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July 2017 Forecasts

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Happy Canada Day; Happy USA Independence Day!

July Overview:

We are still working our way through a major reset regarding relationships, money, and manifesting. Venus in Taurus opens the month at a critical pivot point with the Leo/Aquarius karmic axis. Here in British Columbia it has amounted to a non-confidence vote for the government elected only 7 weeks ago (on the exact day the nodal axis switched to Leo/Aquarius). Canada’s 150th birthday is also subjected to this pivotal transit (indigenous activists are beating their drums as the festivities get underway). Also receiving direct hits from the current transits: the USA, Donald Trump, England’s Prime Minister Teresa May, and Prince Harry to name but a few. Mars in opposition to Pluto keeps the need, conflict, security and/or control issue on full steam through the July 1,2. Sedna, a freeze it out, thaw it out, or unlock it influence, is also in the mix. You can feel these stacked transits as the necessity to take a full dive on something even though options are tricky or risky. You may not be able to go gingerly at it anymore. The current transits raise issues of surviving or thriving; of standing your ground, honouring yourself, relying on yourself more.  They are (yet another) preliminary mark-up/set-up for next month’s total solar eclipse.

Mars, continuing in Cancer to July 20, keeps home, family, safety and security matters at the forefront, at both the domestic and national levels. Getting us over the hump regarding the past few weeks, Mars in opposition to Pluto on July 1,2, sets a next stage into play while also launching a three-week sort-it-out window. Mercury/Uranus strike flint on July 4, the same day Venus treks into Gemini. Beyond a good evening to socialize or enjoy Independence Day celebrations, these mobilizing transits are good for getting talks, plans, and people moving.

Dominating the weekend of July 8, 9, the full moon in Capricorn is powered up by Pluto (by conjunction). There could be a milestone event, an anniversary to mark, or an accomplishment of note. This weekend can bring matters to an official end, completion, or goal post, while at the same time it begins the next build-it better phase. Motivation is ample supply. The full moon priority agenda is completely consumed with getting it under better control. To the plus, what is earned and deserved can fall into the category of reward, recognition or achievement. If the construction project does not have a solid base, then a harsh reality check or consequence can set in. Pluto aligned with the full moon can expose corruption, abuse of power, position or authority, hidden agendas, etc. On the other hand, the full moon could help to breakdown a wall, a barrier, or resistance.  This full moon puts the soul’s drive (Pluto), and the ego’s drive (moon) on the same page. The sun’s opposition to both Pluto and the moon is consciousness raising/sheds light on the most important elements.

Mars square Uranus jump starts the week of July 17. Venus trine Jupiter on July 18 and Mercury trine Saturn on July 19 suggest more opportunity, pleasure or profit, and good moving forward. Mars into Leo on July 20 is accompanied the sun square Uranus keeping it lively. The transits for the last two weeks of the month (the sun into Leo, July 22, the new moon, Leo July 23, Venus opposition Saturn, July 24, Sun square Mars, July 26) move on to their next creative agenda.  Theses transits hold good prospect for fruition, getting a better handle on it, reaching a goal post, and/or making the most of it (yes, ideal for vacationing, visits and summer pleasures). They are also a staging time, thanks to Mercury in Leo triggering next month’s eclipses and moving into its shadow phase before it’s next retrograde cycle which starts August 12.

July  8: Full Moon in Capricorn, 9:07 pm (17:09 Capricorn)

July  23: New Moon in Leo, 2:46 am (0:44 Leo

July  1: Chiron stations retrograde in Pisces (28:51 Pisces)

July  4: Venus into Gemini, 5;12 pm

July  6: Mercury into Leo, 5:20 pm

July  10: Ceres enters Cancer, 4:46 am

July  20: Mars into Leo, 5:20 am

July  22: Sun into Leo, 8:16 am

July  25: Mercury into Virgo, 4:41 pm

July  31: Venus into Cancer, 7:54 am

** Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local listing

Dates to watch: July 1,2, 8,9, 17 – 20, 22 – 24, 26

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

In general, July 1, 2 sets up a good weekend to socialize and enjoy. More importantly, it can move through a next turnstile with a relationship or finance matter. While there’s still further to go, still a good amount of push/pull in the mix, there’s a potential to gain good ground for yourself in some fundamental, perhaps undeniable way. Continue to put maximum attention toward the art of listening and observing. What’s the feedback? What kind of cooperation are you getting? What value are you getting out of it? What’s fair, what’s just? Expectations may need to be adjusted.

Overall, the following week puts you on the upswing. By the following full moon weekend, you can reach completion, a goal post, or end of the road. July 8, 9 can bust-up-the-concrete or cement the reality. At issue: boundaries, legal or personal rights, parenting matters, authority issues, security, professional goals or reputation, time or time management, making it official.

Mid month onward keeps you moving along. Mars is hotwired with Uranus (square) on July 16, 17; the sun squares off with Uranus on July 20. Watch for something unexpected to thrust the action switch (perhaps to do with family or home). The rest of the month holds mostly opportune stars, so hopefully, you’ll launch into something good. Mars leaves Cancer for Leo on June 20. The sun treks into the sunshine sign on July 22. Leo month is a good time to reposition self back to centre-stage. Gift yourself more, play, enjoy, create, love more.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Have you felt stuck, jammed up, or in a place of inertia? That’s about to change. It’s all in or all out time. The last week of June has been working the knots out of the system. July 1, 2, Venus in Taurus and the karmic axis position you at a choice-point threshold.  Sedna and the karmic axis set you up for a major personal breakthrough. As such, there’s great potential for a personal breakthrough and/or major reinvention. With Sedna in the mix, a partial investment/commitment simply will not cut it. Either you are feel it deep within your soul or there’s someplace else for you to be, something else for you to do. Sedna requires you to put your all into it. She also reminds you to be self honouring. Self sufficiency, self reliance, self honouring, – if you have these tools in good working order, you can do no better for yourself.  Make each moment and each undertaking count. Preserve what is most precious and look to build it better from there.

Beyond a good time to take a vacation or to attend an event or special occasion, July 8, 9 (the full moon weekend) can set the future on its course in some official way. July 16, 17 is another ideal time to shift gears and take a break. On another note, Mars square Uranus and Venus square Neptune can kick start something more or unexpected. No matter what these two aspects deliver, the following days put you on the gain.

Mars into Leo, starting July 20, and the sun’s trek into Leo on July 22, puts added emphasis on home, family, satisfaction quotients, and on making that good thing better yet.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Out of sight is not out of mind. While the first few days of July are ideal for getting away or loading up on the good stuff, an undercurrent continues to stay on brew. July 4 can launch you onto next, pronto quick. Venus into Gemini makes for a great time to start a vacation, rev up social activity or get going on a new money maker. Venus in Gemini brings you great feedback and extra notice. Perhaps there could be some one new to get to know. Also on this same day, Mercury/Uranus hits the action switch, perhaps putting something that has gone (mostly or somewhat) unnoticed out on show. There may be an opportunity to extract something from the past, to revisit it, or update it. Venus/Chiron can produce a poignant letting go or open it up. No matter how it plays out or feels initially, Mercury/Uranus (also on July 4) and the full moon in Capricorn (July 8 weekend) set the timing device to just right and now.

The full moon puts added focus on family, finances, time, the aging process, a parent or parenting issue and on getting it under better control. Past July 16, 17, you should feel that you are getting to someplace good. Mars into Leo (July 20) and the sun into Leo (July 22) boosts social activities, money making prospects, and enjoyment too. On a short trek through the sign (July 5 to 25), Mercury leaves Leo for Virgo. Go while the getting is good and gain is opportune. Mercury retrograde is just around the corner.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

The beginning of July can find you weighing options or already on the move along. Are you getting enough out of your social life, a community involvement, or a particular someone? Whether it is simply regarding a vacation visit or something more, a hello or goodbye, an end or start is well timed.

The first three weekends of the month can produce a build up of pressure followed by a significant release; especially so on the full moon weekend of July 8. All present an appropriate time to slow it down, to regroup or replenish, and to work your way through it one step at a time.

Mars opposes Pluto on July 1, 2, and the sun does the day after the full moon in Capricorn teams up with the boss on July 8. Both transits take you through a deeper examination of your motivations, your security issues, your internal resistance and/or inner judgements. What was working or seemed appropriate may or may not hold up its end of the bargain. If you feel justified and confirmed, great. If you need an extra nudge or something altogether fresh, look to the week of July 17 to get you onto a better track. That is not to say you should put progress or ambition on pause, quite the opposite. It’s a time to dip a toe and then another toe and to repeat the process until you can completely submerge yourself and feel good about it. On July 17, Mars square Uranus can launch or kickstart something significant. Venus trine Jupiter on July 18, and Mercury trine Saturn on July 19 keep the get-go on a smooth and fortuitous track. It’s a good week for travel, vacationing, and celebrating, or for getting down to business with the important or official stuff (i.e. talks, plans, advice seeking, paperwork, contracts, banking, etc.).

LEO July 22 – August 22

Opening the month, Venus is at a pivot point with the karmic axis. You can feel this as a significant breakthrough in consciousness or in circumstance (perhaps both), this regarding something that has holds great meaning, opportunity, or profit for you. It’s been in the works for awhile now, at least since the beginning of the year.

As of July 4, Venus treks into Gemini. On July 5 Mercury treks into Leo. Both can feel like a well-timed battery recharge. Both spark more social and recreational opportunity.

One way or another July 8, 9, the full moon in Capricorn can put you to work. Ideally, it’s a good time to stop, wind it down, streamline, minimize, or finish off.  Necessity takes priority; you may have to revise the budget, the rules, or take on an added burden.

Mars is on an forge ahead or freedom quest of July 17 when it draws from Uranus (by square aspect). It’s another great transit/great week for a vacation. If you can’t get away, at least the stars keep it moving along well. It’s a full to the brim week, but overall, it should run smooth.

Mars enters Leo on July 20 and the sun does the same on July 22. Thanks to two eclipses (August 7 and 21) and Mercury retrograde (starting August 12), your birthday month is sure to put something significant on the front burner. Mercury stimulates the eclipses as early as mid month and moves into the pre-retrograde shadow period on the new moon of July 23.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Moving past the past, getting ready to take on something next; the first few days of July take you through a switch track/switch gears time. Even though you may feel squeezed by more than one issue,

try to gift yourself with extra me time as best you can.  Pluto in the mix for the Capricorn full moon on July 8, 9 can keep the challenge and the emotional intensity going strong. Everything is serious, everything is important, margins are slim. Matters to do with responsibilities, obligations, parenting or a parent can claim spotlight attention. Respect, better control, getting what you deserve, taking back your power – yes, put them on notice. To the plus, Capricorn is a compatible sign for Virgo, so know the full moon can loan you great “take-charge” smarts. If you can download the best of this full moon, you should be able to get the job done well. With the right attitude and stage to perform on, success can be yours. The full moon can also see you reach a goal post, finish line, or a hard-won victory. A special event, milestone, or anniversary could also mark the weekend.

Overall, the rest of the month shows a good move-along. July 17 (Mars square Uranus) and 20 (sun square Uranus) bookend a couple of opportune days. This week can jump start something good. Mercury enters Virgo on July 25. As of mid month, Mercury begins to trigger the August eclipses. Mercury also moves into the shadow period before its next retrograde (August 12 to Sept 5). Seize all opportunity to set yourself up and to do right by yourself too.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

The first of the month/Canada Day can put you under added pressure. Mercury square Uranus, Ceres square Chiron, and Venus on a pivot point with the karmic axis keep potency and opportunity of the moment on ready trigger through this first few days of the month.

Venus into Gemini, starting July 4, and Mercury into Leo, starting July 5, boost social opportunity, same page accord, and confidence levels. Both are good for attention-seeking and pleasure-seeking.

What’s on brew can reach peak on the full moon weekend of July 8.

The full moon calls for you to lay down the law – for yourself or another. It is also pushes you to recognize yourself (how much you are truly worth, how much you have invested, how important you are). Reward yourself, give yourself the respect that is due. What’s right or essential for you? Boundaries or rules may need to be reinforced. The full moon weekend is a good time to take full command and/or an official stand.

The week of July 17 can be well timed for a vacation or for switching gears. On the other hand, it can be a fruitful and productive week for work and working it out. July 18, 19 can see you spend, sign a contract, solidify a plan, or make something official. It’s a good time to meet with a specialist, banker, or advisor.

Mars moves into Leo on July 20, the sun does so on July 22, and July 23 dishes up a new moon at 0 Leo. All three shine a light where it does you the most good. A special someone can claim more attention. Something special can also be on brew. Look to next month’s eclipses to accelerate the action and thrust you into a next phase or step.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Just past the first two days of the month you’ll start to hit a smoother stride. There’s still more sorting out or marking time to do or over the full moon weekend (July 8, 9) but after that you should feel you have a good handle on it, that you can relax and enjoy more.

The full moon in Capricorn brings you to a destination or finish line, but more importantly, it marks the official start of a next chapter. In addition to an optimum time to travel and enjoy the season’s best, Mercury’s trek into in Leo (starting July 5), Mars and the sun in Cancer put the future on the move in some larger format way. A new adventure is well into it’s move-along stage. Overall you should feel you are building toward something good/better/more. Mercury (to July 25), Mars (starting July 20) and the sun in Leo (starting July 22) shine a brighter light so that you can get a better lock on that will serve you best. They set an optimized backdrop for using your wealth (personal, professional, material) and making the most what you have going for you: i.e. time, reputation, status, confidence, creativity, showmanship. Put your attention toward pleasure seeking, money making, personal life reinvention, professional ambition, or to matters of heart -the Leo transits help you to max out on the best the moment can offer. Note: next month’s eclipses can be catapulting for you if they make dynamic contact to your birth chart.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Canada Day weekend is ideal for a change of pace, although there can be the need to work it out with another or others. Previous plans or commitments may compete with the preferences of the moment. Compromise is name of the game.

USA Independence Day can see you gain a fresh wind. A brain storm, conversation, or something unexpected can get you up and rolling. Spontaneity delivers.

Venus into Gemini (July 4) and Mercury into Leo (July 5) are both good for a social or personal perk-me-up. Pressure, lack of funds, or pent up emotions can get to you over the Capricorn full moon weekend, July 8, 9. Self-control and managing the moment can give you a run for it. Too the full moon can make you feel drained, tired, spent or ready to call it quits. Try to pace yourself, stay reasonable; if you need a rest, take one. To the plus, the full moon could see you make a major purchase or investment, take an official step. It could bring you a well-deserved reward, or give you something more substantial to bank on.

The whole month draws added attention toward increasing your comfort margins, getting yourself better situated, enjoying the seasonal best and spending quality time with those you love. (That covers all the bases!)

Mars in Leo, starting July 20, and the sun in Leo, starting July 22 increase attention on making that good thing better yet. The August eclipses can springboard you/push your refresh button in some dynamic way.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

Canada Day weekend sets up a good weekend to do right by yourself, to ease up and enjoy more, and/or to launch into vacation mode. Still, you can feel under pressure to make a concession, meet expectations, or reduce your price. Stick to what you want, what you know, what you feel, and you should navigate your way through the weekend just fine.

USA Independence Day, Venus into Gemini and Mercury/Uranus spark a fresh idea, conversation, interest, plan, or momentum.

You are a force to reckon with over the full moon weekend July 8, 9. To the plus, the full moon can put your best qualities on show. If you have been holding onto something bothersome, you may not be able to keep it bottled up. Don’t push your body/your health to unreasonable limits. Make sure to hydrate. With Pluto in the mix for this full moon, your soul can force-the-envelope on some critical push/pull matter. You might feel a sense of time is ripe or now or never. You can feel particularly driven, justified, or obsessed to meet an objective, get it secured and/or under control, or get through to another, or get your needs met. Something from the past can be resurrected and updated. Are you doing too much, too little, is it necessary to withhold or to re-enforce your position? Perhaps it’s time to make it official. Lastly the full moon can intertwine a significant ending and beginning.

July 17, Mars/Uranus can put something out into the open or fast track something new. It’s yet another good date to start a vacation or new project, to end a visit, or to let yourself off the hook.

Mars enters Leo on July 20; the sun does the same on July 22. The new moon in Leo, July 23, also offers a boost to matters of heart and wallet. Look to next month’s eclipses (August 7, lunar; August 21, solar) to kick it up a great big notch.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Even if the crowds are not your favourite thing, get out and aim to make the most of Canada Day weekend. You will enjoy yourself. Book-ending the week from Sunday to Sunday, Mars in opposition to Pluto on July 2 and the sun’s opposition to Pluto on July 9 mark a good time to take a break from the work or the worry and to replenish yourself.

USA Independence Day is also a good day to get out and enjoy the fireworks. Don’t have a plan for your evening’s entertainment or for what’s up next? Venus into Gemini and Mercury/Uranus (square) are sure to get it/get something moving along. Moving out of your work sector and into your social sector, Mercury treks into Leo on July 5. Mercury/Uranus can break a silence put you in the know or get something fresh launched.  It should bring a feel of making more successful inroads with folks in general, with someone specific, and with yourself too.

Dominating the second weekend of July, the full moon in Capricorn (July 8, 9) marks a right time to put yourself on full stop and to give yourself the quality respite you need. Cater to your body’s needs and your soul’s needs too. On a subtle note, something significant may start to shape up inside of you or circumstance wise. Give it ample time. Next month will put it out on show in some striking way.

Past the full moon, you can hit a relatively smooth groove. Cancer month is one that puts added attention on improvement and/or heal-it mandates.

Mars/Uranus kicks it off the week of July 17 with something extra, exciting, or unexpected.  Mars into Leo, starting July 20, the sun into Leo, as of July 22, and the new moon in Leo on July 23 boost social opportunity, your confidence level, general sense of and money-making prospects. They bring plenty of fire power to creative endeavours. Too, they can fire up something special in the romance or relationship department.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

No matter how much you try to resist, Canada Day weekend can see you spend. Getting a better handle on emotions can require effort too, especially if you feel you aren’t being valued or heard well enough.

Ceres past Chiron retrograde (square), Mercury/Uranus (square), and Venus into Gemini on USA Independence Day get the conversation, plans, or opportunity moving.  It should prove a great evening to enjoy the local festivities and/or to let the moment have its say.

The Capricorn full moon weekend can bring you to a finish line, or to an important conclusion. It could be a time to make your position or status official, to set new goals for yourself, or to take charge in some new way. It can be time to reap the reward or face up to the consequences. Through circumstances or acknowledgement, the full moon can give you positive reinforcement or see you achieve a personal victory. As such, it also marks an excellent time to ditch dependencies or other self-defeating regimes.

July 17, Mars/Uranus aim for something fresh and new. The days that follow can be profitable, anchoring, of fulfilling.

Mars into Leo, starting July 20, and the sun into Leo, July 22, boost your ability to make improvements where you’ll gain the best traction. Potentials for health and wealth upgrades are on the rise.

Rose Marcus
Evolutionary Astrologer

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