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Horoscopes for October 28th, 2018 to November 4th, 2018

Horoscopes for October 28th, 2018 to November 4th, 2018



October 29th sees Mercury in Scorpio conjoin Jupiter, resulting in deep but expansive ideas, conversations or wisdom. Details (Mercury) align with the bigger picture/ideals for a profound shot of knowledge. Mercury trines Chiron Rx in Pisces on October 29th and Jupiter does the same on November 1st, extending the benefits to include healing and empathy. What you learn or say can help you deal with a wound or vulnerability that you’re revisiting - you may discover a solution or gain valuable perspective that allows you to see past what hurts. 

As Mercury enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and trines the Leo North Node on October 31st, watch for a chance to run with whatever emerged on October 29th. You can take that idea/conversation/discovery further and use it to enable your future path. The energy here is bold, optimistic and full of life. Just be aware that Mercury will station Rx in Sag on November 16th, so these developments won’t be a straight shot - there will be delays and reviews. 

Venus Rx

Venus Rx in Scorpio squares the Nodes (October 30th) and opposes Uranus Rx (October 31st). Carrying forward events from the October 24th Full Moon, these influences can present an abrupt result or turning point that features liberation as an outcome of reevaluation or investigation.

The issue that’s under review (money, relationships, values) will bring you to an important crossroads - the Uranus-ruled South Node is the past that you’re stepping away from, and the Leo North Node is the future. Ideally you want to move towards the future but there may be tension around Venus issues. You could be reluctant to let go or acknowledge the truth about the new values that are in front of you. Ultimately, you want to choose whatever increases your pride or enables your place at the centre of a situation. This is no longer about being on the fringe (you can’t remain detached). 

As Venus Rx re-enters Libra (also on October 31st) the above turning point and shock of clarity will compel you to step back and review surface issues, especially one-on-one exchanges of energy or projection. Venus Rx in Libra looks beneath the polite facade or returns to a harmonious exchange in order to see what’s really going on. At the same time, an imbalance can be corrected.


Mercury/Jupiter in your sector of shared resources, trine Chiron Rx, can open up a deep pool of secrets and healing. What you learn, discuss or research will be quite private, but the resulting knowledge will be priceless. Shared finances, intimacy or buried psychological issues are areas where you can uncover more that will benefit you.

As Mercury enters your sector of opportunities and trines the North Node, hidden or intimate knowledge can be carried forward and applied in a way that allows you full self-expression. Travel, education, legal matters, ideals or publishing are areas where you can express new ideas, gain a wider audience or show off what you’ve been developing. Don’t be afraid to take what you’ve learned and go further.

Aspects to Venus Rx in your sector of shared resources can accelerate a result or ending involving finances, a relationship or your values. A break with old security habits, a new source of income or approach to intimacy can wake you up to your full potential (what you really want to do/express) while clarifying the intimate dynamics between you and another. This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon.

As Venus Rx returns to your partnership sector, the above developments will trigger a rebalancing between you and another. A re-evaluation of your relationship, or of your approach to partnership in general, will involve a closer look at what you give and receive.


Mercury/Jupiter in your partnership sector, trine Chiron Rx, suggests a profoundly positive and healing conversation between you and another. Being open to new, future plans and mutual goals can enable a deeper connection, and the reveal of some hidden issues can be quite positive. A business partnership can flourish via empathetic connections with the public. 

As Mercury enters your sector of shared resources and trines the North Node, watch for an expanded perspective on shared finances, home finances, intimacy or background motivations. You could gain access to new ideas and deeper truths that inspire you to develop something personal and precious. Discussions about renting, purchasing a new home or adding to your family can progress.

Aspects to Venus Rx in your relationship sector (including the opposition to Uranus Rx in your sign) signal a key moment regarding future goals in the context of professional versus home life. Where a partnership will go from here could be an issue, and you may find yourself pushed outside your comfort zone. Or, if you’re on board with the unavoidable change, you may be the one who shakes things up. This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon. 

Too, you could be reviewing current changes and as Venus Rx returns to your sector of health and routine, the balance in your daily life (including what you do for others) will be examined. It may be time to revise a health or work issue, especially regarding your efforts to help, serve or attend to obligations. A correction or improvement can emerge. 


Mercury/Jupiter in your sector of routine, trine Chiron Rx, can reveal a major improvement or opportunity regarding work or health. Addressing the deeper dynamics of work methods, health issues or your daily routines can provide a solution to an ongoing frustration regarding career goals, future plans or dealings with management. Watch for a breakthrough regarding a project as your methodologies are viewed favourably. 

As Mercury enters your partnership sector and trines the North Node, one-on-one communication is where it’s at. Discussions in a romantic or business relationship can flourish as future goals look optimistic and your talents/hopes are supported. Now is the time to initiate that discussion. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your sector of routine can reveal a surprising spot of assistance or benefits regarding work or health. Much of this will involve your willingness to put something into words, make your ideas public or get specific about what you need. An unexpected loophole may present some seemingly difficult choices, but really there’s only one way forward. This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon. 

As Venus Rx re-enters your sector of self-expression, the above developments will push you to re-evaluate what’s desired, precious or longed for. A creative goal, new attraction or opportunity to be fully appreciated for your talents is here, but some adjustments will have to be made to the current situation. In some cases, you may get a second shot at what you really want. 


Mercury/Jupiter in your sector of self-expression, trine Chiron Rx, can indicate good news about a new attraction, creative work, children or an area of pride/self-expression. This is passionate, optimistic energy that encourages you to speak out and confront an area that previously made you feel insecure. Here is a chance to venture into unknown territory, despite your doubts. 

As Mercury enters your sector of routine and trines the North Node, you can add bold solutions and improvements to the above influences. Work, health and daily routines will benefit from your integration of new ideas or optimism (and you could benefit financially as well). A new source of income could be in the works. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your sector of self-expression can trigger a surprising result around an attraction, past love or review of what you thought you wanted. How your desires line up with your deeper values (and the public response to this) may be clarified, along with the need to move towards a more confident, secure and independent approach to money and values. This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon.

As Venus Rx re-enters your domestic sector, the above influences may push you back a step or two. It may be time to review family issues, or look into the past to see how it influences your current approach to love, confidence, joy and self-worth. Parental issues (your parents, or you as parent) may be prominent. 


Mercury/Jupiter in your domestic sector, trine Chiron Rx, suggests family conversations, thoughts about the past, or information about home finances/relocation can turn out positively. Much may be revealed, and some of it may be uncomfortable, but ultimately this will give you access to a pool of healing and comfort regarding a heavy issue. 

As Mercury enters your sector of self-expression and trines the North Node in your sign, you may feel a rush of energy and optimism, as you surge ahead with new plans, a celebration or a reason to be proud. These energies encourage you to speak out or move forward with a new idea. Creativity and romance are favoured.

Aspects to Venus Rx in your domestic sector can indicate a surprising reveal or ending regarding home/family. Future goals may suddenly shift, and the square to the North Node in your sign means that the true value of what you have, or who you are in your family, will be part of this. A domestic relationship can suddenly turn a corner, or you may step forward and claim your place in the spotlight. But first, you’ll have to deal with old habits/energy/relationships from the past.  This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon.

As Venus Rx returns to your communication sector you may review a previous conversation or contact with someone from the past. You’ll be looking more closely at superficial or polite words - what’s really being said? 


Mercury/Jupiter in your communication sector, trine Chiron Rx, indicates open discussions with a partner that trigger empathy, understanding and healing. This is the time to apologize, reach out or express knowledge/understanding about a sensitive issue. 

As Mercury enters your domestic sector and trines the North Node, watch for home/family issues to move forward via knowledge of hidden or less obvious matters. Plans for the future can progress nicely with open, non-judgemental discussions - what unfolds may surprise you. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your communication sector suggests a surprising discovery, conversation or reveal about health, routine or work matters. A fresh jolt of news (which is actually not that new - it will be connected to the October 24th Full Moon) can open your eyes to perviously unknown potentials or motivate you activate an ultimate goal/dream. Now is the time to reach beyond what you thought was possible. 

As Venus Rx returns to your sector of personal resources, the above revelations will see you rebalancing matters involving earned money, self-esteem or personal values. These areas will require a second look (especially if a financial agreement is involved) or a reevaluation of what really matters to you.


Mercury/Jupiter in your sector of personal resources, trine Chiron Rx, suggest helpful realizations or discussions about money, self-esteem or personal values. What you learn/express can open some lucrative doors while addressing a frustrating or painful health/work issue. Excellent for salary discussions or expressing your primary desires. 

As Mercury enters your communication sector and trines the North Node, new social contacts and potentials can be revealed as you reach out, speak up or explore new activities. Now is the time to make a public statement or consider what someone new has to offer.

Aspects to Venus Rx in your sector of personal resources can jolt you with surprising results (or an ending) regarding money, relationships or a self-esteem issue. Events will forcefully realign your values or deliver a clarifying splash of cold water as you discover the truth about what something’s worth. This will encourage you to take a step back from  a subjective view and consider the bigger picture - the social implications, your place in the group or what you have to offer others. Events will be connected to the October 24th Full Moon. 

As Venus Rx re-enters your sign, the above events will trigger a deeper look at yourself - what you really want, how you treat yourself or whom you attract may be issues that require more consideration. You’ll be looking beneath the surface of a current situation.


Mercury/Jupiter in your sign, trine Chiron Rx, signals a bold opportunity to speak up, receive some excellent news or get it all out in the open. Open discussion (of secrets or obscured info) or the expression of new ideas can trigger a surge of confidence and beneficial developments while addressing insecurities or doubts. Too, there could be progress on a painful issue involving a child, new attraction or creative work. 

As Mercury enters your sector of personal resources and trines the North Node, watch for financial/career discussions or the development of your future goals to move in the right direction. You’re looking ahead now toward success and the development of future potentials. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your sign can trigger a release, moment of liberation or shock of realization regarding a relationship. Your core values and self-esteem have been under review, and now you’ll reap the results - watch for an about-face or sudden amputation. This will be connected to your increasing focus on career, success and future goals- what’s happening is a step away from the past (involving family history) and a necessary step towards your future success. Events will be connected to the October 24th Full Moon.

As Venus Rx re-enters your hidden sector, the above events may cause you to retreat for a time of rest or closer examination of what has not (until now) been completely clear. You may be compelled to look again at what lies in the background of a current situation. 


Mercury/Jupiter in your hidden sector, trine Chiron Rx, suggest the reveal of a family secret or personal revelation that gives you access to the healing of a past wound. Private discussions or behind-the scenes news (with an optimistic edge)can expand certain situations, but this can be for the best. Watch for greater insight of what was previously obscured. 

As Mercury enters your sign and trines the North Node, you can put the unknown into words or speak publicly about what was hidden. This can advance your knowledge, perspective or future opportunities. Excellent for expanding on an intuitive idea, but remember that Mercury will station Rx in your sign on November 16th, so be prepared for some reviews, delays and questions. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your hidden sector can abruptly clarify what you’ve been avoiding or denying, while urging you to take an idea/conversation further. Now is not the time to hold back or keep silent. Travel, education, legal matters, publishing or ideals are areas that beckon. This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon.

As Venus Rx re-enters your social sector, the public expression of what was hidden can trigger a re-evaluation of a friendship, group association or your public image. Issues will involve a hidden part of you emerging and the resulting adjustment of any imbalances between you and others.


Mercury/Jupiter in your social sector, trine Chiron Rx, suggest a beneficial conversation or contact with a new/existing friend or group. The public is where it’s at for you, and discussions can be full of empathy, forgiveness and healing , allowing you to make important connections. Excellent for sharing what you know, getting support or touching others in a deep but optimistic way. 

As Mercury enters your hidden sector and trines the North Node, watch for secrets, instinctive knowledge or private discussions to clue you into the benefits of sharing/trusting. You can go deeper with someone or gain private knowledge about financial issues. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your social sector can trigger an unexpected ending/result involving a friendship, group activity or your public image. Attention can arrive in surprising ways, or there could be surprising result regarding an attraction. The purpose is to compel you to consider the benefits of sharing, trusting or considering certain truths about an intimate relationship. This will be part of events from the October 24th Full Moon.

As Venus Rx re-enters your career sector, the above events will see you re-evaluating future goals, your definition of success, work/life balance or your professional relationships. An imbalance regarding authority may also be addressed.


Mercury/Jupiter in your career sector, trine Chiron Rx, can reveal hopeful discussions with management or a realization about future goals that addresses financial worries. Watch for a solution, future opportunity or deeper wisdom that helps things fall into place and bolsters your security. 

As Mercury enters your social sector and trines the North Node, all relationship conversations can flourish. Group discussions, discussions with a friend or public announcements can open up future developments in one-on-one capacity. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your career sector can deliver a blast of clarity regarding career goals, a professional relationship or your professional image. A result or turning point will be connected to the October 24th Full Moon, and the square to the South Node in your sign suggests this is part of your step towards a more balanced, harmonious connection with others. As you leave behind old habits and familial identifications of who you were, consider viewing yourself in a new light regarding how you to relate to others. A new or existing relationship can advance.

As Venus Rx returns to you opportunities sector, the above events will urge you to take a second look at travel, education, legal or publishing issues. A new opportunity (or long-distance romance) may have more juice in it. Or, you may need to reconsider how this opportunity aligns with your future goals. 


Mercury/Jupiter in your opportunities sector, trine Chiron Rx in your sign, suggests information/announcements/discussions involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing can move in a positive direction. Looking further, expecting more or opening your mind to new developments can address a long-standing vulnerability or wound. A solution to what hurts may finally be available. 

As Mercury enters your career sector and trines the North Node, watch for positive developments at work, with a new job opportunity or in discussions with management. New ideas/conversations will support the manifestation of healthy habits, routines or effective approaches to daily work. 

Aspects to Venus Rx in your opportunities sector can trigger exciting changes or reveal a surprising risk/benefit. Reevaluating a relationship, education, travel or legal issue can reveal more, better or the need for a complete reversal. At the same time, you’ll be urged to consider how you can ground yourself in your current reality or manifest a dream/ultimate goal. Events will be connected to the October 24th Full Moon. 

As Venus Rx returns to your sector of shared resources, the above events will trigger an intensive reevaluation of shared finances or intimacy matters. You may be addressing imbalances between you and another, or imbalances around what you have versus what you owe. 

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
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