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Moon Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit


Moon opposite Uranus in the natal chart gives an exciting but unstable home and family life. These and other unusual domestic conditions are outward manifestations of your highly strung and erratic emotional life.

Regardless of what your conscious intent may be, your feelings and reactions control the direction of your life. This is especially so for your close relationships. Your intimate relationships are where this aspect is most noticeable.

Uranus creates emotional distance which makes it difficult to form close bonds with other people. This detachment will cause, or is caused by, your strongly independent and freedom loving nature.

One of your parents, usually your mother, may have reinforced this inborn independent streak. Depending on other aspects and fixed stars, Uranus in your childhood could manifest as a scientific, astrologer, angry, abusive, crazy or absent parent. Whether a good or bad example, they influenced how you relate to people at the emotional level.

An inability to make meaningful and stable relationships is common while you remain unaware of the erratic impact Uranus has on your subconscious feelings and reactions. Emotional turmoil, dramatic change and unexpected events can affect your home, family and close relationships.

The key to reducing the unsettling impact of this aspect on your private life is to gain conscious awareness. Massive breakthroughs and personal growth can come through astrology, psychology and medicine.

To enjoy more stability and control over your emotions and reactions, you want to slow down and calm down. The aim is to quieten your impulsive, erratic and unexplainable emotional reactions.

Like so much in your life, compromise is needed to find the right balance between boredom and excitement. You cannot be the mad genius and the caring emotional partner at the same time.

Moon Opposite Uranus Transit

Transiting Moon opposite Uranus can cause emotional upsets and relationship turmoil. Whether self-inflicted or out of your control, the manner in which you react to change is critical.

Impulsive reactions and emotionally based decisions could turn a minor drama into total chaos. Your stronger than normal need to be free is another disruptive force to be aware of. You may annoy or tease a loved one just to get attention.

This is not the time for making important decisions, especially about relationships. Your instincts and intuition are not working properly. Chance encounters can lead to unexpected twists and turns. You are easily distracted and are subconsciously looking for excitement.

Making new friends now would likely cause unwanted disruption in your life. Unexpected events, mood swings or emotional detachment can put a lot of strain on an existing relationship.

Unexpected change can affect your home and family as well as intimate relationships. Your mother and women in general would be most affected by your erratic displays of emotion.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Uranus transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon opposite Uranus.

Moon Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Jewelle Gomez 0°15′, Jennifer Jason Leigh 0°28′, Princess Renee of France 0°51′, Schapelle Corby 0°58′, Taylor Swift 1°09′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 1°17′, Errol Flynn 1°18′, Carl Lewis 1°19′, John Fitzgerald (Jr.) Kennedy 1°38′, Princess Diana of Wales 1°42′, Donald Trump 2°48′.


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