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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for September 12 to 18, 2016


THE LUNAR ECLIPSE on Friday is the highlight of the week, but we have plenty to keep us busy in the days leading up to the lunation. We have some challenging situations to navigate, represented by a t-square configuration formed by four of the planets (Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces).

As sure as we are about how to improve a situation or resolve an issue, others are equally committed to their agenda, which may be quite different from ours. Philosophical differences may lie at the heart of the problem, but we can also get stuck arguing about petty details.

IT MAY BE HELPFUL to remember that Mercury is retrograde (moving backward) right now, which means many of the issues we are working on will not get sorted out right away. Relaxing around deadlines may help us find agreement after the heat of the moment has cooled somewhat, and will enable us to move through this challenging week with less tension.

Trusting in the process is one of the tests of this time. As the slowest moving planet involved in the t-square, Chiron establishes the ultimate goal. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer; while in Pisces, it is focused on helping us heal a lack of faith.

This week, the path to this healing leads us through the contentious realms of right vs. wrong (Mars in Sagittarius) and meanders its way through thickets of worry and mental stress (Mercury and Sun in Virgo). It may take us some time to relax into Trusting the Process, but once we start walking on that path, we will begin to feel much more supported and our stress level can ease.

THE INFLUENCE of this t-square will be with us throughout the week. It is also a major player in Friday's Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon is aligned with Chiron. Wounds from the past may be exposed and asked to be healed, especially those that arose from situations in which we fell into the role of victim or martyr.

Mars is at the "apex" of the t-square, giving the planet increased importance this week. I just opened my copy of the book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney to get his perspective, and opened EXACTLY to the page that describes "Mars at the apex of a mutable t-square" -- so clearly this is important! Here's what Mr. Tierney says about this position of Mars:

"We tend to restlessly scatter our nervous energy in a disorganized manner that accomplishes little. We are too prone towards mental irritability to efficiently settle down and work long and hard. Usually, the main problem is that boredom, distraction, and intermittent attention prevents us from becoming whole-hearted in our energy expenditure.

"We need mental rest periods in order to revitalize. If this need is not recognized, we are apt to expend nervous energy to the point of exhaustion or incompetency. Once this tension is resolved, we are able to initiate action in the proper, well-planned manner that insures effective results. The impulse to act is balanced with awareness of the consequences of action."

HERE'S THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the degree of Friday's Lunar Eclipse (the 25th degree of Pisces):

"A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting influence of perverted practices and materialized ideals: The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses."

This is a powerful symbol, reassuring us that we are being guided and that we can trust in the power of our Soul to create circumstances that will assist us in our evolution. This is very similar to the message of "Trust the Process" being offered to us by Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

THE KEYWORD for this Sabian symbol is Purification, a process designed to help us move beyond "exclusivism, pride, jealousy, and greed for power and wealth." As I read through astrologer Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of this symbol, it feels worthwhile to share the majority of it here:

"Every individual is a Church that has the Soul as its god, but most people forget the Soul and live according to dogmatic rules and habits that not only have become empty of inner meaning, but very often have been perverted by the demands of the senses and the emotional nature, and by the ego with its rationalizing intellect. A purging or catharsis is needed to restore not only fresh and creative spontaneity, but even more the contact with the Soul and the God-ordained dharma."

Sounds like a pivotal week lies ahead! Perhaps our directive is not so much to "fasten our seat belts" as it is to "let go and trust."

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: In the coming year, you will be healing on many levels. You will be learning how to be "in the world but not of the world," reconnecting with an aspect of your divine nature that may have been derailed by fear or mistrust. This is an opportune year when you can open to new directions that are aligned with your beliefs and support your higher purposes. Happy Birthday!

In peace,


Highlighted Aspects this Week:

  • MON: Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury
  • TUE: Sun square Mars
  • THU: Sun opposite Chiron, Sun quincunx Uranus, Mars square Chiron
  • FRI: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 12:05pm PDT (7:05pm GMT)
  • SAT: Mars trine Uranus, Venus quincunx Chiron, Venus opposite Eris
  • SUN: Venus opposite Uranus

Pam Younghans
Pam Younghans lives in a log cabin outside of Seattle, Washington with her two dogs. She has been interpreting astrology charts for over 30 years, and has been reading charts professionally since the mid-1980s. Astrologer Pam Younghans writes her weekly NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights to assist you in making best use of current energies.
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