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M87 - Black Hole Astrology

M87 - Black Hole AstrologyVirgo Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins M87 on September 25

Messier 87 (M87, Virgo A, Virgo Galaxy) is an 8.6 magnitude supergiant galaxy with several trillion stars in the constellation Virgo. It is one of the local universe’s largest and most massive galaxies.

It has a jet of energetic plasma that originates at the core and extends at least 4,900 light-years. It is also one of the brightest radio sources in the sky. M87 has an active supermassive black hole at its core.

Degree*Fixed StarOrb
2710 Zavijava 1°30′
2854 Markeb 2°00′
0203 M87, Virgo A 2°00′
0431 Zaniah 1°40′
0956 Vindemiatrix 1°40′

M87 Astrology

Philip Sedgwick [1] calls M87 the Super Galactic Center. My research on Black Hole astrology confirms his findings that the most significant manifestation is sequential monogamy, or co-dependence and dysfunctional relationship behavior.

M87 gives intense powers of attraction, charm, sex appeal and commitment. However, the partner feels captured, engulfed and consumed. The native is so needy and demanding of time and energy that the relationship ultimately fails.

Although breaking up is especially devastating for M87 people, it is not long before they find themselves in the next committed relationship. Black Hole astrology gives an obsession with finding the perfect partner. Sometimes, relationships can be replaced by a career or special calling. But the result is the same. No one person or job can make them feel satisfied or fulfilled. They always want more and more.

Thankfully, most people turn to spirituality for answers. There is the realization that some childhood wounds must be healed. Once the energy-sucking, demanding behavior is eliminated, an evolutionary stage of development allows room for a soul mate. Some will also become healers, teachers, agents of enlightenment and promoters of change.

Black Hole Astrology

In The Black Hole Book, Alex Miller [2] says that Black Hole astrology promotes change and transition and can be challenging to work with. Black Holes represent a complete reversal of the status quo. Many manifestations seem negative, but their high drama can often elicit rags-to-riches stories.

Theoretical physics states that Black Holes are doorways to parallel universes, alternate realities, and higher dimensions. Making contact with one in our daily lives can often feel like that. Like we have been uprooted from the everyday reality of the Light World and thrust into an alien environment, an Underworld which, although ominous and threatening, can also be the repository of vast riches and the wealth of knowledge of the subconscious.

Several major themes emerge in Black Hole astrology. These involve changeability, personal magnetism/repulsion, extreme instability/unpredictability, unique perspective, energy absorption, transmutation or depletion, and a greater than the typical impact on one’s environment or peers. There is also the attraction of unparalleled, singular, often bizarre experiences.

M87 Conjunctions

Sun conjunct Black Hole: Magnetic, forceful and attractive. Attract the right people at the right time. Outwardly changeable, capricious, adaptable, chameleon-like. Determined and driven with the ability to shift events in their favor dramatically and unexpectedly. Can affect events and transform the status quo. Difficult to penetrate and know. Deceitful or artful. Ability to remake self completely several times throughout life. Resilient and adaptable, ability to live different lives. Creative and insightful but disruptive, dramatic reversals, and sudden upsets. [2]

Cecil Womack 0°00′, Linda McCartney 0°06′, Carl Coerper 0°28′, Jack Pierson 0°31′, Bruce Springsteen 0°37′, Mark Hamill 0°37′, Mickey Rooney 0°38′, Catherine Zeta-Jones 0°40′, John W. Donaldson 0°43′, Robert Currey 0°45′, Christopher Reeve 0°45′ (and Mercury), Stuart Wilde 0°46′ (and Part of Fortune), Barbara Walters 0°48′, Dmitri Shostakovich 0°52′ (and Mercury), John Coltrane 0°55′ (and Part of Fortune), Colin Friels 1°02′, Michael Temer 1°05′, Michael Douglas 1°06′, Cherrie Moraga 1°08′, Heather Locklear 1°13′ (and Descendant), Jason Alexander 1°22′, Elizabeth I 1°28′, Abdul Al-Biruni 1°30′, F. Scott Fitzgerald 1°42′, Debby Boone 1°44′, H. G. Wells 1°45′, Julio Iglesias 1°46′ (and Mercury and Neptune), Johannes Vehlow 1°52′.

Moon conjunct Black Hole: Frequent moves of residence or changes in living conditions. Much energy and time are spent in the home, draining resources on repairs and redecorations. May own more than one home. Volatile and intense emotions but unlikely to brood. Unstable home life, secrecy and privacy in personal and home life, misdiagnosis, and frequent image changes. The mother may have been unapproachable, vacant or absent, manipulative, domineering and controlling, or smothering and overprotective. Repressed early childhood trauma. The mother may be a drain on energy and resources in later life. [2]

Kim Novak 0°08′, Alden Ehrenreich 0°09′, First atomic reaction 0°18′ (and Neptune), Edward VII 0°24′, Angelica Garnett 0°30′, Billy Jean King 0°31′, Angela Lansbury 0°32′, J. J. Watt 0°39′, George V 0°52′ (and Descendant), Ernst Thalmann 0°57′, Cyril Fagan 1°01′, Shawna Lenee 1°07′, Madeleine McCann 1°14′, Johanna Kinkel 1°19′, Mel Gibson 1°26′, Donald Rumsfeld 1°27′, Herbert von Dirksen 1°33′, Karl Ernst Krafft 1°36′.

Mercury conjunct Black Hole: Deep thinker, quick-witted, keen and penetrating mind. Can see what others cannot. Powerful intellect capable of assimilating and processing vast amounts of complex data. Creative thinker, but can get bogged down in details. Unable to bring insights into reality. Ideas are not easily understood, believed or taken seriously. Can see patterns and plan. Trouble deciding between two or more options. Overwhelmed by choices. Susceptible to misinterpretation, misunderstanding, misrepresentation and deceit, but can detect lies and have a good sense of truth. Also good at lying and keeping secrets. May be deliberately deceptive and tricky. A persuasive speaker can be seen as too calculating. Able to build logical, well-thought-out arguments but have difficulty conveying a message. Ahead of their time with unique points of view. Can wound with words or inspire and encourage. [2]

Matt Damon 0°06′, Mary Shelley 0°28′, Nancy Kerrigan 0°44′ (and Descendant), LeAnn Rimes 0°46′, Julio Iglesias 0°56′ (and Sun and Neptune), Maura Murphy 0°57′ (and Venus), Charlton Heston 1°02′, Niall Horan 1°06′ (and Ascendant), Christopher Reeve 1°20′ (and Sun), Louise of Savoy 1°21′, Evan Rachel Wood 1°38′ (and South Node), Bella Hadid 1°41′, Dmitri Shostakovich 1°55′ (and Sun).

Venus conjunct Black Hole: One over-powering, all-devouring passion for an individual or a cause. An insatiable appetite for love, intimacy and romance, finances, and creative expression. Flighty or too fixated on superficialities. The likelihood of at least one radical reappraisal of values throughout life. Long-term relationships may be challenging to achieve or prove ongoing sources of energy drain and require a great deal of attention to maintain. Many short-term, volatile relationships. Forms attachments quickly, almost unguardedly. [2]

Stacy Valentine 0°05′, Isabel Hickey 0°08′, Dorothy Parker 0°27′, Larry Hagman 0°34′, Jada Pinkett Smith 0°36′, Martinus Thomsen 0°37′, Lulu 0°47′, John Edward 0°49′, Stephen King 0°50′, Divine 0°51′, Maurice Blanchot 0°57′, Barbara Castle 1°15′, Ludwig II of Bavaria 1°18′, Maura Murphy 1°24′ (and Mercury), Fay Weldon 1°30′, Milton Brown 1°34′, Milly D’Abbraccio 1°50′.

Mars conjunct Black Hole: Fluctuating or variable energy levels, an uneven feeling or vacillation between two poles of vibrant action and listless torpor, with periods of hyperphysical activity alternated with lassitude and withdrawal. Bouyant and active one day and lethargic or debilitated the next. There can be a great deal of energy at the native disposal, although tapping into it may not be easy. A tendency toward accidents, rash and impulsive action, clumsiness, stubborn and willful or resolute and determined. [2]

Robert Wadlow 0°04′, Camila Cabello 0°15′, Ilona Staller 0°17′, Prince George, Duke of Kent 0°24′, Jean-Henri Fabre 0°26′, Lisa Kudrow 0°27′, Paul Cezanne 0°31′, Yasmin Aga Khan 0°31′, Julian Castro 0°34′, Kirsten Dunst 0°38′, Cat Stevens 1°08′, Bruce Scofield 1°09′, P. L. Travers 1°17′, Hank Locklin 1°18′, John Lennon 1°26′, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler 1°30′, Margueritte Yourcenar 1°36′, Kay Parker 1°41′ (and Neptune), Christa Chandler 1°42′, Jessica Simpson 1°43′, Sissy Spacek 1°44′, Jawaharal Nehru 1°47′, Althea Flynt 1°54′. John Galsworthy 2°00′ (and Midheaven).

Jupiter conjunct Black Hole: Shifts belief systems and philosophical ground with relative ease but dogmatic about current beliefs. A free-flowing and adaptable belief system. Will likely endorse at least two radically different belief systems at different times. At least one major “conversion” experience in life. Eccentric or bizarre views. [2]

Patty Loveless 0°06′, Van Morrison 0°06′ (and Part of Fortune), Jessica Alba 0°07′, Katie Couric 0°13′, Francis I of France 0°17′, M. C. Escher 0°20′, Alexis Arquette 0°22′ (and Uranus), Laura Jane Grace 0°37′, Kiefer Sutherland 0°42′, Melanie Griffith 0°54′, Gertrude Stein 0°57′, Rami Malek 1°00′ (and Saturn), Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor 1°09′ (and Ascendant), Joh D. Rockerfeller Jr. 1°12′, Chaz Bono 1°42′ (and Uranus and South Node).

Saturn conjunct Black Hole: Turmoil or instability in work or career but exceptional focus and energy for work-related tasks. Work and career demands impinge heavily on resources and energy. Difficulty choosing a career. Will likely embark on at least two utterly unrelated career paths, sometimes simultaneously, more often serially. Frequent job changes, especially early in life. Temporary setbacks, but career progress is steady, if erratic and unpredictable. [2]

Judy Garland 0°07′, Christopher Lee 0°07′ (and Ascendant), Pierre Cardin 0°32′, Crystal Gayle 0°58′, Marjorie Cameron 1°08′, Henry Ford 1°22′, Rami Malek 1°39′ (and Jupiter).

Uranus conjunct Black Hole: Strong need for independence. Genius-level insights but also madness. Extreme rebelliousness and satisfaction in shocking others. A nonconformist, maverick persona. Creative thinking and a unique perspective that favors problem-solving. Stubbornly willful and unconcerned with the ramification for others of one’s actions. Problems with computers and technology. Natural talent for the sciences. They May devise brilliant theories or inventions ahead of their time, but challenging if not impossible to implement given current circumstances. [2]

Edward Norton 0°22′, Matthew Perry 0°24′, Alexis Arquette 0°37′ (and Jupiter), Parker Posey 0°44′, Chaz Bono 1°07′ (and Jupiter and South Node), Danielle Egnew 1°15′ (and South Node), Tucker Carlson 1°33′, Naomi Watts 1°37′.

Neptune conjunct Black Hole: Strongly escapist, which can manifest as alcohol or substance abuse. Problems with addiction or codependency. Highly empathetic with a strong spiritual core. Tendency to gloss over problems and unwillingness to face unpleasant truths. Issues with clarity or lack of focus but highly creative and aesthetically advanced. Musical or poetic abilities. [2]

Goerge Harrison 0°05′, Bobby Fischer 0°13′, Larry Flynt 0°14′, Rudy Giuliani 0°14′ (and Ascendant), Joe Biden 0°15′, Barbara Hand Clow 0°19′, Julio Iglesias 0°26′ (and Sun and Mercury), First atomic reaction 0°31′ (and Moon), Micheal Crichton 0°31′, Bob Woodward 0°42′, Janis Joplin 0°43′, Robert De Niro 0°50′, Sam Elliot 1°03′, Muhammed Ali 1°26′, Alan Oken 1°26′, Richard Speck 1°33′, Kay Parker 1°38′ (and Mars).

Pluto conjunct Black Hole: Functions as a catalyst for others in crisis or transition. A natural affinity for mediating between realities. Issues with extreme jealousy or possessiveness. A marked tendency to act behind the scenes, to manipulate or attempt to control others, May become obsessed with secretiveness that can result in an overly closed, withholding personality. A strong urge for power and extreme willfulness which, if thwarted, may degenerate into obsessive/compulsive behaviors and bizarre quirks or eccentricities. [2]

Heidi Klum 0°00′, Christina Applegate 0°03′, Allison DuBois 0°15′, Gwyneth Paltrow 0°20′, Justin Trudeau 0°21′, Rufus Wainwright 0°25′, Monica Lewinsky 0°27′, Sachin Tendulkar 0°34′, Snoop Dog 1°05′.

Ascendant conjunct Black Hole: David Cameron 0°01′, Edward Furlong 0°05′, Günther Tamaschke 0°06′, Dottie West 0°07′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0°09′, Rudolph Valentino 0°17′, André the Giant 0°19′, David Koresh 0°21′, Winston Churchill 0°22′, Rock Hudson 0°27′, Corazon Aquino 0°29′, Niall Horan 0°34′ (and Mercury), David Gest 0°38′, Christopher Lee 0°41′ (and Saturn), Lili Damita 0°45′, Joseph Gurney Cannon 0°48′, Britney Spears 0°52′, Lee Majors 0°55′, James McAvoy 1°00′, Gustav Simon 1°07′, Jacques Cousteau 1°15′, Kamisese Mara 1°21′, James Croll 1°21′, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor 1°21′ (and Jupiter), Derek Jacobi 1°22′, Rudy Giuliani 1°31′ (and Neptune), Harrison Ford 1°31′, James Garfield 1°36′, Rick Castro 1°40′, Nigel Havers 1°50′, Gloria Star 1°54′, Shirley MacLaine 1°58′.

Midheaven conjunct Black Hole: Ted Turner 0°08′, Luc Jouret 0°24′, John Galsworthy 0°29′ (and Mars), Henry V of England 0°37′, Sean Penn 0°55′, Alicia Witt 0°55′, Julian Clary 1°04′, Fred Astair 1°15′, Timothy Leary 1°37′.

Descendant conjunct Black Hole: Barbara Hutton 0°29′, Heather Locklear 0°37′ (and Sun), Joan Collins 0°58′, Nancy Kerrigan 1°00′ (and Mercury), George V 1°50′ (and Moon).

Part of Fortune conjunct Black Hole: Martina Navratilova 0°13′, Grant Morrison 0°23′, Jennifer Lawrence 0°35′, Diane Luciferia 0°49′, Ricki Lake 0°55′, Alexander Graham Bell 0°59′, John Coltrane 1°07′ (and Sun), Van Morrison 1°11′ (and Jupiter), Helen Duncan 1°11′, Mary Tyler Moore 1°39′, Stuart Wilde 1°43′ (and Sun).

North Node conjunct Black Hole: Cary Grant 0°12′, Cheiro 0°25′, Ryan O’Neal 0°52′, Jean Dixon 0°52′.

South Node conjunct Black Hole: Danielle Egnew 0°08′ (and Uranus), Richard Branson 0°15′, Rajneesh 0°15′, Chaz Bono 0°19′ (and Jupiter and Uranus), Jennifer Aniston 0°44′, Zac Efron 0°47′, Steve Wozniak 1°02′, Evan Rachel Wood 1°23′ (and Mercury).

Black Hole Astrology References

  1. The Super Galactic Center, Philip Sedgwick
  2. The Black Hole Book, Alex Miller, 2014.

All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

Source: here
My name is Jamie Partridge and I live on the coast of NSW Australia with three amazing kids. I’ve had an interesting life so far, with varied occupations ranging from nursing assistant to farm hand.

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