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The Grand Irrationality Is Over (1993-2023)

The Grand Irrationality Is Over (1993-2023)

For the past 30 years, 28 of them non-stop, we’ve all been experiencing a configuration I termed “The Grand Irrationality” in my talks back in the late 1990s.

Since I began blogging in 2001, I’ve been spreading the word about this configuration which accompanied humanity’s descent into irrational and hard edged behavior. We are now at the end of the run, even if it will be echoing for years to come, since everyone born during this run will have that in their chart, and future transits will trigger that configuration in the lives of those people.

I’ll give you the history and background shortly. For now, I’ll offer that this septile-driven configuration is associated with non-rational people and events and indicates humanity as a whole has been at a very strange “fork in the road of destiny” these past 30 years. This 7-pointed “Star of Destiny” was originally activated by any conjunction with or septile-series aspect to Neptune or Pluto, which a few years ago shifted to Uranus and Pluto, and now ends with current 7th harmonic aspects made to Uranus and Neptune, as they will no longer be in septile by the end of June.

At this time the Grand Irrationality is activated by Venus making a septile to Uranus and a biseptile to Neptune. It will next be triggered when Mercury conjuncts Uranus and septiles Neptune in early June. Early July will be the final activation as Mercury and the Sun both biseptile Neptune and shortly after septile Uranus. (Of course, there are a number of eclipses and other celestial events in play which featured this configuration, so it’s still active in what’s being shut down for years to come.)

The configuration has also been activated whenever the Moon transited any of the 7 “hot zones,” as well as when planets made 7th harmonic angles to any of the three combinations of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto during their various times they anchored the Grand Irrationality. Every 7th harmonic aspect, whether natal, progressed, or transits to natal or other transits, accompany major choice and changes which may not have made any sense, but had to be addressed anyway.

At this closing scene of the configuration, the final 7 affected “hot zones” are around 5-9 Aquarius, 26-30 Pisces, 18-22 Taurus, 10-14 Cancer, 1-5 Virgo, 22-26 Libra, and 14-18 Sagittarius. This is the final forward set of zones of this “Grand Irrationality V. 3” which began in 2021 when Neptune was at 21-25 Pisces and Uranus was at 12-16 Taurus.

What Was the Grand Irrationality?

The Grand Irrationality is a phenomenon we’ve been living within since 1993-94 when it first made its appearance, and was a long wave non-rational influence that has put everyone on Earth on the unceasing edge of major choice and change. During this time, at key points in the year, we all have confronted inner compulsions, choices that seem to have a major impact on our destiny, and occasionally irrational behaviors in others or external conditions. It is why things seem to have an unending hard edge, why so many choices are continually thrown in our faces that require immediate attention, and why reason seems to fail at critical moments of decision.

The First Grand Irrationality Was Different than the Second Grand Irrationality

In the past 30 years this evolutionary configuration has had three iterations: the Grand Irrationality V.1 was anchored by Neptune septile Pluto and began in 1993. It was nonstop from 1995 to 2017, with effects triggered every time a planet made a conjunction, septile, biseptile, or triseptile to Neptune and/or Pluto. Septile series aspects show us points in time when our future destiny is precipitated by critical choices made in the present.

Because this configuration involved Neptune and Pluto, two powerhouse Transpersonal planetary representatives of Spirit, they symbolized the long wave planetary crisis the entire human race went through between 1993 and 2017. That period was one of experiencing a nonstop energy of having to choose, at the bottom of our beings, the path to evolution or devolution, progress or regress, love or fear, joy or control. It’s why things were so weird, irrational, and hard-edged when Clinton, W, Obama, and the other guy were in office.

That was immediately followed by the Grand Irrationality V.2 anchored by Uranus biseptile Pluto, triggered every time a planet made a septile series aspect to Uranus and/or Pluto. This brought an even harder edge to things, as Uranus at a fork in the road with Pluto indicates a spiritual revolution, and we’ve also seen that, for better and for worse, since 2017.

It began in July-October 2017, came back into orb in June 2018 through October 2018, May through December 2019, March through June 2020, November 2020 through May 2021, and finally January through April 2022. Obviously even when they were not in orb of a biseptile, there were other transits making 7th harmonic aspects to both Uranus and Pluto which kept the configuration active, whether at a boil or at a simmer. That implies 2019, 2020, and early 2021 were a period where the future destiny of the world was shaped by the decisions made during that 1000 day period of The Grand Irrationality V.2!

A particularly heavy time was when Saturn conjuncted Pluto and biseptiled Uranus, adding a heavy karmic factor to what was grounded on Earth. Saturn biseptiled Uranus from early December 2019 through early January 2020 and late July through early November 2020. When we add Jupiter also conjuncting Pluto and biseptile Uranus in late February and March 2020mid-May through mid-June 2020 and November through early December 2020, it’s easy to see that was an intensely heavy period where there were serious forks in the road in our individual and collective destiny!

More on the Second Grand Irrationality

Uranus biseptile Pluto put a lot of hard edged intense electricity and extreme transformation into the air. That period began a period of a “never-ending revolution” since Uranus, the Cosmic Awakener, danced off and on at its “fork in the road of destiny” with Pluto, the Lord of Transformation.

The Grand Irrationality V.2 was an even stranger, more hard-edged period than the Grand Irrationality V.1, since those periods featured an on-again, off-again Uranus semisquare to Neptune from Spring 2017 through Spring 2020 with Uranus biseptile Pluto. So during that time we had all three traditional Transpersonal spiritual planets in dynamic activation.

After the Uranus semisquare Neptune ended, it immediately gave way to the third iteration of the Grand Irrationality anchored by Uranus septile Neptune, pulling Neptune back into the configuration even though it’s not septile to Pluto! Given that 2020 pulled Jupiter and Saturn into the mix making conjunctions to Pluto and biseptiles to Uranus, it was a year where Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were all in some septile series configuration. That year was one of making crucial decisions at a fork in the road of humanity’s destiny and our individual and collective spiritual evolution!

When Uranus biseptiled Pluto, it was the first biseptile in the larger Uranus/Pluto cycle that began at their conjunctions in the mid-1960s. The waxing septile occurred 1989-1991, so the waxing biseptile was the next point in that larger “Pulse of Destiny.” That means the “transformative revolution” begun in the 60s took a turn in 1989-1991, and reached a phase of externalizing itself as a spiritual grounding force between 2019 and 2022. It will take its next turn beginning 2037.

Uranus biseptile Pluto required that we allow what was awakened or awakening related to our Divine Power of Transformation to come forth in ways which innovated and stabilized our lives. The “revolutionary seeds” which were released us via the 2020 Capricorn transits biseptile Uranus allowed us to make the choices leading us to Wisdom preparing us for the visionary Aquarian Era which began at the Grand Mutation in December 2020!

The Grand Irrationality V. 3

And now we’re at the end of phase three of this dynamic configuration. This Grand Irrationality V. 3 has been anchored by Uranus septile Neptune, reintroducing Neptune back into the collective “fork in the road.” This began in June 2021, and has been nonstop since then, with the orb being widest from mid-August to mid-November 2022. At this point, all of the outer triad have left or will leave their 7th harmonic relationships to each other, moving forward in their phase relationships.

Neptune now begins to move ever-closer to its next sextile with Pluto which will last through 2037. So just as the Neptune septile Pluto of the 1930s gave way to the productive Neptune sextile Pluto between 1942-1995, so we now move into 14 years of Neptune sextile Pluto!

Uranus made a very favorable serendipitous tredecile with Pluto the first time between July and September 2020, made another one between June 2021 and November 2021, another from late April to late June 2022, and most recently, November 2022 through late May 2023. The final one will be January through April 2024.

By mid-June 2023, Uranus will no longer septile Neptune. Because of where the outer planets are, we now are on the approach for the coming Uranus entry into Gemini, Neptune’s entry into Aries, and Pluto’s long term occupancy of Aquarius. This will form an amazing configuration which will lead to many beneficial and productive things in collective consciousness, with new discoveries, new fashions, and new ways of doing our collective Being.

Final Thoughts

So it’s goodbye to almost 30 years of nonstop craziness! We’ve all learned that if things didn’t make sense, they didn’t have to, and the only thing that mattered was to know how to focus and not get distracted by the craziness in the atmosphere. We’ve all learned that when we keep our heads when others are losing theirs, we come out on the other side looking and feeling good!

Various Solar Eclipses along the way fell in the hot zones, like the 2011 Solar Eclipse in Gemini, the Solar Eclipses in Pisces (2017) and Leo (2018), and of course any other eclipse or celestial event where the configuration was active. And as I mentioned earlier, if you’ve wondered why some people were irrational in their responses in the past 30 years, it’s likely because they had a planet in one of the 7 zones affected by the configuration.

Whether we’re speaking of the first, second, or third Grand Irrationality, everyone on Earth at some point has had the outer Transpersonal Spiritual planets in a conjunction, septile, biseptile, or triseptile to one or more natal and progressed planet. That means even when it wasn’t “generically crazy,” WE still had to go through irrational periods where we made choices which shaped our current destiny.

In 1997, the zones were around 5-9 Sagittarius, 26-30 Capricorn, 18-22 Pisces, 9-13 Taurus, 1-5 Cancer, 22-26 Leo, and 13-17 Libra. In 2002, the zones were around 14-18 Sagittarius, 6-10 Aquarius, 27 Pisces-1 Aries, 18-22 Taurus, 9-13 Cancer, 1-5 Virgo, and 22-26 Libra.

By late 2008 the zones were around 28 Sagittarius-2 Capricorn, 20-24 Aquarius, 11-15 Aries, 3-7 Gemini, 24-28 Cancer, 16-20 Virgo, and 7-11 Scorpio. By late 2014 the zones were around 11-15 Capricorn, 3-7 Pisces, 24-28 Aries, 15-19 Gemini, 7-11 Leo, 28 Virgo-2 Libra, and 20-24 Scorpio. I gave you the current zones earlier.

From the progressed lengths of these spans, it's evident that everyone on Earth has been impacted, and that we have hundreds of millions who were born under this influence. That creates implications for the next 60 years, since these people will rise to power and influence. As will the bringers, preservers, and distributors of the Light. While many will be unreasonable, even more who strive to evolve will be choosing the higher or the lower depending on how they've responded during these decades. Yes, we evolve tremendously through challenges to our lower self since that gives us perspectives on how to skillfully express our Higher Self.

As you can see, every part of the zodiac has been impacted by either Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto making a 7th harmonic aspect to it. We’ve ALL been through some crazy times the past 28 years, and are finally getting to the end of the run. That’s not to say there won’t be irrationality in the future, but at least the intensity of the eye of the storm is now fading into our rearview mirrors. And that’s a good thing!

Reprinted on with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

© Copyright 2023 Robert Wilkinson


© Copyright 2023 Robert Wilkinson -

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