice gladly, or not.


Mars/Uranus in your sign opposite Pallas can trigger an abrupt change in or break from a relationship/relationship strategy. Your sudden move can pull another off balance - compromise will be very difficult (and you may not be interested in compromise at all). As Mars enters your sector of personal resources, you’ll be looking at you first - what you have to do to increase your financial and emotional security.  

Venus in your career sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. Watch for a sharply defined new beginning involving a job, your professional image or a professional relationship. There could be increased responsibility (as a reward) or a professional threshold that’s crossed, with consequences. Whether you gain something or confront a limit, know that that this is about more than your status or achievements (even if this is the manifestation of a professional dream). 


Mars/Uranus in your hidden sector opposite Pallas suggests an unforeseen surge of anger or impatience regarding a work or health strategy. You’ll be motivated to bring things to an end or move in the opposite direction of what’s been prescribed/suggested. A co-worker relationship could be abruptly rocked. As Mars enters your sign, what was hidden/private will go public as you move forward with your own interests. Mars can gift you with ambition and drive.

Venus in your opportunities sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. Watch for the manifestation of an ideal or belief in the areas of long-distance romance, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You may confront the realities of what you can’t have in these areas, or the rules you must follow. In some cases, a relationship, graduation or achievement may be formalized. Even if what you’re dealing with is quite personal, you’ll be aware of how others are impacted.


Mars/Uranus in your social sector opposite Pallas suggests an upsetting or shocking argument with friends, or surprising social actions. The issue will be very public and may disrupt strategies for attention or celebration. Too, you may receive more attention than you bargained due to your impatience. As Mars enters your hidden sector, the above events may cause you to pull back or take your next step in private. 

Venus in your sector of shared resources activates the the Saturn/Neptune sextile as you confront a firm boundary regarding shared finances or intimacy. A private issue or relationship may be clearly defined, or you may become aware of exactly what responsibilities are yours regarding financial or emotional sharing. Ideals regarding future goals will factor into this, suggesting a sacrifice for long-term goals. This can also refer to a deep commitment that takes into account a career dream or higher ideal. 


Mars/Uranus in your career sector opposite Pallas suggests surprising professional incidents, expressions of ambition or an abrupt move (such as leaving a job) that propels you away from an outdated situation. You may be pushed to react in a way that jolts your professional reputation while upsetting the balance of domestic/family plans. As Mars enters your social sector, you can slow down and take stock of what happened while fortifying your friends, allies and public connections. 

Venus in your partnership sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. Watch for a firm relationship commitment or boundary that clearly defines what your partner wants. A new beginning will involve concrete expressions of love and values. If this is an ending, your partner’s love/values will still be clearly expressed in the form of a reality check. Either way, this will involve the manifestation of beliefs that are bigger than the two of you. Plans involving travel, education, religion or legal matters may factor in. 


Mars/Uranus in your opportunities sector opposite Pallas suggests a risk or jarring development in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing. A sudden move, accident or expression of anger will disrupt a previously harmonious communication strategy. You may learn something that completely reverses your opinion. As Mars enters your career sector, your focus will shift to solid ambitions - steady, patient forward movement is key to manifesting progress on the job. 

Venus in your sector of routine activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. Watch for a heavy responsibility or defined role/obligation in the areas of work or health. An area of improvement or prioritization can feature your commitment to helping someone, with undertones of sacrifice or release. This is a selfless influence that demands you give something up or give more than you have in the past. There’s no room for resentment. 


Mars/Uranus in your sector of shared resources opposite Pallas can trigger abrupt actions or expressions of anger/passion in an intimate relationship or regarding shared finances. A shot of clarity or a surprising break from the past can disrupt your plans for security - you may have to scramble to come up with a new way of looking after yourself. Financial discussions can change abruptly. Too, this can be about asserting yourself with another in a new way. As Mars enters your opportunities sector, you’ll be reaching further, but with caution. Mars can encourage you to manifest security with new and unexplored sources. 

Venus in your sector of self-expression activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. An issue involving a new attraction, creative work, children or attempts to attract attention can manifest a solid result or present a barrier. What you do receive will come with a serving of reality. This is the moment to take yourself seriously and consider if others value and appreciate you. A relationship/attraction will not just be about fun and flirtation- you’ll be looking at what you give away to others or how you can manifest a real union that reflects your ideal. 


Mars/Uranus in your relationship sector opposite Pallas in your sign indicates a surprising move by a partner, or a sudden attraction, that disrupts your strategies. Another can open your eyes to new plans or completely disrupt your attempts at harmony. As Mars enters your sector of shared resources, watch for an intensification of efforts or sexual energy as the imbalance created by Mars/Uranus forces you to dig beneath the surface. At this point, it may feel as if someone else is making all the moves or has the control - know that you still have a choice in how you react. 

Venus in your domestic sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile, emphasizing a home/family responsibility, commitment or boundary. Domestic relationships will be clearly defined along with certain practical obligations (perhaps involving health, illness or service to others). This is about doing what’s necessary, or concrete expressions of love and loyalty. In some cases, a relationship can mark a firm boundary between past and present. 


Mars/Uranus in your sector of routine opposite Pallas suggests that abrupt developments involving health, work or your daily life can free you from old scenarios or propel you forward into a new chapter of self-care, work or obligations to others. Behind-the-scenes strategies will be disrupted, or there may be an ending that’s hidden from others. As Mars enters your relationship sector, watch for the actions of another to take precedence. Mars can see you and a partner working together to build something solid. Or, a partner’s stubborn insistence can challenge you. 

Venus in your communication sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. A verbal/ written commitment or official document may be featured, involving a relationship, finances or the expression of your values. What you want will be seriously defined along with the potential to manifest a desired objective (creative or romantic). However, know that significant responsibilities will accompany this and you may have to experience a delay or denial to get what you want. 


Mars/Uranus in your sector of self-expression opposite Pallas can see you abruptly pursing a romantic/creative goal, taking a risk or doing something for attention/recognition. You’ll be feeling passionate and ready to cut loose, but be aware that your actions will disrupt a social strategy, your social image or a friendship. And perhaps that’s what you want. Efforts to gain public attention may not go exactly as planned. As Mars enters your sector of routine you’ll be focused on working to make a health or daily goal happen- Mars can gift you with energy, determination and the resilience to tackle mundane necessities. 

Venus in your sector of personal resources activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile, confronting you with a reality involving earned money or self-esteem. At this point you’ll know exactly what you want but you may experience limits around this. Extra work may be required to earn, or a scenario may push you to strengthen your boundaries and define your core values. Consider how the past or family issues contribute to sacrifices you may have to make in order to stabilize yourself. 


Mars/Uranus in your domestic sector opposite Pallas can trigger a sudden breakdown, relocation, family argument or break from the past. Abrupt actions or a break with tradition will be connected to disagreements about future goals or a change in career strategy. A change in job/job loss is also possible. As Mars enters your sector of self-expression, watch for opportunities to solidify something desirable or create(especially after breaking with family tradition). Mars in this sector can also increase self-indulgence (perhaps as way of coping with the sudden change). 

Venus in your sign activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile. The manifestation of a desired objective (involving finances, relationships or self-esteem) is a possibility, and so is a confrontation with inescapable realities around these situations. Watch for a serious new beginning. Thoughts and words can be made real, but even if this is something you want you’ll have to deal with less freedom. Nonetheless, this aspect is excellent for clearly defining your primary values and focusing on what matters most. 


Mars/Uranus in your communication sector opposite Pallas can trigger a sudden argument, announcement or decision that upsets a strategy involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You may abruptly speak out or receive some galvanizing news that makes it impossible to maintain a previous facade. As Mars enters your domestic sector, you’ll be focusing on building a more secure foundation or taking action with family - the pace will slow down and you may become mired in the past or in fixed family dynamics. 

Venus in your hidden sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile, hinting at a background loss, sacrifice or necessary obligation. You’ll be working on building security or defining your values, but something may have to end or be released. In some cases, a secret wish can become more defined. 


Mars/Uranus in your sector of personal resources opposite Pallas suggests surprising events involving earned money, values or self-esteem. You could be motivated to act suddenly as you pursue what you want or stand up for yourself. However, this will rock the boat as strategies involving shared finances, a relationship or intimacy are disrupted. There could be anending as you suddenly exercise your independence. As Mars enters your communication sector you’ll be looking at how you can align words with actions. Mars in this sector gives your words extra power and encourages you to walk your talk. 

Venus in your social sector activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile (including Neptune in your sign) hi lighting a significant social commitment or friendship/group connection. Your public reputation can be solidified or there may be consequences due to previous behaviour. Certain social ideals can manifest, but the ultimate goal here is not personal gain - you’ll be aware of larger responsibilities or what you have to give up in order to confirm a social relationship. In some cases, your reputation as someone who assists/guides others can be confirmed.

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I'm Nadia Gilchrist. I've been using astrology and tarot as powerful tools for over 19 years, and launched Ruby Slipper Astrology in 2010. My readings are focused on non-judgemental, practical truth. I deliver these truths with empathy and observations about how  you can improve (if you want to). I believe that past lives and spirituality are valid, but not much use if you can't apply them to your daily life. So this is what I do - bring transcendent concepts down to earth. I want to show you how astrology and tarot can work for you in the real world, because that's where you live.
I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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