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Saturn Stationary Retrograde in May 2021 at 14 Aquarius

Saturn Stationary Retrograde in May 2021 at 14 Aquarius

- Shortcuts To Spiritual Transformation -

Saturn goes stationary retrograde at 14 Aquarius at 2:21 am PDT, 10:21 am BST on May 23, and will remain retrograde until mid-October when it will go direct at 7 Aquarius. What does this mean?

First, it means that we are in the heart of the Saturn in Aquarius “Master’s Class” we’ve been doing since March 2020. We are solidly in the Saturn in Aquarius era, and now get to review all Saturn related things we’ve been learning since February, when Saturn entered its 2021 shadow zone. Since then we’ve gotten a look at the span between 7 and 14 Aquarius, and now get a different understanding of that same span of experience, but from a retrograde angle instead of a direct angle.

As I see it, the path Saturn takes between entering its shadow zone and its retrograde station is our first look at certain Saturn lessons related to that part of the sign. Then during the retrograde we get a different angle on the lessons we’ve just been through. The third time Saturn crosses the shadow zone we know what to expect, what to do, and what not to do.

It’s like the first direct span is when we “throw the pebble into the pond,” and the retrograde span is when “the waves hit the far side of the pond and return to center.” We “threw the pebble into the pond” between February and mid-May; the ripples return to center from now through mid-October. Then Saturn goes direct and we get to move forward.

So we generated a type of karma in the initial direct period which “returns to source,” for better or worse, during the retrograde span. Then having generated that type of karma, and seen the results of the process, we can move forward with a knowledge of what we’ve generated, what we want to generate, and what we do not want to generate in terms of future effects. This span shows us how to work with both individual, mental, and spiritual energies, as well as emotional, social, and cultural energies furthering our ability to make contributions to the emergent Aquarian reality in our lives.. So we generated types of early Aquarian karmic patterns from February to now, and are about to get a new look as the karmic patterns “return to source” between now and October.

Saturn Structuring Future Plutonic Seed Forms Waiting For Jupiter's Four Blessings

Due to Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto conjunctions in January 2020 and the subsequent transit of Jupiter and Mars over those points making more conjunctions in Capricorn, we entered a new series of cycles. While some are now done, there are others still in play, including the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 23 Capricorn which marked the beginning of a 33 year era!

The other big news of 2020 was Jupiter’s 3 conjunctions with Pluto at 23 and 25 Capricorn, and then its conjunction with Saturn at 1 Aquarius in December. So Jupiter launched both Capricorn and Aquarius long wave cycles into motion in 2020, with the Grand Mutation at 1 Aquarius setting a 20 year Aquarian pulse into life as well as a 200 year Air pulse which will transform our world.

That means Saturn is now in a new cycle with Pluto, and current Saturn transits are setting future structures which Pluto will sprout to life as it transits Aquarius. Pluto is transiting 26-30 Capricorn from January 2021 through November 2023, and will transit the first 2 degrees of Aquarius between March 2023 and December 2025, after which we will be solidly in the Pluto in Aquarius era, marking the beginning of the Spring of the 21st century!

The Evolutionary Phase We’re In

We now begin our review of the lessons Saturn has placed before us since February. It’s a time to be open to getting different takes on what we need to do, what we need to ignore, disciplines we need to accept, limitations we don’t need to accept, and how the duties or obligations we’ve taken on since the beginning of the year relate to our authentic Self and our Path of Hastened Attainment.

Because it bridges the second and third faces of Aquarius, we’ll get a review of the structure of what’s crystallized in our ability to make a greater contribution within the group work we began last year, and how well it serves our spiritual purpose in our world. See what of the vision or the plan, the ideal and the duty needs to be re-shaped, and what needs to be crystallized in the future if we are to fulfill Dharma and not get trapped in needless chains of inflexible ideas.

Saturn in Sag (2015-2017) taught us to take a more mature view of our spiritual potentials and examine which truths serve us in our spiritual quest to fulfill Dharma, as well as which lesser truths no longer suit our evolutionary necessity. Saturn in Capricorn (2018-2020) taught us to “grow up and take responsibility” for our actions, feelings, and thoughts, and accept more important duties and roles in our world.

We got our preliminary exposure to Saturn in Aquarius in April, May, and June 2020, getting a first look at what Saturn in Aquarius is teaching us about being part of a whole, and being patient as we cooperate in creating the greatest good for the greatest number. We have now moved into the heart of what the first half of Aquarius is all about, with greater holistic understanding available to those who choose to see the bigger picture. This retrograde will give us a new look at how our life has “mutated” into something new in 2021, with an eye toward accelerating progress via the 14 Aquarius Sabian Symbol.

Ultimately, Saturn’s binding energy holds us within boundaries so we may concentrate and understand our potential “response-ability.” It teaches us how and when to act in a mature and thoughtful way, as well as when not to act at all. In any case, we learn by fulfilling various potentials. Saturn also teaches us that once a potential is fulfilled, then either we find a new potential in that same field of activity, or we find a new potential in another field of activity.

The Sabian Symbol for Saturn’s Stationary Retrograde Degree

The symbol for the 14th degree of Aquarius is "A train entering a tunnel." According to Rudhyar’s notes from the Marc Jones class originally published in The Astrology of Personality, this degree indicates "the way within to outer success," "sure relief to the toiler ready to face facts," and " penetration and direct accomplishment."

This promises an acceleration in our spiritual progress wherever we have the first half of Aquarius! Last year’s Saturn station freed us, mobilized us, and forced us to rise to a challenge. This year’s Station will show us the most direct way we can contribute individually and spiritually in our world.

In The Astrological Mandala he states the themes of this degree involve "the ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill and physical self discipline." Here we can find a vision of what we need to achieve, plan the activities needed to accomplish the vision by stages, and find the right time for "beginning the work."

He further states that this will accelerate the evolutionary process, whether at the personal, social, or spiritual level. Here we can combine techniques to move through "obstacles and delays" to shorten the time needed to achieve our aims. He says it falls in the span of Defensiveness, the Act of Capitalization, and the Scene of Contribution on the Individual-Mental level.

According to Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, we find this degree shows us our need to perform "community services" or refine our "divisions of labor" through our relationships with others. He speaks of a "generosity of human personality" in eagerly reaching out for new experiences and a readiness to share our skills and talents that have been refined through practice.

He says the keyword is COURTESY. When positive, this degree is said to be "man's gift for meeting the most exacting of demands on his various potentialities."

So Saturn has hit a high water mark, and we enter a 4 month period of looking back, either a) practicing techniques helping us short cut the time needed to accomplish something by using will, mental skill, and physical self-discipline, or b) remembering how we did this in the past. Here we can get new understanding of cooperative group work and ways of relating to others. This will be a good period to build large scale long term endeavors. Stay aware of consequences and don't get diverted by extreme or bizarre people, ideas, or gambles. We should not conform to unimaginative circumstances or ideas; stay grounded as you get to the heart of any matter with an eye to the bigger picture.

Saturn's Dance with Uranus and Neptune While Retrograde in 2021

Saturn in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus all of 2021! This initial period of Saturn in Aquarius has given us a front end look at the forces in dynamic tension coaxing us to practice good Leo and Scorpio skills. This friction is revolutionizing our Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius sectors, requiring that we find an adequate structure to express of individuality. Get used to it, get skilled in dealing with it, and you’ll find yourself generated heart power, courage, creativity, focused intensity, and the ability to cut through distractions through knowing what’s important and what isn’t. Here I’ll note that even though at times the energies may seem “ruthless,” sometimes we need to be firm in our resolve despite the voices telling us to be distracted from our highest good.

Those who learn to master these powerful spiritual planets will find they have acquired skills in applying determinative life energies by 2022 and are vehicles for manifesting spiritual force. The square will be strongest through mid-July, then wane through Saturn’s direct Station in October, and then be back in the third and most volatile zone from late November 2021 through mid-January 2022. March 2022 begins the Saturn binovile Uranus in play through June, and they’re back in their next exact volatile square between August and November 2022.

At this May 2021 station, Saturn’s retrograde will continue its novile with Neptune in play since early March. This is an important spiritual aspect, and in the waning phase, brings us long term seeds of spiritual realizations for many years to come, linking the vision of Aquarius with the finality and universality of Pisces. By August Saturn will semisquare Neptune, lasting through October, and by November they will again be in novile. So consider this novile to begin the “gestative spiritual realization process” which will yield important understanding at the end of the year as a result of the friction of the semisquare.

Other Larger Cycles in Play

Since we're about to take a look back at all things Saturn as we've learned about its expression in early Aquarius, remember we’ve also begun a new adventure into a greater life and work as a result of the transfiguration process begun by Mercury in March 2020, activated by Mars in May 2020, and launched in potentially unbounded ways by Jupiter’s first transit through the Transfiguration Zone (29 and 30 Aquarius) in late April and early May 2021. This is a prelude to Jupiter’s retrograde transit of the Transfiguration Zone in August, and third transit in December.

The analogy of the pebble thrown into the pond and the return of the wave forms during the retrograde period also applies to our Jupiterian intention set into motion between late March and mid-June during Jupiter’s first transit of its 2021 shadow zone. And as I’ve pointed out in other articles, the territory Jupiter has opened in 2021 will be solidified into forms by Saturn between now and December 2023. Jupiter is heralding what Saturn will “make real” over the next 2 ½ years.

Saturn will crystallize the forms of the first half of Aquarius opened by Jupiter in January-February 2021 throughout 2021. Between January 2022 and January 2023 It will crystallize into forms what Jupiter opened initially between February and April 2021 related to 15-26 Aquarius, and Saturn will finalize the 2021 Jupiter promise when it transits the end of Aquarius and beginning of Pisces in 2023.

So Saturn and Uranus are in a challenging aspect in the months to come, and Saturn and Neptune are in a novile, promising long term Piscean revelations by the end of the year. As both of these are waning aspect relationships, we continue to bring to completion all which was launched at the Saturn/Uranus triple conjunction in late Sagittarius in 1988 and the Saturn/Neptune triple conjunction in mid-Capricorn in 1989.

Until Saturn Goes Stationary Direct

Because Saturn is retrograde, it’s a review, and will accompany returns of some sort. So whether we’re looking back at our long wave disciplines of Self-realization, or past duties, responsibilities, fears, or limitations, we’re ultimately being led to a different perspective about what’s enduring and important in our lives. The 2018 retrograde theme was about overcoming fear and learning newer “harmless” ways of relating to others. This put us into new group activities in 2019. We were taught to mobilize in the face of “Nature’s challenge” in 2020, and now get “shortcuts” to our goals between now and the end of 2021.

During the coming months, those with planets in the early degrees of the Fire and Air signs can make a lot of progress if they’ve made Saturn their friend. As Saturn in Aquarius will play a powerful role from now through early 2023, if you don’t already have a copy, please consider getting your copy of Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend.

In it you’ll understand the Saturn-Uranus “dance of individualization,” and how our inner Saturn helps us give form and structure to our quest for Self-realization. That inner “higher power” is the way to take command of our destiny, becoming spiritual adults and fulfilling our purpose for being alive on Earth. By knowing our Saturnian strengths, we can overcome fear and any sense of victimization or powerlessness.

It was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers, shows why some things happened when they did. Even those with little or no understanding of astrology will benefit from understanding why they had to make certain choices at crucial times that shaped their lives in profound ways.

Each time you read any section of this book you will find new insights about your power to steer your personal evolution, throwing off attitudes and memories which hold you back from finding and living the life and purpose. In your journey of self-discovery you can live your life on your own terms while fulfilling your purpose for being alive!

Please order your copy today! You can find Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend at the linked page and order your copy. The ebook is available through Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Also, if you get your copy through Amazon, please write a review on the Amazon site, since the more reviews, the bigger the boost on their site.


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