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Horoscopes for January 27th, 2019 to February 3rd, 2019

Horoscopes for January 27th, 2019 to February 3rd, 2019


On January 29th the Aquarius Sun forms a superior conjunction to Mercury. In the Sun/Mercury cycle this is a culmination - the ultimate in clarity and (due to Aquarius’ energy) there may be a few surprises as well. But what you see or hear should be liberating and truthful, and will be related to the November 27th Sun/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius, which was a new beginning. 

February 1st sees a hard square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto intensifies Mars’ anger and assertiveness in a discordant way, as hidden motivations trigger external actions that may be hostile, aggressive or manipulative. Use care with this one. 

On February 2nd Venus in Sagittarius forms a liberating trine with Uranus in Aries, which can encourage a few risks or attraction to something new and unusual. There’s opportunity here but on February 3rd Venus runs into a hurtful square with Chiron in Pisces, which suggests the previous liberation could trigger some hurt feelings or areas of insecurity.

A few hours later (also on February 3rd) Venus enters Capricorn, and relationships, money and self-esteem issues become very practical and focused. This shift can help you move past the Venus/Chiron square as Capricorn is all business. This transit is about what’s best for you and the work needed to get it. Venus in Cap is strong, ambitious and committed - nothing gets to her and she gets what she wants.


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your social sector illuminates a message or messenger in the guise of a friend, public contact or information from social media. This can be a surprising but clarifying bit of knowledge that opens your eyes to a wider perspective and acts as a conclusion to what began on Nov 27th  - a new opportunity/lesson involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. 

Mars in your sign square Pluto can push you to act aggressively or challenge you with someone else’s power. A struggle for dominance may occur - use caution if your job or professional reputation is involved. 

Aspects to Venus in your opportunities sector (including the trine to Uranus in your sign) encourage you take some risks or look for something intriguing in the areas of long-distance romance, education, travel, legal matters or publishing. What’s unexplored can be very tempting, but watch for hidden weak spots that can undermine your values or see you stumbling into a risky situation. Go slow and explore with caution. Venus’ entrance into your career sector can ground you with increased awareness of the rules/necessities around your professional image, a professional relationship or the benefits of a certain position. 


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your career sector delivers a clarifying and liberating answer, conversation or announcement related to future goals, a job or discussion with management. This will be connected to new insight delivered on Nov 27th involving debts, taxes, deeper psychological issues or intimacy. What began behind the scenes can now become public as you apply deeper knowledge to your career goals. 

Mars in your hidden sector square Pluto suggests secret anger, frustration or actions stirred up by a power play or attempt to dominate. Manipulation can be your worst enemy, especially if you’re not fully aware of what’s going on behind the scenes or what your true motivations are.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources can promise new and innovative developments in the areas of shared finances or intimacy. You may be ready to take a risk, and this freeing influence can liberate you from old issues. However, watch for social issues to trigger hurt feelings or a sense of inadequacy, especially if your expectations (and you partner’s expectations) are not clearly outlined. Be especially cautious with debts. Venus’ move into your opportunities sector can open your eyes to the bigger picture while focusing you on the most strategic way to get what you want. Travel, education, legal matters or publishing are areas where new possibilities beckon. 


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your opportunities sector illuminates an answer, lesson or confirmation of a belief involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. This will be connected to what began on Nov 27th - a discussion or realization in a partnership. Now this Sun/Mercury conjunction takes it further or allows you (and another) to realize the full potential of what was discussed. 

Mars in your social sector square Pluto suggests volatile public actions or eruptions of anger. Issues with friends, groups or your public image can be troublesome as buried motivations or power issues stir up tension. Move carefully when dealing with others. 

Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector suggest new developments in a relationship (including a new attraction) can be exciting and liberating, but you’ll also encounter trouble spots involving your professional reputation or issues of success/future goals. What a partner wants, or who you end up attracting, can hi-light an area of insecurity. As Venus enters your sector of shared resources, your attention will be drawn to issues beneath the surface of a partnership. You’ll become focused on strategic financial issues or mutual boundaries involving who shares/owes what. 


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your sector of shared resources casts a light on something that was obscured. This may involve debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. There could be a difficult but clarifying conversation that’s based on what began on Nov 27th - the reveal of a flaw, adjustment or correction in the areas of work of health. 

Mars in your career sector square Pluto triggers power struggles and intense expressions of ambition or competition. A partner or competitor can push you further than you want to go, or they may trigger aggressiveness and obsessive forward movement. Ambition is good but make sure that you’re not at the mercy of someone else’s motivations - ensure that your actions are based on where you want to go. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine can open up new solutions or assistance in the areas of work and health. But doubts and weaknesses can also be revealed as you move past your comfort zone. Change is here but take note of any discomfort you feel or flaws you come across. Too, you may encounter resentment or hurt feelings as your service is not fully appreciated. As Venus enters your partnership sector, watch for a more balanced expression of give and take. A partnership can improve as focused issues of love, affection and strategic giving are emphasized. 


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your partnership sector signals an important discussion or answer. Clarity is here, along with the full realization of what your partner wants and feels (this will probably involve issues of freedom and independence). This will be connected to what began on Nov 27th - a spark that first lit an exciting new attraction, some flirtatious words or bold self-expression. Now you’ll see the results. 

Mars in your sector of opportunities square Pluto can stir up tension or risk in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Be very careful if you’re travelling or stepping into an unknown area - you may be inspired to fight for an ideal or take a risk, but this potent energy can backfire if you’re not fully aware of the motivations involved. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression can encourage you to put yourself out there, celebrate or take an unusual risk to get what you want. But as you step into the spotlight (or experience an attraction) you’ll also confront insecurities and buried wounds. You may discover that not everyone thinks you’re all that, or that your own doubts about talent/self-esteem can undermine your efforts. As Venus enters your sector of routine, the energy can shift to a more helpful, practical vibe as you focus on exactly what needs to be done to get what you want. Self-improvement can be greatly enhanced. 


Sun/Mercury in your sector of routine hi lights a solution or area of improvement involving work or health. What needs to be attended to will be very clearly revealed, and will be related to what began on Nov 27th - a discussion or discovery of information from the past involving home, family or childhood. Now you’ll see the practical results. 
Mars in your sector of shared resources square Pluto can stir up dark passions, simmering anger or control issues involving money or psychological difficulties. Old habits or buried anger/possessiveness can be triggered, and someone else may dominate you as you realize you don’t have full control over what’s happening. Know that you don’t have to be at the mercy of another - you can always say “no” or step back. 

Aspects to Venus in your domestic sector can encourage you to move away from the past or add something new/unusual to your home or home business. Too, there could be an increased feeling of freedom as you express love/affection to family members. However, a domestic partnership (or memories of a past relationship) can trigger some sore spots. A partner’s sensitivity or your own trip down memory lane can confront you with old wounds. As Venus enters your sector of self expression, the mood will shift to a more confident, celebratory vibe. You may become focused on what you want or what you can create as you get serious about your talents, attractiveness or right to express yourself. 


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your sector of self-expression can trigger a daring moment when you speak out about someone you’re attracted to, or put your creative efforts on public display. Too, you may hear good news or exciting, flirtatious words. This will be a result of what began on Nov 27th-a conversation, introduction or message that made you aware of what else was possible.  

Mars in your relationship sector square Pluto suggests intense, angry or volatile reactions from a partner. Watch for the actions of others to be pushy or domineering, although the initial reasons may not be totally clear. 

Aspects to Venus in your communication sector suggest daring or exciting verbal exchanges with someone- words/messages will have an unusual edge, but you may find that along with the risk comes some bruised feelings or a sense of increased vulnerability (or awareness of your perceived flaws). Use caution when communicating and be aware that sensitivities will be heightened. As Venus enters your domestic sector your focus will shift to more insular, personal matters related to the past, home, family or a domestic relationship. 


Sun/Mercury in your domestic sector sheds light on an issue from the past, a family discussion or information about a home business/buying/selling/renting. This will be about freeing yourself from some aspect of the past and will be connected to what began on Nov 27th- a discussion or realization about earned money, self-esteem or values. 

Mars in your sector of routine square Pluto can encourage you to push through a problem or physical barrier, but it can also indicate injury or a power imbalance (where you discover there’s far too much on your plate). Frustrations about errors or the drive to improve can result in obsessive efforts. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources can bring a surge of confidence or a clue about a new source of income or new/bolder way to express what you want. However, you’ll also be made aware of insecurities related to money or values - what you’re missing or what you don’t have enough of. In some cases, you may feel undeserving as you confront a romantic or creative challenge. As Venus enters your sector of communication, focus on the facts about what you’ve got going for you and how you can make the most of this. Venus in this sector can encourage you to put your desires into words. 


Sun/Mercury in your communication sector hi light a key conversation, realization or statement. There will be a reveal of an absolute truth - you can count on what you see or hear. It will be connected to what began on Nov 27th (the Sun/Mercury conjunction in your sign) -your new idea, introduction or announcement. 

Mars in your sector of self-expression square Pluto can trigger an obsessive attraction or urge to create, pursue what you want or show off your talents/creation. The drive for attention/satisfaction can be quite powerful, but be careful that you don’t push a situation beyond reasonable boundaries. 

Aspects to Venus in your sign can encourage a bit of risk as you show off a different side of yourself, but as you venture outside your comfort zone you’ll also encounter insecurities and wounds from the past. Doubts can undermine you or be exposed by new developments. As Venus enters your sector of personal resources, use the change in focus in concentrate on what has maximum value and how you can solidify emotional and financial situations that are in your bets interests. 


Sun/Mercury in your sector of personal resources delivers a clear answer or information regarding earned money, self-esteem or personal values. If you need to articulate a want or something involving your self-worth, this aspect is favourable. It will be connected to what began on Nov 27th - a hint, secret or unproven bit of info that needed to be further developed. 

Mars in your domestic sector square Pluto in your sign can trigger domestic disputes, changes/reconstruction at home or a forceful push to move away from the past. You’ll have a great deal of power and initiative, but be careful that this doesn’t manifest as controlling or all-or-nothing behaviour. 

Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector indicate the development of a secret desire, project or attraction. You may be encouraged to consider something new/unusual, but at the same time you’ll be dealing with insecurities or hurt feelings stemming from a sensitive conversation or touchy, ongoing topic. As Venus enters your sign, all that’s been held back will come out into the open- this includes what you really want and what’s really been bothering you. Venus in your sign can help you focus on what matters most while gifting you with charm and the ability to attract what you need, even as you deal with difficult, obscured issues. You may find that bringing something out into the light dissolves what you thought was a painful secret that couldn’t be overcome. 


The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your sign delivers an answer, surprising realization or announcement. The facts will be in front of you and what you want to say will be crystal clear, so don’t hesitate to deliver your message. This will be connected to what began on Nov 27th- a new beginning involving friends, groups or your public image. At that time, a conversation or public announcement opened your eyes to what else was possible, and now you’re seeing the results. 

Mars in your communication sector square Pluto can trigger arguments, passionate words or an obsessive fixation on what must be said or discovered. You may push forcefully to deliver your message or find that you’re challenged by someone else’s words, and the true motivations will be hidden. Pay attention to what’s not being said or what you sense behind the hostility/anger. 

Aspects to Venus in your social sector can encourage the exploration of an unusual new attraction or group activity. A new interest may catch your attention and urge you to step outside your comfort zone, but you’ll also be confronting insecurities about your public image or relationships with others. Understand that these insecurities are based on old habits or lingering doubts that have no place in your life. As Venus enters your hidden sector, you may decide to step back and regroup, or focus on something behind the scenes. 


Sun/Mercury in your hidden sector can illuminate a secret or background realization. This may be more of an instinctive understanding or undefined story, and it will be connected to what began on Nov 27th- a new career opportunity, discussion with management or idea about where your next step forward will lead. 

Mars in your sector of personal resources square Pluto can trigger survival issues involving money or self-esteem. A public issue can push you to stand up for yourself or you may feel threatened by unclear but hostile energy from others. Before you react, try to understand the full story, because all the motivations will not be out in the open. Be especially careful if money is involved. 

Aspects to Venus in your career sector (including the square to Chiron in your sign) can trigger a desire to branch out, add some flare to your professional image or explore a professional relationship. However, you’ll also be confronting insecurities and possible awkward consequences if you don’t pay attention to professional boundaries. Venus’ move into your social sector shifts the focus to your public image and strategic personal relationships that you can count on. 

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
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