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Horoscopes for March 10th, 2019 to March 17th, 2019

Horoscopes for March 10th, 2019 to March 17th, 2019


On March 14th, Mercury Rx forms an inferior conjunction (a beginning) with the Sun in Pisces. This is the halfway point of Mercury’s retrograde and a moment of clarity as the Sun’s light reveals a slippery lie, vague truth or missing piece of info. This will be connected to the January 29th superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius: a result that has lead to March 14th’s new beginning.

Also on March 14th, Mars in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn, harmonizing patient actions (Mars) with focus and discipline (Saturn). This is the aspect of gradual reward that comes from determined work. It is slow but solid and adds weight to what the Sun/Mercury conjunction reveals.

The Sun and Mercury both make sextiles to Pluto in Capricorn, squares to Jupiter in Sagittarius and trines to the North Node (on various days this week). These aspects colour the Sun/Mercury conjunction in the following ways:

  • Sextile to Pluto (Sun on March 13th, Mercury on March 16th): depth is added to what’s revealed. The truth will have some weight as more is revealed, and communication will be compelling. 

  • Square to Jupiter (Sun on March 13th, Mercury on March 15th): exaggerated hopes and promises. Big potential but a loss of perspective - go slow in order to separate the good news from the empty visions.

  • Trine to the Cancer North Node (Mercury on March 14th, Sun on March 15th): a positive sign that overall, what you learn or say is guiding you forward, towards a place of emotional honesty, security and satisfaction. 

Keep in mind that the aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node will be repeated once Mercury is direct, so there’s more to uncover and consider.


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your hidden sector suggests a spot of clarity that exposes a secret, dream or issue that you’ve been denying. A public result/conversation from January 29th may be connected to this - what’s developing behind the scenes demands a closer look. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node connect this to an opportunity to go further or explore a new career path. Prompts may be overt (and exciting)but for now it’s best to wait and watch as details emerge. The ultimate result will involve progress in a domestic situation or the development of something that’s satisfying on a private level.

Mars in your sector of personal resources trine Saturn favours a solid career development that can lead to financial security and an increase in self-esteem. However, this is not a get-rich-quick influence; slow, steady efforts and discipline are required to make the most of this. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your social sector can illuminate a key public issue or development with a friend/contact. Reviewing the truth or lies in a public forum will be connected to a professional conversation or job issue from January 29th. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node can amplify your hopes, expand a public promise or make someone sound very good. However, hold off on drawing any conclusions just yet (and be wary of making big promises). Your final goal involves communication that reflects what you truly need and feel, rather than what society’s rules dictate. 

Mars in your sign trine Saturn can solidify your commitment to a cause or issue involving travel, education, legal matters of publishing. Your patient, determined efforts can lead to significant, long-term gains if you focus on one or more of these goals. This is about making a potential real. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your career sector can reveal more layers of information (or missing facts) regarding a conversation with management, your professional goals or professional image. What you uncover will be connected to results from January 29th involving travel, education, legal matters, foreign matters or publishing. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node can raise your hopes regarding a career matter or expand on a professional promise, especially regarding a personal or business relationship. A partner or competitor can push you to say more or look for more, but Mercury Rx says the story is still unfolding. Your ultimate goal is to align ideas with solid gains in a financial and emotional capacity - an opportunity to earn more or boost your self-esteem will be connected to your ability to openly express what’s most essential (in other words, saying what you need). 

Mars in your hidden sector trine Saturn suggests building something behind the scenes - a dream, secret goal or unacknowledged ambition can gradually take form as you deal with shared finances or boundaries between you and another. This can also favour doing the work to deal with psychological issues or hidden anger. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your opportunities sector can reveal significant news involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Questions about what you believe in or about the parameters of a distant goal can expose valuable truths, and this will be connected to results from January 29th: a private conversation or discovery involving debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto and Jupiter suggest enthusiasm around the above issues, especially regarding your work or perceived ability to take on more. A partner or competitor can deepen your desire to learn more or have greater impact. While there is good potential here, be wary about promising more than you can deliver and carefully keep track of the details. Aspects to the North Node in your sign suggest this is an excellent opportunity for you, overall  - it can develop into something that nurtures your  inner security and meets newly emerging needs. 

Mars in your social sector trine Saturn is positive for a partnership commitment, either professional or personal. Public actions or connections with others can fuel a relationship which can in turn support your social image and gradual progress towards something new.


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your sector of shared resources can reveal deeper layers of truth or deception reading shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues. Uncomfortable questions can leave you feeling out of control, but the reveal will be invaluable. This will be connected to January 29th: a turning-point partnership conversation or decision. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node can exaggerate certain promises in an intimate relationship or push you to ask for more/reveal more. Use caution with finances or the sharing of information- keep track of your boundaries (you don’t have to reveal everything). Handled carefully, this influence can lead to a gradual increase in trust and comfort as you confront what’s been hidden or denied. 

Mars in your career sector trine Saturn looks good for efforts with management, a business launch or gradual progress on the job. Your ambitions will be supported and your efforts can create change, but this will be slow and steady - discipline and establishment of a healthy routine will be the keys to your success. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your partnership sector indicates that repeat  conversations or talking to a past partner can reveal something essential. What someone leaves out or hints at can tell you much, and this will be connected to results from January 29th- information about work, health or obligations that provided a solution, improvement or diagnosis. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node suggests exaggerated promises from a partner or your inflated hopes regarding an attraction or romance. Watch carefully for facts and proof to back up ethereal statements. At the same time, know that this can present growing potential that will connect you to a larger audience or social circle.

Mars in your opportunities sector trine Saturn indicates that your actions regarding travel, education, legal matters, publishing or something you have faith in can manifest what’s real and promising. What you want, or are trying to create, can move forward  with your commitment and faith in yourself. Take your talents seriously. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your sector of routine indicates the reveal of an error or missing detail in a work or health matter. What’s been overlooked or forgotten  will be related to events from January 29th- a bold statement or hopeful piece of information regarding a new attraction, creative work or expression of your talent. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node can intensify your desire to take on more or push yourself. However, be aware that you don’t have all the information yet and your perspective about what’s achievable may not be accurate. Overall, work/health details can lead to the growth of a career path that’s aligned with what you truly need. 

Mars in your sector of shared resources trine Saturn suggests stability and gradual progress in the areas of debts, taxes, loans, home finances or a domestic relationship. Attention to domestic responsibilities can lead to change on a deeper level, especially if you have the courage to confront what what’s been buried (psychological issues or family history). 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your sector of self-expression can illuminate the truth behind a romantic idea, wish or creative urge. Something too good to be true may dissolve in the light, or you could discover layers of potential. This will be connected to a events from January 29th - a discussion or revelation from the past involving family or your current home. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node can pump up your hopes or increase your view of possibilities for the above, while urging you to speak out about what you want. But Mercury is still Rx, so nothing is carved in stone just yet. Having said this, there is excellent potential for you to expand on this and move forward towards a goal that involves travel, foreign affairs, legal matters or publishing, if you take it slow and pay attention to the details. 

Mars in your partnership sector trine Saturn suggests a commitment or truthful actions regarding a relationship. A partner’s efforts will be aligned with a verbal or written commitment - they’ll be walking their talk, which can add further clarity to the Sun/Mercury conjunction. It’s possible that you’ll see an unglamorous but reliable truth about a new attraction (or previous attraction). If this is a creative or business partnership, the aspects support furthering your efforts together. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your domestic sector can reveal a family discussion from the past or buried history. This will involve events from January 29th- a clarifying conversation, realization or answer. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, the North Node and the square to Jupiter in your sign can see you asking for more while jumping ahead with plans for your domestic future. Potentials look promising (especially regarding domestic finances or growing trust between you and a partner) but Mercury is still Rx - now is not the time to insist on a final answer. Use caution if you’re signing real estate documents because the square to Jupiter can distort your perspective. 

Mars in your sector of routine trine Saturn can keep you on track regarding work, health or financial matters. Align your efforts with discipline and maturity in order to reap slow but steady benefits. Watch for a gradual return of self-esteem as a result of your solid work.  


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your communication sector suggests that going back over a conversation, returning to an old contact or asking the right questions can lead to a moment of clarity. Watch for a turning point as something essential is revealed or there’s a shift in your thinking. This will be connected to events from January 29th - a result involving earned money or the communication of your values. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto (in your sign), Jupiter and the North Node can intensify the above as your words deliver significant impact or you realize the true depth of what you’ve uncovered. Background or unacknowledged hopes will pump up what’s being expected and discussed, and this could sound very positive. But Mercury is still Rx, so information will continue to shift. Too, an unforeseen shot of luck can open your eyes to something surprising. Your ultimate path forward involves establishing empathetic communication with a partner and making emotional connections with your words. 

Mars in your sector of self-expression trine Saturn in your sign puts your focus in the right direction as you work towards a desired romantic or creative goal. You’re getting serious about what you really want - patient ambition is key. Excellent for manifestation. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your sector of personal resources can clarify details regarding earned money, values or security. Watch for a new beginning as layers of confusion and missing details are cleared away. This will be connected to events from January 29th and the Sun/Mercury conjunction in your sign- a final decision or declaration that clarified an issue or delivered a public result. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node suggests promising new sources of income, good news about money or social connections that resonate on a deeper level. However, Mercury is still Rx so what’s promised or expected can change. Nonetheless, what’s being discussed is pointing you in the right direction regarding developments in health or work. You’re moving towards a lifestyle that’s more nurturing and a routine that supports what you need rather than what you think you have to do. 

Mars in your domestic sector trine Saturn suggests a relocation, reconstruction or actions with family will be supported by background reservoirs of patience and focus. Tap into the unspoken knowledge that a chapter is gradually drawing to a close and this is the way it’s meant to go. All family and domestic matters can be gently stabilized. 


The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction in your sign can reveal crucial insights as a conversation, observation or realization opens your eyes to a new truth. Watch for a significant shift in the flow of events. This will be connected to January 29th and the illumination of a hidden issue. Now the issue is public and although the details may still not be 100% clear, know that you’re making progress. 

Sun/Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node can amplify your enthusiasm, especially regarding future and career goals. A new job, new career path or conversation with management can be very promising, but Mercury’s continued Rx insists that there’s more to work out. However, know that overall this is leading you down a path that supports increased self-expression, creativity or confidence to embrace your talents. 

Mars in your communication sector trine Saturn adds weight to your words. Aligning your ideas with definite actions can increase your public authority and lead to the respect of others. Too, this can be about recognizing public boundaries and limits in friendships as you acknowledge who really supports you. Excellent for a public announcement or launch that depends on you being taken seriously. 

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I'm Nadia Gilchrist. I've been using astrology and tarot as powerful tools for over 19 years, and launched Ruby Slipper Astrology in 2010. My readings are focused on non-judgemental, practical truth. I deliver these truths with empathy and observations about how  you can improve (if you want to). I believe that past lives and spirituality are valid, but not much use if you can't apply them to your daily life. So this is what I do - bring transcendent concepts down to earth. I want to show you how astrology and tarot can work for you in the real world, because that's where you live.
I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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