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Neptune in Pisces - Dreaming Different Myths and Collective Stories

Neptune in Pisces - Dreaming Different Myths and Collective Stories

Neptune represent the collective mythologies and “stories” each generation tells itself and the world. It shows what’s in and out of fashion, and the gestalt of the times. So what are we dreaming with Neptune in Pisces?

I gave you a tiny bit of this in early 2012 when Neptune first entered Pisces. Today I weave fragments of that article with added insights and commentary given the current collective atmosphere.

In 2012, I offered you: Neptune just entered Pisces, beginning its 15 year journey into the fogs of non-separate human experience. This is where we better know how to swim well, and navigate some pretty strange conditions. We’ve begun a long, strange journey that will lead humanity along spiritual lines that happen only once every 164-180 years. It is also where we first turn the corner in a 500 year sub-Age that began 1888-1894.

The Dreamscape

Imagine you're in a dreamscape, where shapes and forms blur together in a vast feeling field, where nothing is clear and you are swimming in an all-enveloping fluid environment. This vast feeling field is oceanic, where countless life forms all come and go in an instant. In this dreamscape there are simultaneous feelings of oneness and distinctness, togetherness and separateness, and a tactile awareness larger than can be described.

This field is where past, present and future merge in an all-encompassing experience, and where any pollution or disturbance in the field is felt by all creatures in that field simultaneously. Here the dreams of past, present, and future all exist at the same time, with a sense of (but no way of describing) what goes on without is also that which goes on within.

(This certainly describes our collective experience these past 9 years since Neptune first entered Pisces! We are all having a collective hallucinogenic experience where we are one together, and yet lost in a collective fog and everywhere we look there seems to be no way out, with strange things being said and stranger things being done or not done. We live in a time of people believing facts and opinions are the same thing, where any reality can be denied on the basis of beliefs with no foundation in reality.)

Neptune in Pisces

Welcome to Neptune in Pisces, where we all come together in a common feeling-field, experiencing what all of humanity and the life forms on the planet have experienced since the dawn of time. This is where we collectively merge into the vast oneness of where life on Earth came from, out of the muck, ooze, haze, mists, and water of 3 million years ago. Here we get to learn and experience "the great waters" that are an essential part of life on Earth.

Pisces is where we become aware of a greater feeling experience that links us to all other humans who have walked the Earth. Pisces is the sign of the witness, the conscience, the collective imaging where we lose our separateness and come together in what is common to all beings. Pisces is the last sign, where karma works at the end of a long process. Pisces is the sign of bondage, but also rewards.

Neptune is the spiritual ruler of this sign, and in its home. Neptune rules the great waters. Neptune rules the collective consciousness and collective dreams and mythologies. Now the Outer Invisible Transpersonal Collectivizer will dominate the world's feelings for years. Much will be washed clean, while other things will be washed away. All of us will reorient our consciousness to the subtle signals of our subconscious minds, as well as collective consciousness.

Given the nature of the planet and sign, I believe we now enter a time when those who have trained will experience “etheric vision” coming forth, providing the ability to know that which the lower mind cannot grasp. This is where we can be part of the cause, effect, and field of emergence simultaneously, knowing things usually unperceived by the linear mind.

Pisces is associated with both dreams and nightmares, compassion and betrayal, forgiveness and hypocrisy. Now a force "beyond our control" (Neptune) begins to work these upon humanity, each responding according to what waters they swim in. For some, prophetic dreams and visions, while for others, ancient ghosts of terrifying shapes residing in the collective unconscious of humanity, leftovers from human misconduct and misunderstandings across millennia.

Navigating Through the Fog

Pisces and Neptune rule the waves and tides. A good wave can give us a good ride; a violent wave can kill us. A good tide can bring riches and blessings; a bad tide can ground our boat. Knowing inner and outer tides, personal and impersonal tides, will be important during the 14 years ahead of us (again, written in 2012).

We will all need to learn navigation skills, or know a good navigator to help us steer our "ship of personality" through the tides, reefs, perils, and unknowns of an ocean we on Earth at this time have never experienced before now. By becoming unafraid of that which is beyond words, we can find a greater faith in "All-That-Is," and know that we are as leaves floating on the surface of the ocean held securely in the lap of Divine Mother.

This will be an era of feeling more than we've ever felt, of knowing beyond words, of experiencing what others are feeling to a greater degree than ever before. Those who have not seen or heard the call to human-ness will be made to feel. Not to feel will be a self-betrayal; expanding our ability to feel what others are feeling will redeem the greater promise of compassion toward all that is and help us know our interrelatedness with others in the feeling field.

Telling The Story We Have Dreamed

In 2012, Barry Goddard wrote an article connecting Neptune's discovery chart back at the Autumnal Equinox 1846, developments since then, the Neptune discovery return chart, and how it all relates to mythology and the collective "stories" humanity believes in. Here’s one piece of his article I found interesting:

Jupiter is the planet of story-telling. But I think that Neptune, the planet of the Imagination, is the ocean out of which the stories are picked. Neptune is that place where consciousness and matter merge, where it becomes obvious that you cannot separate human consciousness and the universe that consciousness is always trying to understand and describe.

Expanding on those themes, if Neptune is where consciousness and matter merge, it is the field where all potential images become “imagined.” The primal, vast undefined images which exist in “universal consciousness” are indicated by Neptune. If Neptune is “mythos,” Jupiter is “myth maker.” If Neptune is the dream, Jupiter is the dreamer.

I’ve always regarded Jupiter as the story teller, but also the imagination which links the story to the truth revealed in that story. Jupiter’s imagination taps Neptune’s images and “emanates” them in culturally relevant myths, stories, fables, and “truths.” If imagination is defined as “a creation of the mind, to imagine,” Jupiter is our internal Light which both receives and sends the images which take shape in our imagination.

What Dreams Are In Fashion?

Because Neptune's sign indicates what's fashionable in the collective consciousness, it shows the dreams and ideals of the mass consciousness in any given 14 year era. Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998) was an era in which materialism (Capricorn) became fashionable, which was followed by Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) marking the spread of the electronic village of our Internet Age, because Aquarius rules computers and Neptune is the interconnectedness of the world wide web.

As I said 8 years ago, this implies Neptune in Pisces will make intuition, dream interpretation, explorations of the subconscious (both individual and collective), and non-linear "knowing" fashionable. Of course, it could also result in mass delusions, hysteria, ungrounded belief systems, and superstitious faiths willing to betray their spiritual underpinnings.

(At the time I offered Neptune in Pisces would “lead us into a strange dreamscape where we will confront our collective ghosts, fears, karmas, hopes, and need to live compassionately.” This is coming to pass as you read this, since the pandemic, ruled by Neptune, has forced everyone to confront their positioning in the collective. We are all demonstrating our empathy or lack of it, our connectedness or lack of it, our sense of “we’re all in this together” or lack of it.)

Is This the End of the Myth That Science Rules All?

Barry’s article also made the point that due to Neptune's discovery in Aquarius a century and a half ago:

We have just had one full Neptune cycle of Science as our underlying collective mythology. So it is not surprising that the imbalances of that mythology are becoming clearer, that we are living in a time when we can no longer ignore the sense of dominance over nature that we have inherited from Christianity, and then had compounded by Science. We are collectively in the position of Prometheus with his liver being pecked out afresh every day....

The fact that Neptune was discovered under Aquarius suggests that the Myth we need to pay most attention to is the one behind the Big Bang and Evolution, which is the Myth of Science itself and its approach to knowledge, as well as its placement suggesting power and dominance. And it is first of all important to recognize that it is a Myth, in the sense of an underlying story that we have collectively created. This is hard to do, because it is so much presented to us as an undeniable reality. But any Myth worth its salt will have this quality of believability.

Many of the collective myths we've told ourselves are now being exposed for the dreams and illusions they are. The myth of nuclear power being in any way safe or containable in its Plutonic destructiveness; the myth that any "warning system" is adequate to dealing with massive tsunamis; the myth that we can build nuclear reactors on fault lines and that there is any science that can make it right when things go terribly, horribly wrong. Perhaps the myth of scientific supremacy is showing some cracks?

(Since 2012, we’ve seen the fallacy of believing that last year’s vaccines have much effectiveness with this year’s flu, and the fallacy of believing that the coronaviruses set loose in the past decade have any vaccine at all. We are forced to confront the theory of “herd immunity” as being insufficient when it comes to modern pandemics, and have even come to a point where science itself is being challenged by the lingering religious superstitions afflicting humanity in past centuries. Neptune in Pisces has brought us widespread science denial, which is as delusional as believing that science is a cure-all, as well as widespread conspiracy theories attacking science itself as somehow corrupted by money.)

Is This the End of the Myth That Religion Rules All?

Back in 2012, I offered that over the next 14 years many obsolete religious myths will give way to a more compassionate way for humans to coexist with each other and the other life forms on Earth. We do not need obsolete belief systems that insist they must convert you, exile you, or kill you if you don't agree with them. This sense of self-righteous separateness will be one of the collective assumptions that will die, along with other destructive ways of living life on this beautiful Earth.

It will be an era when faiths shall be exposed for their truth or hypocrisy, but also when sometimes it will be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Our dreams will take on an added importance, for good or ill. Add the constant pressure of "The Grand Irrationality," and it's probably safe to say that things will get weirder before they get productive a few years down the road.

(During Neptune in Pisces, we have certainly seen they hypocrisies of the Mosaic religions in the way they treat each other and all who do not believe as they do. We have seen the return of tribalism in belief systems, regardless of how irrational or destructive they are. It is not as though these arose new and fresh in collective consciousness; instead, we are seeing the end of those belief systems as relevant to life on an Earth going through radical climate change.

Because Neptune in Pisces is “ultimate water,” during the past 9 years we have all become more aware of the collective pollution in the material, emotional, and mental areas of our existence. During Neptune in Pisces, we’ve come to realize we have polluted parts of the ocean beyond anything imaginable, and destabilized parts of the heat/cold cycles and areas on Earth. Climate change denial is the ultimate denial, since our planet’s ice is clearly melting at record rates. Is it any wonder that during Neptune in Pisces the potential rise in ocean levels is of paramount importance?)

Surfing the Ocean of Collective Consciousness While Dreaming a Better Dream For Ourselves and Our World

Since much will not make sense during this time in the vast dreamscape, where ancient and modern myths collide in a fog of obscuring images and beliefs, learn to be a good surfer and ride the waves and tides as your Higher Self instinctively knows. I suspect that many boating, fishing, and other sea-oriented skills will become metaphors with new application in the coming years. Perhaps we shall collectively awaken to the damage we've done, and continue to do, to the oceans on Earth, and collectively change our ways. We can only dream....

We are writing the stories and myths of the future. There are many stories to tell, many myths to examine, many collective assumptions that need reviewing and renewing or removing. Neptune in Pisces will help us become more aware and connected through feelings, and hopefully, will assist humanity to become more compassionate, since ultimately we're all in this boat together.

While things may seem murky and there is widespread dread in the collective atmosphere, this too will pass. Though many refuse to awaken from the nightmare of their own destructive fear-based myths, it is equally true that there are more of us who are aware of our greater connectedness with each other, the Earth, and Spirit than ever before, and we are linked by the global village of the internet.

Each era builds on the best of the other, and perhaps the crashing of collective dreams, myths, and illusions during Neptune in Pisces will give substance to the new beginnings of Neptune in Aries coming in 2025 at the change of season in this century. At that time we shall leave behind “the Winter of the 21st Century” and with Neptune in Aries accompanied by Pluto in Aquarius, move into the “Spring of the 21st century” with its abundant possibilities from Neptune’s transit of the infinite seed bank of Aries.

While Pisces lingers over the past, Aries leaps into the NOW. Aries is the pioneer who faces the unknown. By 2025 we shall all face that which has been unknown before now, with new transformational Fire and Air replacing the old transformational Water and Earth for many years to come.

I'll close today with a saying from my days in Austin back in the 60s and 70s, "Onward through the fog." And sometimes, when we don't rely too heavily on our 5 senses and our minds, we can know without thinking, and flow without effort. There are mysteries to be discovered, feelings to share, and new mythologies to be constructed for a new world now emerging.

© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com
Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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