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Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022

A Year of Expanding Our Ability to Feel All there is to Feel

Today we take a look at the qualities of Jupiter in Pisces, since we can use them to great benefit when Jupiter is in Pisces off and on during the next 12 months.

Jupiter will occupy Pisces for the first time since January 2010-2011 beginning 3:36 pm PDT pm on May 13. Here the planet of expansion and new openings moves from the quest for contributing to a greater vision and more effective means of managing collective energies in Aquarius to the quest for greater compassion and closures opening new adventures in its home sign of Pisces.

The year of altruistic, less materialistic view of a bigger picture now gives way to a more compassionate and all-encompassing view of the entire human condition. Aquarius has been about responsibility and self-discipline, but offered to a greater good within a broader impersonal view. Pisces is about feeling all there is to feel, closing what needs closing, reaping what needs reaping, and forgiving all that needs forgiving. This is the sign of the Priest(ess), Healer, and Shaman who guides us out of old ways, through uncertain times, into new lives.

Jupiter will move forward until it gets to 3 Pisces, going stationary retrograde in mid-June. After that it retrogrades back to 23 Aquarius, where it goes stationary direct in mid-October. From there Jupiter rockets forward through the rest of Aquarius until it re-enters Pisces on December 28/29, 2021.

So Jupiter has raced through Aquarius between late December 2020 and May 13, and from now on only occupies the last few degrees of Aquarius between July 28 and December 28. That means Jupiter only spends two 5 month spans in Aquarius in 2021, with the first part of 2021 serving the vision which will become “indestructible records” beginning Summer 2021 and crystalized into permanent forms by 2023.

The good news is that the final two degrees of Aquarius is a “transfiguration zone” which has been triggered in huge ways with Jupiter’s transit of this span since late April, so we who have “graduated into a new realm of being” should find our lives lifted on the wings of Spirit in 2021. The period from April 28 through May 13 gave us our first exposure, with another one coming from July 29 through August 14, and December 17 through 29. Whatever opens in these periods will bring long term spiritual fulfillment in 2023.

Jupiter’s Qualities

So what’s the big deal about Jupiter entering Pisces? First, let's revisit Jupiter's nature. Jupiter rules 2 signs. In other words, Jupiter finds its “home” in two signs, those being Sagittarius (Fire) and Pisces (Water). Those two signs offer us a glimpse of Jupiter's nature. We can learn a lot by examining how Jupiter functions in those two signs.

Jupiter was in Pisces from mid-January through early June 2010, and revisited that sign from early September 2010 through mid-January 2011. In Pisces, the water quality is emphasized, just as it was when Jupiter occupied Cancer from June 2013 through July 2014.

Before 2019, Jupiter last revealed its innate fire characteristics in 2007 when it was in it home sign of Sagittarius, and another type of Fire was expanded between June and September 2010, as well as January through June 2011 when it was in Aries. We got another dose of Jupiter in the Fire sign of Leo between July 2014 and August 2015.

Being a combination of Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter rules "the open sky" as well as "the vast depth." Jupiter symbolizes ever-expanding forms of Higher Truth as well as deep feelings we share with all other humans throughout time.

So Jupiter is both Fire and Water, and Mutable by nature. In watery Scorpio from late 2017 through late 2018, Jupiter was in its element in a sign which gave Jupiter more stability and sticking power, holding energy in a “cocoon” until it broke out and broke free in Sagittarius in 2019. That greater freedom led us to a year of Jupiter in Capricorn last year.

Pisces is a natural sign for Jupiter, as Jupiter finds its home in that sign. That indicates Jupiter’s naturally expansive feeling nature is very much at home in Pisces, giving it “room to roam” across boundless connected feelings with others.”

Jupiter’s Recent Transits

While it no doubt benefited from the Earth practicality when it was in Taurus from June 2011-12, and expanded its view in Gemini from June 2012-2013, it again found itself in the friendly Water element of Cancer from late June 2013 through July 2014. Jupiter in the Fire sign of Leo was in a sign harmonious to its nature with the added benefit of the steadiness of being in a Fixed sign.

It then occupied Virgo from August 2015 through September 2016. Virgo is not a sign friendly to Jupiter, since it is opposite its home sign of Pisces. Virgo is the 7th sign from Pisces, and the 10th sign from Sagittarius. Thus Jupiter in Virgo externalized whatever began when Jupiter was in Pisces and was made concrete in Aries, and marked a point of fulfillment of the things set into motion when Jupiter was last in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Libra between Sept 2016 and Oct 2017 was a sign both beneficial and stressful for Jupiter. Libra is the 8th sign from Pisces, and the 11th sign from Sagittarius. That helped us all re-calibrate and re-balance many things, and we all danced with ideals to be embraced. Jupiter liked watery Scorpio in 2018 where we either attracted or failed to attract the substance needed to fulfill these ideals.

Jupiter was in Sagittarius in 2019, which marked the end of the Sagittarian cycle which began in 2007 and began a new one. It also fulfilled the Jupiterian quest for a greater expression of its Pisces side. As Capricorn is the 2nd sign from Sagittarius and the 11th sign from Pisces, 2020 helped us get the structure for the Sag adventured promised in 2019, and fulfilled some “social reorganization” relative to its Pisces side. Jupiter in Aquarius has been and will be in its 3rd sign from Sagittarius, and 12th sign from Pisces, showing Aquarius is good for seeing, knowing, and harvesting whatever Jupiter is expanding in any given moment.

In astrology, we can see a lot by which third of the zodiac a planet it transiting. The first third involve Aries through Cancer, the second third is Leo through Scorpio, and the third third is Sagittarius through Pisces.

The initial Fire of Aries starts a process that is secured in Taurus, explored in Gemini, and anchored in personal feelings in Cancer. Leo begins the second set of “4 elements in motion,” but in signs of interactivity with others. What begins in Leo finds significant form and function in Virgo, comes to see a greater ideal in Libra, and grounds and focuses the magnetism in Scorpio.

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s naturally expansive expression finishes that third of the process. What began as confidence and dramatic forms of expression learned in Leo, given a refinement and practical significance in Virgo, and refined and made pleasing in Libra is given power in Scorpio by the depth intensity of the search, or quest, for what is beyond form. In Scorpio adventurous Jupiter went into the unknown, seeking expansive power, expansive voids to fill, expansive ways to turn defeat into victory, and loss into gain, as preparation for future adventures in Sagittarius.

When Jupiter entered Sagittarius, we began the journey through the final third of zodiacal experience, where the fire of Sagittarius has been crafted into forms of personal power in Capricorn. This personal power naturally grow toward appropriate forms of the Aquarian ideal of the greatest good for the greatest number, before it enters the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, which is Jupiter’s other home.

What the Greatest of the Great Say About Jupiter in Capricorn

Grant Lewi, in his masterwork Astrology For The Millions, says Jupiter in Pisces sees opportunities related to “our “private dreams of self-justification,” where we can reject many things if we don’t like what they are associated with. He states this positions is not “capricious or whimsical” in the slightest, despite appearances, where “every choice is related to a fixed code which no one may know about” except us, where it’s “crystal clear.” He states if this “code is big and unselfish, (our) whole life will be a miracle of service,” but if the code is “little and narrow,” the life will be one of service to self. He offers that “to be satisfied with that which also satisfies others is (our) key to success and happiness,” since it overcomes a tendency to introversion and “allows the genial Jupiterian qualities to shine for through the sign, which in its best manifestation, gives (us) the power to lose (ourselves) in large, humane ideals.”

Marc Edmund Jones, in his masterwork Astrology: How and Why It Works, says Jupiter in Pisces "indicates the development of a consciousness which is characteristically self-satisfied, and generous in is response to human relations.” It is motivated by “its own complete tolerance for experience with any given person,” and “is interested in the perfection of the ties” among people, and this person’s welfare “demands a continual chance for sympathy with the people around them.”

Jupiter’s Outer Planet Aspects in Pisces

In 2020, Jupiter made very important aspects setting long wave cycles into motion. Jupiter conjuncted Pluto three times in 2020, all in late Capricorn. These will be in effect through 2032, after which Jupiter again conjuncts Pluto, but at 15 Aquarius, the Angel Point. At the December 2020 Solstice, Jupiter made its fateful conjunction at 1 Aquarius with Saturn, creating the Grand Mutation ushering in a new 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle as well as a new 200 year era!

In May, Jupiter makes no aspects with the outer planets, though it does receive a tredecile from Mercury, a biseptile and tredecile from Venus, a square from the Sun, and a sesquisquare from Mars. As these are all waxing aspects, they are all in their emergent phase of their cycles with Jupiter. Looking at June and July, while the inner planets all make a lot of aspects, Jupiter doesn’t make any aspects with the planets beyond its orbit except for its quintile with Uranus after it goes stationary retrograde at 3 Pisces.

Mars-Jupiter Cycles and Aspects

Mars-Jupiter cycles are very important in how things activate in the world. The one we’re in now began when they made a conjunction in March 2020 at 23 Capricorn, with major friction at their waxing squares in late July through mid-August, and again when retrograde in October. The square culminated from Taurus to Aquarius in mid-January.

When Jupiter enters Pisces, Mars is at 13 Cancer, and after it makes a biquintile in early June, moves to a quincunx in mid-June and then a triseptile to Jupiter just before it goes retrograde to just after the June Solstice.

Mars opposes Jupiter from 30 Leo to 30 Aquarius in late July, and they’re in a waning triseptile by late August and early September. They’re in waning quincunx in early September, biquintile in mid-September, and sesquisquare in late September. Mars trines Jupiter for most of October, is in waning tredecile by early November, biseptile in mid-November, and waning square from late November through the first half of December. At the end of the year they again are binovile.

Jupiter Teaches Us to See the Bigger Picture in All Areas of Life

By examining the life areas of each house, we can see the progressive lessons Jupiter teaches us on a year-to-year basis. Since it takes about 11-12 years to make an entire circuit through all the signs, we can learn how the expansions and openings that happened when it crossed our Ascendant, Sun, or planets are related to what we learned in subsequent year periods about those life qualities.

Our natal Jupiter in its sign shows us where we naturally learn and embrace various kinds of "quests." Regardless of what sign our natal Jupiter is in, Jupiter transits teach our Jupiter a greater openness to wider truths and futures as it moves through its 12 year “pulse” of evolutionary expansion. We now leave, if only for a few weeks, a period when Jupiter in Aquarius “taught” our natal Jupiter about “life as shared ideals,” where we have learned, imagined, and opened to other possible futures and greater Truths than we knew before. Now we enter a period when Jupiter in Pisces will teach our natal Jupiter about compassion, connection, and forgiveness before it retrogrades back into Aquarius in late July, resuming our lessons in idealism, vision, group cooperation, and a great good for all.

Regardless of how we're living the adventure of our life, Jupiter in Sagittarius opened new futures based on what we let go of when Jupiter was in Scorpio. We crafted them into personal forms of power in 2020. Now, having embarked on an even greater, larger, or wider quest, we now get our first experience of the depth and breadth of an expanded feeling capacity. This will help us connect emotionally within ourselves, with others, and with all humans through all time as part of our training in a greater understanding of our part to play within a greater whole. It’s time to face the future, ready to embrace opportunities to fulfill a more ideal and compassionate role appropriate to our evolved sense of Self on our Life Quest.

We can renew our sense of intention, and open our imagination in ways which will open doors to a greater connection with others within our shared human-ness. We’ve learned how to make a contribution to a greater good which has now led us to more effective ways to manage energy within a group or social context. We expanded into more perfect forms of relationship and archetypal roles during Jupiter in Libra; we “broke on through to the other side, yeah” in Scorpio; we blasted off into “Space, the final frontier” when Jupiter was in Sagittarius. We claimed and demonstrated our power and effectiveness in our new mission with Jupiter in Capricorn. We learned how to play our perfect part within the larger Light field with other Beings of Light when Jupiter was in Aquarius. Now we get to expand our feeling capacity, our compassion capacity, and our forgiveness capacity.

These are the voyagers of the Starship Aquariuspapers. “Its twenty year mission: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” We’ve launched into inner and outer space, and now it’s time to coordinate with the Federation as we explore new interactions and connections in a wider view of Life and Light!


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