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Horoscopes for October 21st, 2018 to October 28th, 2018

Horoscopes for October 21st, 2018 to October 28th, 2018


The October 24th Full Moon in Taurus (conjunct Uranus Rx) is really a kick off for the Sun’s Scorpio ingress (October 23rd) which is also when it opposes Uranus Rx. Scorpio season will be defined by this Full Moon and Uranus - shocks and clarity that pierce Scorpio’s depths.

Here’s an excerpt from my post on the Full Moon:

“Uranus always brings a surprise or liberation, although it may be less so with a Full Moon because this is a result…Moon/Uranus opposes Venus Rx in Scorpio (which conjoins the Sun) and Venus rules this Moon. So the surprise will involve relationships, money or values…

Venus in Scorpio has already opposed Uranus once (September 12th, 2018) and now she’s Rx and doing it again. (although technically her second opposition won’t be exact until October 31st). So this really is a repeat…

…this Full Moon/Venus/Uranus will square the South Node in Aquarius and North Node in Leo. A square to the Nodes means this is a pivotal issue. Again, you’ve been here before and had an opportunity to turn this corner. Venus previously squared the Nodes on September 16th, and while her next, exact square square won’t be until October 30th the energy is still part of this Full Moon. Something you wanted/loved either kept you from moving forward or you needed to manifest it so you could move forward.”

Saturn in Capricorn trines this Full Moon, so any surprises can be integrated if you stick to the plan and focus on your responsibilities. Stay calm and be deliberate.

Sun/Venus Conjunction

On October 26th, the Sun/Venus Rx union will perfect with an inferior conjunction. In the Sun/Venus cycle, this is a “New Moon” influence : a beginning. It suggests a point of illumination during Venus’ Rx - clarity about what the reviews, delays or intensified experiences are telling you. Since this conjunction is part of the Full Moon, the ending/culmination will contain a beginning.


The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources illuminates a turning point regarding earned money, self-sufficiency and personal values. A break for freedom, or an enforced ending regarding a source of income or intimate relationship, can rattle your security but also give you a chance to realize a new way of keeping yourself secure. This will involve stepping away from identifying with public opinion and embracing an approach that enhances pride in yourself. Refer back to September for hints about this issue.

The trine from Saturn in your career sector suggests that these changes may be part of new job responsibilities or a new approach to authority, status or success. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your sector of shared resources indicates that closer investigation/reviews of shared finances or an intimacy matter can trigger a powerful new beginning involving trust, deep self-knowledge or the discovery of hidden resources. There may be more value in the above developments (even if an ending is featured) than you realized. 


The Full Moon in your sign conjunct Uranus Rx suggests a startling result that also signals a new chapter in your relationship, public identity or lifestyle. As you break away from what was and redefine yourself, you’ll also be looking at how you can move towards a happier home life  - a domestic relationship may be key. Part of this may involve stepping away from old approaches to career and success. Refer back to September for hints about this issue.

The trine from Saturn in your opportunities sector can solidify this change with gradual and manageable expansion into new territory. Travel, relocation, education, legal matters or publishing may be featured. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your partnership sector indicates a point of clarity regarding a relationship from the past or an existing union. Your partner’s values and approach to love will be reviewed and you’ll see how it truly aligns with what you value. 


The Full Moon in your hidden sector can illuminate a hidden issue involving work, routine or health. The reveal may come as a surprise, even though there have been hints about this since September. You may be challenged to put something into words, make it real or take responsibility for an ideal (put your money where your mouth is). There may be a desire to escape or avoid, but this result is all about illuminating what’s hidden. 

The trine from Saturn in your sector of shared resources can anchor what’s vague, undefined or unknown if you pay attention to shared boundaries and shared resources. Too, a hidden fear or taboo could be confronted. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your sector of routine suggests a new beginning involving health, work, a co-worker relationship or self-care. Going back over an issue to correct or refine can reveal some positive solutions or assistance, as well as an enhanced approach to looking after yourself. 


The Full Moon in your social sector can bring an abrupt result with friends, your public image or a group association. A truth could be revealed publicly, or you may decide to break away from a group/your social circle. These events began brewing last month. This will involve your self-esteem, financial independence and ability to create/celebrate yourself. You may be breaking away from an unhealthy association.

The trine from Saturn in your partnership sector suggests this can also involve the solidification of a relationship goal or commitment. One person in particular may be supportive, or your public changes may involve emerging goals in a partnership. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your sector of self-expression hi-lights a new beginning involving an attraction, creative work, children or area of pride/talent. Giving something a second shot or looking more closely at what you want can actually manifest a desired objective.


The Full Moon in your career sector can bring abrupt results or dramatic changes regarding future goals, your current career or your expression of authority. Issues that have been building since last month will come to a head, and the square to the Nodes (including the North Node in your sign) suggests this is about you developing a home life that’s authentic and reflects what you truly want. Changes in your professional life will support or undermine this, depending on how you play it. This could also involve a break for freedom from a relationship or old relationship habit (a partner could be the one who triggers this change). 

Despite the changes, the trine from Saturn in your sector of routine suggests you can gradually incorporate new events into your daily life or work habits if you stick with a focused routine, or continue to honour your responsibilities. Changes at work can be taken one step at a time. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your domestic sector indicates a return to a family issue (perhaps from deep in the past) or a revision of domestic goals can trigger a new chapter at home. Watch for clarity and satisfaction regarding what you really want on the most personal level. This can involve a relocation, home business or remodelling.  


The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities can indicate a risky result or jump into the unknown, regarding travel, education, legal matters or publishing. An opportunity that’s been building since last month may reach a “now or never” point, or you may be pushed to declare or move forward. This will involve identifying what previously seemed like an impossible dream, but is actually part of your ultimate goal. Use this energy to permanently break away from unproductive or undermining health/work habits. 

The trine from Saturn in your sector of self-expression can add some stability in the form of focus on what’s most precious to you. A creative project, push for appreciation or development of your talents requires consistency and commitment. These things can support you as you move forward. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your in communication sector hi-lights a crucial review, question or return to a past conversation. Looking back, reconnecting with someone special or asking again can reveal promising news, while helping you put into words what’s most essential for you. This could be the moment you declare your feelings or intentions.  


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources can reveal a surprising source of money, intimacy or passion. You may feel more strongly about someone than you realized. Or, you may have access to more resources. Too, debts or a dramatic shift in a relationship can hit suddenly, although in reality events have been building since last month. The opportunity here is to gain some perspective on an intensely consuming issue. You may feel swept along by events with little control over the outcome, but this can encourage you to look at where you fit in with the bigger picture (especially in the public realm). 

The trine from Saturn in your domestic sector suggests that part of the above will involve increasing responsibilities at home. Domestic finances or issues with family can be areas of slow, steady change if you’re willing to actually make the changes. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your sector of personal resources can illuminate a lucrative opportunity, on a financial or emotional level. However, this will involve your close attention what lies beneath the surface of what you want. Self-sufficiency and self-esteem will be key themes, and there can be a new beginning that boosts your confidence and sense of worthiness. However, much depends on your ability to step away from old habits or areas of self-undoing. 


The Full Moon in your partnership sector can bring an abrupt turning point or result in a relationship. Your partner’s desire for freedom, or a dramatic change in their life, may be an issue. Too, this Moon could signal the beginning of a surprising new relationship. Events from last month have led up to this moment, which will also involve a huge step away from the past/tradition and a new goal/career/official status for you. What’s driving the change may involve a struggle to leave behind old habits or family issues. 

The trine from Saturn in your communication sector suggests that despite the potentially disruptive changes, a commitment or firm, mutual understanding will be involved. Focus on what’s most important to you, and make sure you stick to the verbal rules/guidelines. There’s no room for waffling or vague promises. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your sign suggests you can benefit greatly from a second look or deeper look at a relationship, self-esteem, career or self-image issue. There’s an opportunity to start a bold new chapter that emphasizes your talents while boosting your confidence and career potential. The key will be knowing exactly what you want and being honest about it. Even if there is an ending, know that it may be an essential part of opening this lucrative door. 


The Full Moon in your sector of routine illuminates a major change regarding health, daily routine or work methods. Building since last month, this result or ending will be about freeing you from what’s unhealthy, or making a radical correction/improvement. Your ultimate goal is to move beyond what you already know and think bigger or step outside your comfort zone. Too, this could be about going public with some information. However, first you have to shake things up in your immediate environment.

The trine from Saturn in your sector of personal resources suggests this will also involve increased responsibilities around money or self-esteem- there may be more work to do, or more discipline is needed. But you can get positive results if you make the necessary changes (which will involve accepting a certain reality). 

Sun/Venus Rx in your hidden sector can reveal the truth about a desire, attraction or dream- watch for a moment of profound intuition or a deep, quiet sense of knowing that you’re on the right track. This may involve an ending or release, but the payoff can open a door to something sweeter. 


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression can deliver a surprising win, sweet result or exciting conclusion. Creative work, new romance, children, public appreciation or a celebration are favoured, and ultimately you’re looking at moving forward towards a place of deeper intimacy, trust or sharing. However, before you can do this you’ll need to accept what this Moon offers  - there may be a risk, or even an abrupt departure from what you expected. Perhaps you need to step up and go public. Look to the previous month (September) to see how this all began. 

The trine to Saturn in your sign suggests that despite any risks or disruption, you’ve got this under control. Your focus, rules and determination can make this a reality, because you know what you have to do, and you’re prepared to make it work. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your social sector presents a new chapter involving a friendship, your group relationships or public image. A return to a previous connection (romantic or platonic) or a revision of social contacts/public goals can open up something more lucrative and intense, on a social or financial level. Don’t be afraid to give your total commitment to this one. 


The Full Moon in your domestic sector triggers a break with the past and with tradition. Events began building last month, and now you’ll see results involving a relocation, family issue or major change in your domestic environment. The square to the South Node in your sign and North Node in your partnership sector indicates that this is a major turning point in your life - it’s about stepping away from who you used to be and moving towards a place of increased balance, reflection and one-on-one connections (this applies whether you’re single or involved). A relationship will move in the direction it’s meant to go - what was can longer be sustained. 

The trine from Saturn in your hidden sector indicates background stability, a secret/unspoken commitment or knowledge that you are indeed saying goodbye to a major piece of your history. Just let it go. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your career sector can pay excellent dividends if you’ve been reviewing career goals, your professional image or a professional relationship. This could be a second chance at success, or an illuminating moment with management. Too, your eyes could be opened to certain professional opportunities that only appeared when you looked deeper or reconsidered what you really wanted. 


The Full Moon in your communication sector can deliver a surprising or clarifying answer. Too, it can push you to lay it on the line and expose the truth. This has been building since last month, and could be a turning point regarding a secret or obscured issue that is now being made real. This is about putting it into words, manifesting an ideal or confronting what you’ve been denying. 

The trine from Saturn in your social sector can enable public support or give your words authority. At the same time, there will be certain public rules that you have to abide by if you want others to listen. 

Sun/Venus Rx in your opportunities sector suggests a review or delay involving travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing or ideals can work in your favour. This is about taking it further, taking a risk or reconsidering a risk. A new chapter beckons, even if you have to shift your initial route. 

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I'm Nadia Gilchrist. I've been using astrology and tarot as powerful tools for over 19 years, and launched Ruby Slipper Astrology in 2010. My readings are focused on non-judgemental, practical truth. I deliver these truths with empathy and observations about how  you can improve (if you want to). I believe that past lives and spirituality are valid, but not much use if you can't apply them to your daily life. So this is what I do - bring transcendent concepts down to earth. I want to show you how astrology and tarot can work for you in the real world, because that's where you live.
I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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