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Mars Moves Into Aries…and Bumps Into Saturn!

Mars moves into Aries…and bumps into Saturn!

Jupiter is within inches of Pluto and Mercury is back close to Uranus and Chiron – all in all a pretty dynamic weekend for Relationships…

Let’s start with Mars moving into Aries at 3am Sunday morning Irish time, 10pm this evening EDT.  

Mars is innately a dynamic energy that is an essential part of our relationships, as it represents our will, drive, life force, assertiveness, libido and desire nature. It also describes in our natal chart how we deal with conflict. By transit it awakens and kicks-starts whatever it lands on.

Transiting in Aries, whom it rules, the Mars energy can feel almost unstoppable in going after and getting what it wants. If we collectively and personally engage with this energy at its best, it can help us address unresolved issues in our life and our relationships, and take action on our behalf and on behalf of those we care about, in an honest, direct and fair manner – particularly regarding any injustice. 

At its most limited, this energy can be ego driven, as it attempts to aggressively bulldoze its way like a spoiled brat for the sake of winning – regardless of the consequences on others. Needless to say, this is pretty destructive in any relationship!

Both are expressions of the natural warrior energies of Mars in Aries. Consciousness is key to how we choose to express this energy over the rest of the year. It’s likely to feel more challenging in relationships, because the function of both Mars and Aries is to protect our individual survival. However, Aries is a very loyal energy to those it loves, and the pursuit of justice and fairness is central, both of which will come to the fore over the next 6 months!

Every two years Mars goes retrograde, and on September 7th it goes retrograde in the last degrees of Aries - until Nov 13th! This will give us an opportunity to review key actions and desires in our relationships, particularly anything that arises between late July and early September!

Mars in Aries is a spontaneous fiery energy, which can easily ignite in passion or strife. Frustration and irritation can surface unexpectedly at a moment’s notice, as can attractions. Setting clear projects and goals, gives this impetuous warrior energy something to focus on, such as finding a cause you believe in, to ‘fight’ on behalf of!

In your relationships, what are the actions you’d like to take to improve them? Go to therapy to work on childhood issues? Address issues with your significant other, friends, family or colleagues, that have been buried? Maybe consider being in a relationship again if you have avoided them for a period of time, or break up if you have been hanging onto a relationship out of habit or need? If you usually initiate relationships, what might it be like to allow the other person to pursue you? Is it time for new friendships?

As soon as Mars moves into Aries, it bumps into Saturn, reminding us that we are part of a collective that needs our action and commitment to create changes that will improve our world.

Meanwhile, in other news, Jupiter is within seconds of the next exact conjunction to Pluto on Tuesday! More on this next week, but suffice to say for now, that no doubt we are all feeling this very intense pressure!! Like the rumblings of lava bubbling deep beneath our feet, we know deep changes are afoot.  

Summary for the weekend:

Today we may feel tetchy in ourselves and with others. Time alone is likely to feel easier than with company, and it’s a great day to do practical and useful things like cleaning, gardening...We may feel more social this evening – at least on a surface level - when the Moon goes into Libra!

Tomorrow is a good time to set some clear relationship goals, as mentioned in the blog. The Moon in Libra may help us avoid potential communication snafus in relationships, although keep in mind the bubbling volcano under the surface…!

Wishing you a safe and joyful weekend and Happy Pride! MG  

Pride image courtesy of Metro.co.uk


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