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Horoscopes for October 7th, 2018 to October 14th, 2018

Horoscopes for October 7th, 2018 to October 14th, 2018


New Moon in Libra

The October 8th Libra New Moon conjoins Ceres and squares Pluto, hi-lighting the Ceres/Pluto myth. As I wrote in this post:

“Pluto (King of the Underworld) took Ceres’ daughter and as she mourned the crops withered. They made a deal and he allowed her daughter to spend part of the year with her (during which time the crops grew). 

Ceres is about the cycle of nurturing and loss - a square to Pluto is the crisis of loss (the threat of loss). So this new beginning will undoubtedly be intense, because it will involve an amplified desire to hang onto someone/something, due to the real or perceived threat of loss. In Libra, we see a distinct imbalance - one person does all the nurturing. This could be due to a partner’s illness (the imbalance cannot be avoided) or obsessive smothering of a desired object. Ceres square Pluto is the devouring Great Mother whose power lies in her ability to feed and starve. At the root of her power is her fear of losing what she loves. 

These dynamics can play out in different ways. Because Libra is involved, there’s always projection to consider. Who really has the power? Under these aspects, the person who feels compelled to offer care may have an agenda.”

Another theme with this Moon is “agreement” as in the agreement Ceres made with Pluto (the agreement between you and another may be explicit or implicit). In Libra, there may be an imbalanced exchange. An inconjunct between this Moon and Neptune Rx in Pisces can make some of the specifics of this agreement misleading.

Mercury into Scorpio

October 9th brings Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio, applying to an opposition with Uranus Rx on October 10th. Mercury in Scorpio is about deep truths but also secrets and obscured information. The opposition will deliver a surprising truth that comes up from below- a flash of light into the shadows.

Note that Mercury’s Rx (beginning November 16th in Sagittarius) will see it reactivating the last few degrees of Scorpio.

Venus Rx

October 10th also sees a square between Venus Rx in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius. There’s powerful motivation to attain a desire. Or, an intense pursuit. Venus’ Rx status suggests deeper explorations of love/values (or a return to a past love) will lead to this, but the square is a discordant aspect - actions don’t line up with what’s wanted. Something can be achieved if care is taken, but pushing too hard may result in disappointment. Know that Venus Rx means the process is ongoing- things can change once Venus stations direct.


The New Moon in your relationship sector can signal the start of an intense new partnership or new chapter in an existing partnership. Possession, obsession and fear of loss will be prominent themes - how far are you willing to go for this relationship? One person will definitely have the upper hand, and they might use their ability to nurture as a form of dominance. If you’ve attracted someone like this, consider if you’re projecting any parental issues. In some cases, a new beginning could rise from the ashes as an old relationship dies. 

Mercury into your sector of shared resources, opposing Uranus Rx, adds some shocking news/conversations involving money or intimacy. A partner’s secrets may come out and you could feel quite destabilized. On the plus side, you’ll now know the truth. 

Venus Rx in your sector of shared resources squares Mars, triggering hot chemistry and/or conflicts about what you share or owe. As the ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx square Mars means you may be uncomfortably pushed to look at the underside of the relationship in question. Who really has the power? How secure do you feel in this scenario? The answers may end up being the opposite of what you expected. Watch for debts from the past to come to fruition. 


The New Moon in your sector of routine suggests a new beginning involving health or work. An area of your life is about to have the themes of care and nurturing intensified, as you’re compelled to serve, attend to necessities or look after yourself. The pressure to do it better can be intense, and issues of sacrifice or illness may be prominent. 

Mercury into your relationship sector opposes Uranus Rx in your sign, signalling an abrupt turning-point conversation. This could be an answer or discussion that triggers a result and what’s said will reflect the major transformations that have begun in your life. 

Venus Rx in your partnership sector square Mars suggests power struggles as you attempt to exert your will. In a personal or professional relationship, you may be concerned with dominating the other person. Too, you could reconnect with someone who triggers your ambitions or desire to move forward. As the ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx square Mars will hi-light the imbalance between you and another. This could be about what you do for them (and resulting anger if you’re not appreciated) or changes that they’re triggering in your immediate environment. On the plus side, you can be motivated to reach for more or make radical changes to your lifestyle. A work issue is emphasized (even if this is a personal relationship). 


The New Moon in your sector of self-expression can suggest emerging tension involving children, a romantic attraction or creative work. Your efforts to create, nurture or gain attention will be driven by deeper motivations -hidden insecurities or possessiveness will amplify your efforts. There’s potential for something favourable to develop, but stay aware of what you can’t control - certain situations cannot be forced. 

Mercury in your sector of routine opposite Uranus Rx can provide a sudden shock or point of clarity regarding health or work. This could be an unexpected solution or the reveal of an error, and you may have to think on your feet.  

Venus Rx in your sector of routine square Mars urges you to look more deeply at health/work issues and try something new. Intensified efforts or an overhaul of service, work routines or self-care may be in order, as you reconsider what’s working/not working on a daily basis. As ruler of the New Moon, Venus Rx/Mars can imply increased motivation to activate this new beginning - watch for a surge of energy to improve, make it happen or to care for someone,  but remember that you only have so much control. Pushing harder won’t deliver desired results. 


The New Moon in your domestic sector can stir up parental issues, old fears of loss rooted in childhood or a difficult transformation at home. Changes in a partner’s life, or changes in your approach to partnership, can open a door to new possibilities while also increasing your anxiety about change and resulting insecurities. This new domestic chapter asks that you accept your current place in a much larger cycle that extends deep into your past. This is chance to leave behind old habits if you’re ready to make some changes. 

Mercury in your sector of self-expression opposite Uranus Rx can deliver surprising news involving children, a new romance or creative/expressive work. Too, you may decide it’s time to speak up and lay some truths down - you words will grab attention. 

Venus Rx in your sector of self-expression, square Mars, will amplify your attraction or drive for love/appreciation. This can be a magnetic influence (you attract lots of attention) as hidden drives push you to act out (with favourable results). But you can also overdo it regarding spending, celebrating or demonstrating your love for someone. Consider the line between enough and too much. Having said this, Venus Rx as ruler of the New Moon can intensify moments of domestic sweetness/joy or deeper cravings. You can have fun with this one as long as you keep yourself in check. 


The New Moon in your communication sector can illuminate a powerful, persuasive agreement that has undertones of sacrifice. A loss may have to be accepted as part of this deal, or there may be some challenging developments involving work, health or daily routine that must be considered. Care for another, or your attempts to offer support will be shadowed by deeper demands. 

Mercury in your domestic sector opposite Uranus Rx suggests a result or answer involving family news, a relocation or information from the past. What you learn or communicate will be disruptive but clarifying - a change in career or official status may be featured. 

Venus Rx in your domestic sector square Mars suggests edgy issues with a domestic partner, or an imbalance involving what you (or your family) want versus someone else’s actions. You may feel pushed or pressured, and with Venus as ruler of this New Moon, this may play out in an unbalanced agreement. Be careful what you agree to (especially if you’re signing a contract) and use caution if you’re the one attempting to manipulate. 


The New Moon in your sector of personal resources suggests a financial or emotional agreement with compulsive undertones of insecurity, plus an amplified desire to get more attention or satisfaction. New developments can be compelling, and a new source of income could be quite lucrative. However, be wary of the tendency to put all your eggs in this basket - this does not have to be an all or nothing scenario, especially if you’re driven by the fear of not having enough. 

Mercury in your communication sector opposite Uranus Rx can deliver a surprising result or answer that comes with a blast of clarity. You may be shocked by what you learn, but you’ll also see all the facts laid bare. Too, you could be the one delivering the blast as you decide that you can’t hold back any more. 

Venus Rx in your in your communication square Mars suggests you could be motivated to ask again, or give a flirtation/promotion/creative work another shot. You may be pushing to make it better or make your words more appealing. Too, second thoughts or delays could trigger your initiative. Just remember that you can only “fix” so much - some situations will ripen or improve at their own pace. As ruler of the New Moon, Venus Rx suggests this motivation will have a distinctly personal feel - this could be all about what you want, even if you’re trying to help someone else. 


The New Moon in your sign suggests new developments with home or family that trigger challenging parental issues. Control through nurturing, loss or old memories of insecurities/traumas may be stirred up by these developments. At the same time, you’re being presented with a powerful opportunity for a rebirth and chance to finally come to terms with a past issue. There could be a permanent transformation that results in a whole new you, complete with a new approach to self-care/self-parenting. 

Mercury in your sector of personal resources (opposite Uranus) can deliver some disruptive but clarifying news about what you really have regarding a financial or emotional situation. The surprise could be related to debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or an intimate situation. Too, a deep reveal or jolt of clarity can put necessities in a whole new perspective. 

Venus Rx in your sector of personal resources square Mars suggests a powerful urge to get something that you feel is essential. There may be a second shot at a source of income or emotional satisfaction. Or, you may decide to dig in and push harder for what you’re entitled to. In some cases, your efforts can attract what you want, or someone may insist on pursuing you. Know that this is discordant energy, so what you get may not exactly line up with what you were hoping for. As ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx asks that you carefully consider your true value - make sure you’re not making compromises that undermine you. 


The New Moon in your hidden sector suggests secret developments that urge you to let go. There is something that you have minimal or no control over, and while a new cycle is here it will require a sacrifice. Intuition and selfless nurturing may be themes.

Mercury into your sign, opposite Uranus Rx, can signal a surprising conversation or discovery involving a partner or competitor. You may be pushed to respond more quickly than you wanted to, or you may reach your limit and deliver a final answer (with abrupt consequences).

Venus Rx in your sign, square Mars, will motivate you to look more deeply at who you are in the context of home and family developments. Relocation, home renovations or conflict with/efforts by a family member can add pressure but also initiative to be honest about your current domestic situation. In some cases, you may be trying for a desired outcome but end up pushing too hard to get what you want - consider what lies beneath the surface of your domestic environment. As ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx asks you to consider what’s really going on behind the scenes, including something that you may not have admitted to yourself. 


The New Moon in your social sector indicates new developments with friends, your connection to the group or your connection to the public. A new potential may be growing but there will be an undercurrent of insecurity and fear of loss. Public agreements may demand more from you than you’re willing to give (or give up) - a change in financial status or personal values can uncover a new side to your public identity. 

Mercury into your hidden sector, opposing Uranus Rx, suggests a disruptive truth that cuts deep. Issues involving health, work or daily routine will be clarified - it’s time to take a look at what you’ve been hiding, denying or holding back. In some cases, a solution/fix can pop up unexpectedly. 

Venus Rx in your hidden sector, square Mars, suggests assertive words or bold ideas can reveal hidden truths about what you really want. You may not be openly admitting it, or you may push too hard or feel pushed by someone’s challenge to reveal what’s still undecided. As ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx indicates deeper truths behind the facade of a public issue. 


The New Moon in your career sector, square Pluto in your sign, suggests a new career or future opportunity will be driven by your desire for power, control or change. The door that is opening can reveal serious potential, but pay attention to any unbalanced comprises you make with those in authority. In some cases, your authority may be on the line. 

Mercury in your social sector, opposite Uranus Rx, indicates a bold public statement or surprising reveal involving friends/groups. Controversial statements may be the order of the day, along with innovative announcements or ideas. 

Venus Rx in your social sector can bring an attraction from the past, old friend or significant person into your orbit. The square to Mars suggests hot chemistry or exciting possibilities, but make sure you don’t demand too much in an effort to ensure your security. There may be a lucrative creative or financial opportunity, and Venus Rx as ruler of this New Moon suggests you’ll be looking more deeply at public ambitions, status and social connections (who can help you and how you can benefit). 


The New Moon in your opportunities sector asks that you step forward into uncharted territory - something untried/unfamiliar is growing (involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing). But you’ll also be dealing with hidden but unavoidable issues of loss and endings. What are you prepared to let go of in order to move forward?

Mercury into your career sector, opposite Uranus Rx, can deliver a clear but surprising answer regarding a job, your future goals or your dealings with someone in authority. Changes at home (or a step away from the past) will put your future in a brand new perspective. You may decide to abruptly change your course. 

Venus Rx in your career sector, square Mars in your sign, suggests your efforts to succeed, move ahead or realize your ambitions will involve a reevaluation of what makes you happy. Too, there could be a second shot at a job or professional relationship. Keep in mind that your actions will be at odds with what you want, so proceed carefully. As ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx can reveal more about future potentials and what you’re willing to risk. 


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources suggests an emerging situation involving finances or intimacy where you’re challenged to let go of what you cannot control. Someone else may call the shots, or you may be expected to give/agree to more than you’re comfortable with. At the same time, don’t allow external pressure to push you into a position where you feel unsafe. The Moon’s inconjunct to Neptune Rx in your sign can blur boundaries and make it confusing regarding what’s yours and theirs. proceed carefully. 

Mercury into your opportunities sector, opposite Uranus Rx, suggests a bold, risky answer or piece of news. Information involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing may catch you off guard, but this is a result of larger changes (liberations) that are occurring regarding what you know. 

Venus Rx in your sector of opportunities can reconnect you with a long-distance romance or see you looking more closely at a new and desirable development. The square to Mars suggests hidden or unacknowledged impulses will propel you further, perhaps into an area you didn’t anticipate. Stay aware of the risks - play it smart. As ruler of this New Moon, Venus Rx asks you to examine the bigger picture regarding a deeply personal or secret scenario. 

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
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