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Horoscopes for May 6th, 2018 to May 13th, 2018

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Mercury and Venus Noise

Mercury and Venus are challenged this week. 

May 7th sees Mercury in Aries squaring Pluto Rx, then Mars (both in Capricorn) on May 12th. Mercury in Aries is impulsive and hot-tempered, so the square to Pluto can intensify this with manipulative attempts at domination, while Mars triggers outright hostility. All this will come out in words or crisis-driven thoughts. Mercury’s explosive conjunction with Uranus on May 13th wraps it up with a jolting conclusion and shot of clarity, followed by Mercury’s Taurus ingress. The gears shift abruptly as thoughts slow down and focus on immediate resources. The hot words that were being flung around will come down to earth with a crash as sh*t gets real. 

Venus in Gemini squares Neptune on May 7th, makes an inconjunct to Jupiter Rx in Scorpio on May 9th and anohter inconjunct to Pluto Rx on May 12th. Neptune will offer seductive and confusing choices involving relationships, money or values. Something may look very good, or you may think you have plenty to choose from. But the reality will be quite different. Venus in Gemini's flexibility will be distorted, because all choices will seem possible (even if none of them are). 

Inconjuncts are always tricky, because they link incompatible energies. Venus/Jupiter can increase a longing for more without clarifying what that “more” consists of, while Venus/Pluto suggests undercurrents of jealousy or fear of losing what you have. The key with any inconjunct is to work with both sides. Decide what you want (Venus in Gemini) then use the Jupiter/Pluto triggers to look at what you feel you’re missing, or are afraid of. Rather than giving in to the fear or craving, consider what it’s telling you about your current situation. What are the facts (Gemini) behind what you want?

Your Real Goal

In the midst of this we have a Sun/Jupiter opposition (discussed in last week’s horoscopes) on May 8th, fortified by a trine between the Taurus Sun and Pluto on May 11th. Here we have the conclusion with a high probability of success. The Sun can illuminate what Jupiter Rx in Scorpio has uncovered - resources, truths or power. Or Shadow issues. But when Jupiter is in play, there's always a chance that you can turn something difficult (even Shadow stuff) into something fortunate. Pluto adds intensity, strength and the ability to make it happen (manifestation).

The catch? Navigating the Mercury and Venus mess - don’t get sidetracked by delusions or verbal conflicts. Not that you should ignore these issues of course. But there will be a strong temptation to get wrapped up in the messiness, to lose yourself in the fantasy or the mudslinging or the vengeful/paranoid thoughts. Attend to the issues but keep yourself above the fray. The exception to this is the Mercury/Uranus conjunction- it will be an unavoidable, essential truth. 

 The Sun/Jupiter opposition is your main goal for this week; keep your eyes on the prize. This goes back to Jupiter Rx - what area of expansion are you refining and focusing? Where are you going deeper?


Aspects to Mercury in your sign (including the conjunction to Uranus) suggest that you may hammer your point across, or your words may be challenged by someone in authority. Communication and information will be jolting and possibly hostile, but you’ll also be strongly motivated to say what needs to be said. The truth can be harsh as power plays and manipulations are unearthed. As Mercury is propelled by Uranus into your sector of personal resources, you’ll take what you’ve discovered and apply it to immediate survival issues. Finances, self-esteem and security will be first on your list. 

Aspects to Venus in your communication sector suggest confusing messages, odd flirtations and misunderstandings. It’s absoltuely essential that you confirm the facts in a conversation, meeting or first contact. There’s a chance that you’ll fill in the blanks  with what you’re hoping for, rather than the facts. Watch for niggling feelings of dissatisfaction and suspicion, regarding career, shared finances and intimacy.

Fortunately, aspects to the Sun in your sector of personal resources spell overall success and abundance. Financial and career matters can reach a satisfying conclusion, as long as you’re not thrown off track by the tricky aspects to Mercury and Venus. 


Aspects to Mercury in your hidden sector indicate the rough reveal of a secret or unacknowledged issue. Whether this is something you’ve been actively hiding, or you simply weren’t aware of what was in your blindspot, the unspoken will come out due to challenges involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Too, you may be pushed to speak out as your passion or anger is triggered. Mercury is propelled by Uranus into your sign, suggesting that everything will come out in a rush of truth and clarity. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources can encourage you to spend, give or sacrifice. Be very cautious with finances or relationships - it will be easy to get distracted by promises and dreams, while also feeling a vague sense of insecurity and emptiness (as if what you have is not quite enough). Partnership issues can leave you wanting more. Take stock of your actual resources and values, and make sure you’re not undermining yourself with yearnings for what’s impossible. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sign do promise a successful partnership conclusion with room for future growth and empowerment. You can go far with the right support, as long as the above aspects to Mercury and Venus don’t weaken your grip on reality. 


Aspects to Mercury in your social sector suggest buried tensions involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, intimacy or psychological issues can trigger public tensions with friends or groups. Use care with public statements - hidden anger/frustration can give your words considerable impact. Too, this could be about the public reveal of a secret. As Mercury conjoins Uranus and then enters your hidden sector, watch for an explosive finale to the above that sees you pulling back to process and gather your thoughts. 

Aspects to Venus in your sign see you getting carried away with certain work issues. Something may look very promising, but your perception of what’s achievable will be distorted. Your professional image could be impacted. Watch for the temptation to take on too much, say “Yes” to something inappropriate, or accept a solution that may not be in your best interests. Deeper issues involving suspicion, jealousy or anxiety about losing control can also influence you.  

Aspects to the Sun in your hidden sector are hopeful, as a hidden/undeveloped potential   comes to fruition. Your adjustments to work routines, health or dealings with co-workers could pay off, and you’ll find that you also have access to deeper resources (financial or emotional) that empower you. But in order to make the most of these aspects. you’ll need to be very aware of what’s driving you (instincts, anger) while making wise choices regarding your career/professional relationships.  


Aspects to Mercury in your career sector suggest a partnership or competitor can trigger some edgy professional conversations or statements. It may be difficult to keep your cool and respond in a mature manner, but that’s exactly what you’ll have to do. Don’t allow someone else to pull your strings. Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus, followed by its move into your social sector, suggests this will culminate in a surprising discovery or career announcement. What comes out will immediately turn your attention to its impact on the bigger picture (including your connection to the public). A public launch can take off in an unexpected direction. 

Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector can stir up vague longings, illusions about what’s next and manipulations in a relationship. Much will be centred around what you’re not fully aware of, or what you’re denying.  A romantic attraction can be misleading, or your desire for something more can lead you down the wrong path. 

Aspects to the Sun in your social sector suggest a successful launch or the growth of a relationship, but much will depend on how you handle what’s going on behind the scenes. You’ll need to differentiate between what’s real and reliable, versus what’s distracting or completely irrational. However, even illusions can be helpful - pay attention to where you’re feeling let down, where you’re craving more, or why you want to escape. These are clues about what needs attention in your life. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of opportunities can trigger tense conversations/announcements involving education, travel, legal matters or publishing. Workload may be an issue, or you could be pressured to supply a solution. You may be fired up by a legal or ethical challenge. Too, health matters could challenge big-picture plans. As Mercury conjoins Uranus then enters your career sector, watch for an explosive conclusion to the above, followed by a change in focus- big-picture goals or passionate/angry ideals will now be put firmly into context as you see how your professional life/image is impacted. Too, this could be when you get serious about making impulsive statements real. 

Aspects to Venus in your social sector can blur the lines between platonic and romantic, or true friendship versus manipulation a passing acquaintance. Social cues will be challenging to read, or you could be the one who’s sending out mixed messages. Watch for undercurrents of insecurity or restlessness based on issues close to home. 

Aspects to the Sun in your career sector suggest a powerful conclusion around a job search, your current professional efforts or future goals (including relocation). Success is a possibility, and this will be due in part to your readjustment of domestic and work/health issues. However, the challenging aspects to Mercury and Venus are a warning to pay close attention to what’s being said (versus what you suspect or hope for) while also ensuring that your communication and intentions are crystal clear.   


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of shared resources can stir up volatile conversations or insights around debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. The subject matter will be sensitive, but this energy is driven by anger, ambition, passion or recklessness. Choose your words carefully and understand that you cannot force a desired response. On the plus side, what’s been buried will come out, especially when Mercury conjoins Uranus. Watch for an explosive reveal or moment of clarity. As Mercury enters your sector of opportunities, the above reveal will open up new perspectives. You may see that there’s more to this than you first thought, or the shock may propel you to forward to learn more/speak out. 

Aspects to Venus in your career sector can make professional relationships tricky. A partnership (business or romantic) can be confusing, so make sure the lines between your personal and professional life are clearly drawn. It may seem as if you have multiple choices, but all of them are not viable. Overestimating your reach and falling prey to jealousy/paranoia are also risks - don’t get distracted by thoughts of what might be, or someone else’s success.

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of opportunities suggest an expansive announcement, graduation or public result that’s empowered by your efforts involving creative work, a special purpose or powerful desire. You can take this one much further, as long as you’re aware of the challenging aspects to Mercury and Venus. Your approach to professional matters will be key. 


Aspects to Mercury in your relationship sector can trigger volatile conversations with a partner. Domestic issues may be at the root of any conflicts, or, your efforts to move on from the past will create tension. Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus can abruptly end or accelerate the matter. Harmony will be difficult to achieve, so be open to what’s revealed while ensuring that your voice is heard. As Mercury enters your sector of shared resources, the above tension can open up deeper levels of communication, or get you thinking about the true nature of your relationship. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of opportunities can present some tempting but misleading potentials in the areas of long-distance romance, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. What’s in front of you may be new and exciting, but approach with caution. There’s still much to learn. Feelings of dissatisfaction with what you have, a craving for more and deeper issues of insecurity/control (based in the past) can blur the lines. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of shared resources suggest promising results for domestic finances, personal abundance or an intimate relationship. You’ll discover, after a  process of refinement and adjustment, that there’s more to work with. But how you handle the challenging aspects to Mercury and Venus will be key.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of routine suggest difficult conversations involving health, work routines or obligations to others. You may be pressured to fix, deliver or improve. Too, an error may be revealed, and Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus can drop some clarity in the form of an unexpected solution or your realization that current approaches to work/health/service can no longer continue. As Mercury enters your partnership sector, the above clarity will result in a more balanced approach to what you do for others. You’ll be looking at how much others value your work.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources can make smart choices regarding debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy difficult. The desire for an ultimate reward or romance can increase spending, illusions or an urge to lose yourself in someone. Inconjuncts to Jupiter Rx (in your sign) and Pluto Rx in your communication sector can stir up paranoia, jealousy or an insatiable craving for a something that’s difficult to pinpoint. Use caution regarding what you share or give. 

The Sun in your partnership sector opposite Jupiter Rx in your sign can illuminate a key relationship goal or result. Whether this is an ending or shift to something more substantial, there should be satisfaction with the way things are progressing. The trine to Pluto Rx indicates a commitment or powerful confirmation/agreement. However, success will depend on your approach to Mercury and Venus’ challenging aspects.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of self-expression can motivate you to speak out about an attraction, creative work or something you feel passionate about. Your voice will be unmistakable and attention-grabbing, so keep that in mind when you’re expressing yourself. In some cases, these energies can encourage you to take risks based on anger or impatience. Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus can deliver a jolt of truth, inspiration or courage. You may or may not like what you discover (or the responses you get) but Mercury’s move into your sector of routine will focus you on the practical essentials of how deal with what’s unfolded. Solutions will be forthcoming. 

Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector suggest that domestic issues, or issues from the past, can undermine relationship choices. Delusion can play a role, and this may not be the best time to count on a firm decision from your partner. Unspoken expectations and anxieties around loss/possessiveness can make things tricky. In some cases, you may be imagining an attraction. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of routine indicate a grounding influence which can counteract the above confusion. Watch for results involving your immediate routines, approach to work or health. Your efforts to strengthen financial and emotional security can empower these results, but make sure you don’t get distracted by what’s tempting but vague - focus on what you know is real. 


Aspects to Mercury in your domestic sector (including the squares to Pluto Rx and Mars in your sign) suggest conflicts involving family discussions, a home business or relocation. Your efforts to encourage (or force) something to happen can crank the tension up, until Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus blows the lid off with an ending, jolting truth or discovery about something from the past. You have a considerable amount of power in your corner  - use it wisely. Mercury’s move into your sector of self-expression speaks to cutting loose and making your voice heard. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine can undermine work, health or obligations to others. Vague instructions, mixed messages or difficulty in deciding what you want can make solutions challenging. The inconjunct to Pluto Rx in your sign, and Jupiter Rx in your social sector, suggest an uneasy mix of desire to do more for others combined with undercurrents of manipulation and efforts to control your environment. Your intentions will be unclear, even to yourself. 

Jupiter’s opposition to the Sun in your sector of self-expression can bring a pleasing result or celebration in the areas of creative work, performance, a launch, new attraction or children/pregnancy. The trine to Pluto Rx in your sign says that you’ll be the prime source of manifestation  - you could get what you want. However, the challenging aspects to Mercury and Venus are a caution to clarify your desires and pull back a little on the power plays. 


Aspects to Mercury in your communication sector suggest volatile arguments, statements or verbal explosions will be driven by hidden anger and power plays. Unexamined motivations will be potent, so pay attention to what’s behind the words. Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus can signal a radical decision, discovery or final-straw outburst. Mercury’s move into your domestic sector indicates that the clarity you gain will be applied to home and family matters. Too, issues from the past may be examined in a new light. 

Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression can encourage flirtations, fantasies, intense creativity or unwise risks. This energy can go many ways - the choice is yours. Be wary of excessive spending, celebrating or getting caught up in a fantasy that costs you. You can use any feelings of restlessness, passion or longing to fuel creative work or alert you to what you’ve been avoiding/denying. 

Aspects to the Sun in your domestic sector suggests a culmination involving career, future goals or your professional image. A shift in perspective regarding these issues, or a more intensive focus on one area, can deliver positive results. A promotion, new job or change in goals will be powered up by a less obvious but potent drive to make it happen. There can be a dream-come-true vibe to this, as you finally align yourself with an ultimate goal. However, much depends on how you handle the challenging aspects to Mercury and Venus - unconscious motivations and conscious expectations can undermine or empower you, depending on your awareness and proper focus. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of personal resources can trigger volatile discussions/decisions that impact your earned money, values or self-esteem. You may be on the defensive and feel like you need to verbally hit back or make demands. Public or social challenges can also motivate you to put yourself first. Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus indicates a surprising conclusion/reveal about money or security, and the force of this revelation can open your eyes to entirely new facts, as Mercury enters your communication sector. This is not the end of the story- you’re starting a whole new chapter. 

Aspects to Venus (including the square to Neptune in your sign) in your domestic sector suggest confusion around home and family (including relocation, buying/selling your home or domestic relationships). There may be hopeful illusions, unsatisfied expectations and a touch of paranoia/suspicion. Issues from the past, or current domestic habits, will make it difficult to see things clearly. 

Aspects to the Sun in your communication sector can bring a favourable announcement/decision with social support. Your words can have significant public impact. Or, you could learn something valuable that has significant long-range impact. Much depends on how you navigate the challenging aspects to Mercury and Venus. It will be easy to  lose focus - remember what your original goal was. 

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I'm Nadia Gilchrist. I've been using astrology and tarot as powerful tools for over 19 years, and launched Ruby Slipper Astrology in 2010. My readings are focused on non-judgemental, practical truth. I deliver these truths with empathy and observations about how  you can improve (if you want to). I believe that past lives and spirituality are valid, but not much use if you can't apply them to your daily life. So this is what I do - bring transcendent concepts down to earth. I want to show you how astrology and tarot can work for you in the real world, because that's where you live.
I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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