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TIME & SPACE: Saturn in Aquarius

TIME & SPACE: Saturn in Aquarius

Recently Saturn entered Aquarius, dipping into the sign of Freedom for 3.5 months before revisiting Capricorn from July 1 until mid December 2020.

  • It's the FIRST time ever Saturn is transiting through Aquarius – since the start of the Aquarian age!

In fact, Saturn's entry into Aquarius officially begins the new age of Aquarius.

Saturn governs time, and thus the timing of Saturn's entry into Aquarius is indicating a destined event is unfolding now.

An event that is leading to liberation.

A symbol of responsibility and patience, Saturn in Aquarius helps us navigate limitation and conservation in the context of FREEDOM:

  • Our top priority now is to take full responsibility for our LIBERATION.

Saturn’s move into Aquarius manifests lasting connections that ultimately liberate us collectively.

Aquarius, an AIR sign, not only governs the future, groups, the collective and the higher intuitive mind, but also technology – including the INTERNET.

Futuristic science, electricity, mobile technology are all covered by Aquarius.

As for you personally, Saturn in Aquarius helps you create personal and collective boundaries regarding INFORMATION available, especially in the AIR WAVES and on the INTERNET.

Not only can we connect in GROUPS (Aquarius), to PLAN our FUTURE (Saturn, Aquarius), but we can do so with Responsibility, Patience and amazing STRENGTH in NUMBERS.

  • Saturn in Aquarius is creating a Manifesto of freedom from control!

So we need to set in place the necessary boundaries that protect us collectively.

Saturn conquers difficulties.

Aquarius asks us change and RE-INVENT.

Saturn implores us to take the changes SERIOUSLY – not to avoid any challenge.

Together, Saturn and Aquarius help us to make the MOST out of the INEVITABLE SHIFT taking place right now.

Essentially, we are breaking down barriers of SPACE and TIME.

  • Space is governed by Aquarius and Uranus.
  • Time is governed by Capricorn and Saturn.

For the first time ever you may be tuning into different timelines, giving you the ability to explore outcomes before you make decisions.

With Saturn’s initial dip into Aquarius now, our freedom of movement is being restricted. Most of us are home-bound.

Aquarius is an AIR sign, governing our freedom to explore, including traveling freely by Air.

Saturn's initial move into the sign of freedom has imposed external restrictions on freedom of movement and breathing air (through required face-masks in many public places).

  • The reason for these restrictions initially is to keep you at home.
  • At home you have space to explore, learn and experience breakthroughs, especially regarding new information and data.
  • Your HOME is your safe place, your Sanctuary – where inner transformation is nurtured.

You are adjusting to the unexpected, assimilating the heightened vibrational shift in the place that feels most comfortable and secure.

Yes, this is the initial introduction to Saturn in Aquarius…

Now, as Saturn settles in, a clear “liberation strategy” is unfolding and evolving!

Remember that 20/20 is a call to SEE with clarity. Look closer. Investigate. Are you uncovering nuggets of amazing and unexpected information?

Much is being made visible – as we are collectively enlightened.

Secrets about codes, frequencies, dates, names and the sacred geometry of the stars are all symbolized by Aquarius and contributing to the Great Awakening.

  • Saturn in Aquarius asks us to unlock those secrets for the greater good of the collective.

The UNION of the esoteric and scientificwill gain greater respect and contribute to the world-wide awakening – as the wisdom of the stars liberates humanity from confined thinking during this time of total transformation.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle is a Wealth Astro-Numerologist, spiritual teacher, author, composer and speaker. She has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide — helping them to design prosperous lives by leveraging the secret numbers’ code in their names, birthday and personal cycles.

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