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It's Gemini Season - What's New?

gemini season

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. Momentum should increase, but it won't be a straight shot. Gemini offers new wrinkles for every fact, and facts multiply.

It's time to consider what else is out there. 

For every point, there is a counterpoint. For every answer there is a "what if." Nothing is black and white, which is helpful if you're trying to suss out new angles. Gemini urges you to consider why X might have happened. There's always a reason - probably more than one. Ask questions, and look at all the choices before you select. 

The downside to Gemini is scattered focus and a surface scrape of the facts. Depth is sacrificed for speed, quantity and wit. But there's a time for intensive digging, and Gemini season is not that time. In order to see/learn as much as you can, you need to pick up the pace and stay flexible. 

As ruler of the transiting North Node in Leo, the Sun in Gemini encourages you ask or advertise. Promote yourself, discuss your talents. Or, check out something new to revive your love of life, and love of self. 

Mars is currently in Gemini (until June 4th) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) will enter this sign on June 6th. The Gemini area of your chart will be quite active from May 20th to June 20th, so take note of new ideas, quick conversations or alternatives to what you already know. Gemini's gifts are delivered at light speed, with brief snippets of information that can lead to more, later on. 

Here are the aspects the Sun in Gemini will make:

  • May 25th: New Moon in Gemini (4 deg)
  • May 30th: Sun sextile Vesta in Leo (9 deg)
  • Jun 2nd: Sun opposite Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius (12 deg)
  • Jun 3rd: Sun trine Jupiter Rx in Libra (13 deg)
  • Jun 4th: Sun square Neptune in Pisces (14 deg)
  • Jun 5th: Sun conjunct Ceres (15 deg)
  • Jun 6th: Sun inconjunct Juno Rx in Capricorn (16 deg)
  • Jun 9th: Sun inconjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn (18 deg)
  • Jun 9th: Full Moon in Sagittarius (18 deg)
  • Jun 15th: Sun opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (24 deg)
  • Jun 16th: Sun trine the South Node in Aquarius (26 deg)
  • Jun 18th: Sun sextile Uranus in Aries (27 deg)
  • Jun 18th: Sun sextile Pallas in Aries (27 deg)
  • Jun 19th: Sun square Chiron in Pisces (28 deg)
  • Jun 21st: Sun enters Cancer

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